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21 Sun King

This should be in the top 15 if not 10. Guitar work is classic and vocals are that pure classic rocker anthem.

This song does not deserve this spot it should in top 10

This is where it all ends.

22 Heart of Soul

My All Time Favorite of The Cult! Should be at least Top 5

23 Bad Fun
24 Soul Asylum
25 Bangkok Rain
26 American Horse

I can't believe this song isn't in the top ten

Number 26... seriously? Belongs in top 10.

What a great song!

27 Zap City

Very underated song by The Cult - rocker1796

28 Sweet Salvation

Finally Free! Astbury and Duffy souls wide open, touching roots, rock, gospel, showing they can sing and play it all, so honest.

Best Solo I've Heard In Ages - rocker1796

29 Big Neon Glitter V 1 Comment
30 If

Ceremony is a brilliant, underrated album.

31 Dirty Little Rockstar
32 Born Into This

Really underated Cult song - rocker1796

33 Breathe
34 Soldier Blue

Kicks ass. Great pump song.

35 Brother Wolf, Sister Moon

This is the most hypnotic rock song that I have ever heard. Amazing song. Very haunting too.

I looove this song.

36 Wonderland
37 Full Tilt
38 Everyman and Woman is a Star

New 2010 song and it sounds awesome - rocker1796

39 Outlaw
40 Wake Up Time for Freedom

This, Sweet Soul Sister and Cio baby are the best. Sonic Temple is very good.

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