Sonic Unleashed: Random video game review

Now out of the entire Sonic Series, there hasn't been one game more polarizing than Unleashed! There are fans who hate it and fans who think its great! That's why I decided to review it today!

To start off the story is pretty good! There are far better ones, however for what it is, it's good! The opening cutscene was cinematic and extremly cool! The main storyline then involved Sonic going to different temples to restore Chaos Emeralds! It's a enjoyable story, but I think nobody really expects too much of a Sonic Game!

Now the gameplay is split into two different styles! Regular Sonic for Daytime Stages and Werehog Sonic for Nighttime Stages!
Regular Sonic was so much fun to play as! The levels were extremly fast-paced and well-designed! Jungle Joyride is easily one of my favorite video game levels of all time! If the developers would've stayed with this for the whole game, the game would've been a complete success! However they added the most hated thing in the whole game: Werehog Sonic!
The Werehog Stages are basically Hack'n'Slash Levels! They are fun to play through, however my main issue is that they're so long! For every hour of regular Sonic, you'll get 5 hours of Werehog Sonic! It's not bad for what it is, but I expected something completly different from this game!

The soundtrack is, as expected from a Sonic Game, freaking great! The songs perfectly fitting for the fast Daytime Stages and the slow Nighttime Stages and are just pretty good to listen to!
The graphics for their time were good! It isn't winning awards with them, but they aren't bad looking either!

Even though the game got a lot of hate on its release I must say it's a lot of fun and a good game in the Sonic Series and deserves a:
8,5/10 with the adjective "pretty good"
It has its flaws with the Werehog Stages, but for what is, it's just a great game as a whole!


I used to play this when I was a moronic kid. Good times. - Delgia2k