Sonic Colours


I think it's a terrible game because it is to easy, has no adventure in it, and doesn't even include the chaos emeralds ( exemption the DS version). Basically every game in sonic generations includes the chaos emeralds except for sonic colors. I also did a survey to my friend on how great sonic colors is. 45/52 said that it was a terrible game. And they all played it. I think sega is just being lazy and not even trying to make a good game. I think their sonic franchise became terrible after sonic colors. The kind of game I like is something like sonic unleashed. Good story, amazing gameplay, being at place and exploring, and it took a couple of days to complete. That's the kind of game that everybody should play!

Sonic Colors took the original Sonics and expanded on them, keeping the gameplay, creating an improved plotline, and adding elements from many different genres. The Wisp system is right on-spot and the fast pace is slightly lessened, enough to appeal to the adventurous players but not enough to slow down the gamers who prefer their games action-packed. Overall, it's pure genius and I can really say it's one of the best games, on both Wii and DS.

I prefer Mario Colors.
& the Mario franchise should have frequent extensive vice acting in story mode alongside the Sonic franchise.
I'll teach Sonic to love Amy Rose by giving her a large pear figure whereas Amy Rose is 5'10" & weights 304 pounds due to her large bum, her big thighs & her very wide hips & thus Amy does not have a straight physique at all! Sonic would have a very mad crush on Amy then.
Pac-Man should be on Archie Comics, not Sonic.

Sonic colors is AWESOME! I beat the Whole THING!
I think this one should be the FIRST ONE, But it isn't. :( But it is
Fun, I hope you guys have fun with this game! I like the LIGHTNING
POWER it is SUPER AWESOME because when you have it and you see robots in
Zig-zags you can use it and the lightning power and kills all of the robots! Now that is cool! :) Please subscribe!

I'm surprised this game isn't higher on the list. The graphics are the best on the Wii, the music... THE MUSIC IS AMAZING! And the gameplay is nearly perfect. This game is tied with Mario Galaxy on my favorite Wii games list. My only complaint is the jumping.

The Sonic franchise should NOT have a soundtrack anyways. Also, the singers are terrible & teen spirit sucks! Sonic Colors is much better in Japan, but sucks out of Japan. AUGGH! The terrible graphics, not-high-enough definition, the words, the quotes, the voices, the gameplay, the ripoffs, the boxart, & etc... Sonic is a terrible hedgehog who deserves to die for staying 15 in Sonic Boom (& still 20 in the Archie Comics). Teens aren't cool. Some teens sound like young adults (like Sonic the Hedgehog), which makes things worse. When I played Sonic Colours, I got annoyed & bored yet I kept persisting on this game.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I like this game! It's great!...But it is massively over-rated. For some it may be a plus, but I found that 80% of the game being in 2-D diminished the experience a bit. It took away a level of depth and fun only a 3-D world can provide. It didn't help that what 3-D it had was mostly left-right dodging sections. The wisps were a cool concept, and certain ones like drill and laser worked very well. However, taking away spin dash and light dash only to turn them into wisp abilities is lazy and annoying, seeing as how these abilities should be performable without the help of a wisp. Combined with terrible jumping control and very short play time make this the most over-rated sonic game to date.

This game all gave us hope that Sonic, was now the great franchise it once was, and SEGA finally realized their mistakes, and fixed them, giving us an amazing Sonic game! Hey, Adventure 2 was good but it had some problems.

Sonic colours is my favourite game the first time I got this I thought this would be worst game ever than I send it back after 2 days I really felt like playing it so when I got it back it was my favourite sonic game

I think it's awesome that sonic can use all kinds of powers. This was the only time that this was acceptable, Sonic generations in my opinion is just a recap of all the best levels from The other sonic games.

This was a great game for me, great graphics, colorful worlds, a great soundtrack (can't get planet wisp out of my head), and a great story. Vote this one if you also like Roger Craig Smith voice acting Sonic.

This game is pretty darn good. Unfortunately, the 2-D sections jump controls are clunky and slow, but the game is designed in a way that this is rarely an issue. Other than that, it does everything else it needed to very well.

Why isn't this higher on the list?! Great music, fun gameplay, gorgeous graphics, good voice acting, This is one of the best Sonic games of all time! Screw the haters, Colors should be at least number 3! - Nintendude678

I LOVE this game. The wisp forms are incredible, and the levels are super futuristic. My favorite sonic game, I love the frenzy wisp the most

Underrated game nowadays. One of the best Sonic games hands down, and one of the better Wii games. Sad that things went downhill afterwards. Generations was great but the rest... nah.

How is Sonic Colors only #6? This game, along with Generations and Lost World, was one of the biggest steps in the right direction for Sonic. Those three games are my favorites. - DCfnaf

This game has brought Sonic back to fame! I'm surprised that it's only number eight. It should be at least number five.

This one is my favorite mainly because of the beautiful visuals and fun gameplay. Even the wisps were cute and useful at the same time. Too bad you can't go Super Sonic in the bosses though...

This game brought Sonic back to life. Easily one of the best Sonic games out there, I mean, it should have been at least number 5, like, come on.

I love this game :) Its just so bright and colorful (get it) and it's a comeback by SEGA in a long time. by the way, whoever put Sonic the Hedgehog '06 on here is a dumb butt.

For me personally, this defines the modern sonic games, and is the best in the last decade. Not the best overall, I still think that goes to Adventure 2, but it deserves to at least be top 3.

This games has awesome graphics and soundtrack the music fits perfectly with the game just too bad I don't have a wii

I really like this game! not only is the game play great but mostly it was the game that gave my hope that sonic was still alive and would continue to live! 7/10

It was good for a single title. But then... wisps returned... over and over. In generations, I get it. It makes sense, but why in other games like lost world? Go home! - mattstat716

Sonic colors has good graphics and music, that's it. The story makes no sense and it's just plain weird. Definitely deserves this spot.