Sonic Adventure


This poor platformer has not aged well. Actually, it's aged extremely poorly. The only redeeming factor left are Sonics levels. Tails is an inferior Sonic clone who shatters the game with his broken flight and levels that don't cater to hm very well. Knuckles levels are way to short, bland, and easy. Amy is painfully slow and clunky. It's a struggle against the controls to even get from point a to point B. Big is boring and his gameplay is horrendously designed spawn of Satan. Finally, Gamma's levels are short, mindless button mashers (though his final stage is actually decently enjoyable). Sonic levels (minus stage 3) remain a joy to play with plenty of exploration and high speed, as well as fun and a usable exploits. This leaves us with 9 fun levels out of about 32. Other than that, sad as it is, this game has shot down in popularity and quality.

Sonic Adventure was a revolutionary video game to the Sonic franchise. It made the Sonic franchise more of an improvement (but all Sonic games that are older than Sonic Adventure are better than this game) and how it never used to be. Of course, it will never be better than its main rival, Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64 is the best game of all time.

Sonic Adventure is so-so. Bad vocie acting, so-so soundtrack, good graphics, great gameplay, what else can I say? This game is an average game.

Sonic Adventure was a classic by its levels and its revolutionary step. But that's the only reason why I like this game. All older Sonic games are way better. But nonetheless, this game is good.

Brings back so many good memories and the story of chaos is perfect! Although I am only 18 and haven't played older sonic games nearly as much as this one, I can say this is my favorite and number one sonic games and one of my favorite games ever. It is extremely better than the sequel and the music is the most on point that it has ever been

One of the greatest games i've ever played. Apart from the sonic the hedgehog saga. This game made my ending childhood the best of all. It deserves a real good remake

Voted for this because Sonic Adventure 2 is already up there thankfully, otherwise this is the second best Sonic game of all time, there are literally no flaws with it despite being possibly a little short and missing some cool features that were cut, otherwise, perfect game, best voice actors Sonic ever had and excellent story. - gaymoleman

This game is the best 3D sonic game ever! It's great playing as other characters then just sonic and the levels are well designed and exciting. I played the Xbox arcade version but I would of loved to play the dream cast one. I compared it too sonic colours and adventure won by a landslide

The first Adventure game is way better than the second there is a lot more stuff to do in it and takes longer to complete there is more stories to play through in this and it is the first game I ever played in my life.

Truly one of the great games out there. Sonic's first step into the third dimension was my first too. And with a pretty neat open world, rollercoaster-like thrills, and the new Chao feature, it tops my list of Sonic games

This game is awful! It ruined the whole Sonic franchise! And how are the new designs of these characters in this game better than the old ones?!

Sonic Adventure is the greatest of all time. Great levels, entertaining story, great hub world, great music, great atmosphere, Chao Garden, great design, just great EVERYTHING! This is how the 3D Sonic games should be.

I have a deep love for this game. It's one of my favorite dreamcast games of all time. It has awesome characters, an epic soundtrack, the coolest opening sequence, and I love that they used chaos.

This was one of if not my favorite game to play on the dreamcast/GameCube. The fact that it allowed you to have 6 different storylines that were all intertwined was amazing, just like the boss battles in the game

Sonic event search for the greatest games ever made it it say you really did output in cells and this one it was a A great game in almost every way the Madison aside for some glitches it was almost a masterpiece

The only decent things about Sonic Adventure on both the Dreamcast and the GameCube are the Japanese versions and controls that give you a very positive personality.

Best Sonic game, way better than SA2 if you ask me!

What a terrible face. Sonic has terrible teeth which Mario/Pac-Man characters should have besides Sonic characters!

There could be a 2020 crossover/parody episode of "Reptiles in the Rose Garden" actually released by Sega & Cookie Jar whereas Knuckles the Echidna turning "Sweet 16" threatens to steal Canada whereas he is playing the role of Kootie Pie Koopa.
Also, I hate Sonic Adventure. Why? Because of the extensive voice acting & Amy Rose didn't have the same head with eyelashes & different fur in it. Also, Amy Rose should've worn her 2-piece when she was Classic Amy Rose instead of a dress.

Most epic Sonic game I've ever played! It has the best story of all games and also the best levels. Also, chaos is, for me, the most amazing enemy of all, Sega never managed to make a "better" enemy.

While not the best Sonic game out there, Sonic Adventure remains a very good game and is much better than it's sequel.

The game is great the characters were awesome but big the cat and sonic's face when he talks

Did so many people give me, Kieran Stark (aka The Ultimate Daredevil) thumbs down for saying that Super Mario 64 is my favorite game of all time (which it's close to) just because of Amy Rose (re: her dress skirt that sticks out like a tutu, her girlishly stereotypical theme song, her fangirling over Sonic and how comparitively dainty she is)?! I like Sonic Adventure because of the DC version's 128-bit graphics, badass rock music, gameplay that takes me on a ride at times and depth it has. PLEASE LOVE ANYTHING FOR THAT!

This was the first ever sonic game I played and I loved it to bits, you would too if you gave it a chance. It's nice because there's a bit of free roam in the game too.

It had lots of bugs, but it was fun. I really like the soundtracks (open your heart, it doesn't matter, theme songs of many levels...) - ShahryRKnoT

This is the best definitely it deserves the title of adventure more than the 2nd

The only two detriments are the camera and Big's levels. - MKBeast