Sonic Adventure 2


The story, the voices, the music, and most especially the gameplay... Greatest Sonic Game ever.

Don't listen to him! Sonic Adventure 2 is awesome! HE owes YOU an apology! - deltanine

You owe me an apology right now! Seriously, Sonic Adventure 2 sucks!

I have that game! its so cool! I don't have a gamecube but I do have the nintendo wii

I haven't played this game, but it looks and sounds amazing! This was their tenth anniversary game, like how Sonic Generations was their twentieth. It introduces Shadow the Hedgehog and the dark story that goes with his dark coloring. A lot of people say Shadow is like an anti-Sonic, but Shadow and Sonic aren't even related. Shadow's like fifty in this game while Sonic is only fifteen. SPOILER ALERT! At the end of this game, after Sonic and Shadow save the world, Shadow falls to Earth and dies, but after this game came out, there were thousands of positive remarks with Shadow. he becomes the second most popular character instantly (behind Sonic) and SEGA decides to change it up and have Shadow survive the fall, but lose his memory. Shadow was so popular, people didn't want it to end there. shadow is an amazing character and SEGA really went above and beyond with this character. He's truly amazing! Probably the best anti-hero of all time!

A mostly solid game, tried and true. Sonic and Shadow's speed levels hold up as some of the best designed in the series. Top it off with silky smooth control, extra missions, and extremely high difficulty for all A rank make a great experience for any Sonic fan. The treasure hunting, while not quite as good as the speed sections, are still very fun. Knuckles and Rouge control wonderfully and glide, run and punch their way around with ease and grace. The gimped radar is a pathetic excuse for extending play time, but if you can look past that, you're in for good times. The mech stages aren't as good. Eggman and Tails mechs are very clunky, and have difficulty turning and jumping. While most view them as a button masher, trying for all A rank can be a lot of fun. The challenge of locking on to as many enemies as you can and avoiding cheap shots can result in a satisfying A rank. Loaded with bonus content (especially the Chao Garden) make for my personal favorite Sonic game ever.

To be honest... This game sucks. Think about it. Sonic and Shadow are the only fun ones. Tails and Eggman's bore me to no end and give me headaches with its BEP noise. Knuckles and Rouge are boring to, and are frustrating as all hell. The Hero story is stupid, and it starts because everyone is a blind idiot who can't tell up from down in hedgehogs. The camera sucks, and it causes unfair deaths. The Dark Story is kinda cool, I guess. Chao are th only reason people like this game. The Chao are adorable and fun to raise, and it rewards you for playing fun stages. It's like the game designers knew it sucked and threw in things so you'd only play good stages and forget the bad ones. Also, everyone but Sonic and Shadow moves like a tank or a rollercoaster and it's an awkward mixture of too fast and too slow.

My favorite Sonic game of all time. The story is great, the characters are cool and I like each of their individual personalities in this one. The voices are the least annoying of any of the games. Good music, chao garden was super fun, good stage select and lots of things to accomplish. Best two player mode of any of the sonic games. I liked being able to play as different characters in different kinds of levels. The speed, treasure hunt, shooting combination was super fun. Also Eggman was actually fun as a main character and didn't look like a total clown. Same with Knuckles. And of course Shadow is just amazing.

Sonic Adventure 2 sucks! Please don't make me have this game! I hate this game so much! And what's with the soundtrack? You know Sonic 1, 2 & 3 are all better than this bull game!

Sonic Adventure 2 is such a fun game. Anyone who refuses to look beyond the bad voice acting and awful camera is a fool. Because this game has nice graphics, a soundtrack with meaning, very fun gameplay, Chao Garden, a strong story, Shadow the Hedgehog, and whether you are a Classic Sonic or Dreamcast Sonic or Modern Sonic fan or both, this game will blow your mind and contains the soul of SEGA.

I like the Adventure Sonic gameplay. I used to be a Classic Hater and a Modern Lover. The story is interesting and the voice actors all fit perfectly for each other except for Tails. Can someone just get him a cool voice actor. I know he is eight but seriously. I pick Daniel Radcliffe. I personally dislike the Chao Garden. I liked all the bosses except for King Boom Boo it just creeps me out for some reason. I like Sonic and Shadow's gameplay the best.

Personally, the game is REALLY overrated. The game is by all means not a bad game, but, to me it just didn't live up to it's predecessor (Sonic Adventure/). Now, the Chao Gardens are a different story. Best ones to DATE.

Whoever is saying that the genesis games are underrated, look at sonic unleashed, everyone seems to hate it.

"This is the best Sonic game ever. Even if the gameplay is only good for speed stages, it's still the best. Even if the story is stupid with everyone being an idiot and the story full of inconsistencies, it's still the best because the plot is edgy. Even if the voice acting sucks, it's still the best because it has minimum improvement from SA1. This is the best sonic game because it's the best sonic game and everyone who hates the game is a loser."

This game is horrible!

The only good parts about this game are the speed stages. They screwed up the radar in for the treasure Hunting stages. Plus the gamma stages in adventure 1 are better than the mech stages in this game. So that means I only love me 1/3 of this game and it had the least amount of stages. Don't get me wrong this game is fun but not worthy of the number 1 spot.

I don't think this game screwed up the radar at all apart from one detector active at a time. In fact, I think it made it more satisfying to find an emerald shard your radar didn't detect. And the mech stages played just fine. - deltanine

This game is overrated. They screwed up Knuckles stages, Tails is boring and Rouge has tedious levels. The good parts, however are most of the Sonic and Shadow stages, chao garden, awesome music, great level design and a dark, story. But not the best. The plot is based around Shadow and Sonic being the same. What? Camera never bothered me, but I did think the game could have more to do. I'd put this at number 3, behind Generations and Sonic 2, as this game revolutionised the franchise. (S2 not SA2)

Honestly, excellent pacing for the story, not too fast or too slow moving, it constantly keeps you engaged by mixing each level in the story with a different element so the previous one won't get stale. The dynamic camera angles for the Sonic/Shadow stages (especially for stages like Final Rush/Chase) along with potentially speedy and slow movements made it for an interesting and very enjoyable play-style. It really is quite different from the static linear levels and play-styles of the games later on like Colors and Generations. They really lacked level design fluency and just focused more on speed and boosting, which was a complete 180 from the Adventure series, which held a speed cap in their stages. Overall I find the play-style and ambiance of Adventure 2 outplays the ones from the other games.

But let's be real, the main reason this is #1 is because of the addictive Chao Garden that I know everyone spend countless hours freely roaming around with the Chao.

Why is this game 10/10 you may ask actually you don't need to ask. The chao garden is fun and it gave us one of the best sonic characters of all time Shadow! The soundtrack oh god oh god it's so awesome! Take Live and Learn for example! The gameplay was such better and the controls as well then SA1 and the cutscences as well. Know what's better?

NO BIG THE CAT only in city escape... - spodermanfan1000

This game is the best Sonic The Hedgehog game (in my opinion) because of it's amazing story, storytelling, writing, voice acting, graphics for the time, humor, seriousness, intensity, original soundtrack, artwork, environments, the stages, the lighting, the dedication, the sound effects, the bosses, the characters, and the portrayals of the characters. It doesn't get any better than that.

There are not many reasons to like this game. The graphics are decent (especially when considering when the game was created), the story is engaging, and the ability to play as all characters is fantastic. But, most of all... The BEST video game music you will ever encounter. It is not only relevant, but unique for each character. I will never get tired of this game.

One of my favorite games of all time, loved how sonic didn't just fight robots, he had bad ass shadow to deal with, like how it played, and it had a good story. It appealed to everyone I liked the action, sonic levels my sister taking care of chaos, and brothers liked the treasure hunts, no dull parts except some tails/eggman levels.

Are you crazy? This game is slow, pointless, has bad voice acting, ridiculous, with terrible characters, supremely unfair, has a bad story & with bad graphics in both versions of the game.

Don't listen to this idiot. He wouldn't know a good Sonic game if it punched him in the jaw. - deltanine

I have this game. It's fine. I'm surprised that it got very high acclaim from most of us (not including me, I still like this game). Can you please respect my opinion that the Genesis/Master System Sonic games are much better than the Sonic Adventure series? This game had quite a groundbreaking ending.

This game earns the number one spot. Shadow soared up the popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog games. Shadow is just an amazing character with a dark past and a dark life. SPOILER ALERT! Shadow was supposed to have fallen to Earth and died at the end of this game, but Shadow was so damn popular, SEGA changed it up later on, saying Shadow survived the fall and lost his memory. It was Shadow that made Sonic a hit again. He's just amazing!

Best Sonic game ever. Great storyline, animation, voice acting, even soundtrack, but most of all the gameplay is phenomenal. It has perfect pacing, other than other Sonic games, especially the newer ones. Plus there's the Chao garden, so I mean come on, what's not to love?

All in all, best Sonic game ever, and maybe the best game period.

This is the game that I put the most hours into as a kid. I played a lot of other Sonic games but only this captured my interest. It's classic. The soundtrack is something I've never outgrown. Escape from the City? That's my jam. I even replayed it recently. Plus I spent so many hours in that Chao Garden. What a brilliant idea.

Easily the best story out of any Sonic game. And it improved on the very hard to control Sonic Adventure style gameplay. The Chao Garden was one of the best things ever added to a game ever! I remember waking up at 5 am before school to play this till the bus came at 715. Also there's the added character Shadow. So much yes!

Don't get mad at me, but this game is my fluorite game of all time. Look, it was the first game I played when I was four. I don't like the classics. That's just my opinion, if you don't like it, to bad. I didn't grow up in the genesis era. You can hate me, but I don't care. I love the story, I love Shadow, I love all of the stages, yes all, I love the music, I love the bosses, and I love the stages. I recommend this game to any younger sonic fan or if you want to try out a Sonic game if you're neq

This game sucks! Also, Ray William Johnson would sound very terrible on Sonic the Hedgehog & sound much better on Knuckles the Echidna. Also, I hate Amy Rose in 2-D & prefer Mario characters to have pointed teeth over the Sonic characters getting pointed teeth.

Sonic Adventure finally gave us a 3D Sonic game that was spectacular and memorable, unlike 3D Blast. Then Adventure 2 came along and did what a sequel should do. Added more and perfected the stuff that wasn't perfect in Adventure 1 (Light Speed Dash)