Sonic The Hedgehog 2


This was one of the first games I've ever played, and to this day is still my absolute favorite. The levels have great variety to them; the graphics are vibrant, colorful, and make the most of the now-ancient Genesis hardware; the soundtrack is legendary; and it's one of the earliest instances of a modern physics engine being put to use. We may be in an age of network infrastructures, retail-quality downloads, epic orchestrations, and higher poly counts than ever before, but Sonic 2 truly is one of the all-time greats and should be played by everyone who considers themselves a gamer at least once.

Without question the most overrated and disappointing 2D platformer I have ever played. Don't get me started on this mediocre excuse of a game with some of the worst enemy placement I have ever seen. You wanna know what makes it better, the most TEDIOUS and FRUSTRATING special stages in a sonic game. There is no skill involved, just pure insane amount of memorization and trial and error. Unlike sonic 3 & knuckles, this games levels actually lack focus and polish in the second half of the game as well as the final boss being tedious, frustrating and badly designed to the point that you have to ask if anyone actually beat this game as a kid. Couple that with several glitches (two of which are game breaking by the way) and super sonic with an annoying and repetitive chiptune track that either makes the stages too easy or very difficult due to being too fast to control and you can't choose to transform super or not and you have the almost perfect recipe for a very disappointing experience ...more

I'm really shocked to see this at 4?! Remember people just because it says 4 doesn't mean it actually is 4, this game is number 1! Yes it is overrated but it made Sonic what he is today! More so than Sonic 1! Without this game there would be no spindash, Tails, Robot Sonics, Death Egg, Death Egg Robot, Pinball stuff, and much more! In fact this is the fastest Classic Sonic game! The music in this game is awesome too! Very nice fun and challenging levels! Now come on people lets vote this game up and give it what it deserves!

This is not only the best Sonic, but one of the best games ever made. Great levels, Fantastic levels, and invaluable new addition like the Spin Dash, Tails, and Super Sonic. Sonic 1 introduced concepts like chaos emerald collecting and boss battles, but Sonic 2 perfected these features for the first, and only, time. Oh, and the speedy gameplay Sonic 1 promised us but never gave. Sonic 2 gave it to us in spades. Need I say more?

My first game by the way. The music is so good and it had a 3d mode! For the special stages. Also I did not quit after the second stage. So get off your a$$ and play it! But really this is the best sonic game. I mean if it were not for this I would have not cared and miss out on all sonic game. If sega made another game just like this after sonic 06 the series would never go in to the dark age for sonic games.

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Sonic Adventure 2 is a complete and overrated abortion! How can a crappy and broken game like that be ahead of the masterpiece that is Sonic 2? I consider the soundtrack of Sonic 2 as the best ever made in any video game; Oil Ocean, Aquatic Ruin and Chemical Plant songs play daily in my mind. - MetalGurja

Even at top 4, this masterpiece is very underrated.

IGN score: 9.0 "Amazing". My score on IGN: 9.6 "Amazing to Masterpiece".

Top 10 Greatest Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Top 1: Sonic the Hedgehog 2. 9.6 "Amazing to Masterpiece".

Top 2: Sonic Jam. 9.5 "Amazing to Masterpiece".

Top 3: Knuckles' Chaotix. 9.4 "Amazing".

Top 4: Sonic & Knuckles. 9.4 "Amazing".

Top 5: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 9.3 "Amazing".

Top 6: Sonic 3 & Knuckles. 9.2 "Amazing".

Top 7: Super Smash Bros. 4. 9.2 "Amazing".

Top 8: Sonic the Hedgehog CD. 9.1 "Amazing".

Top 9: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. 9.0 "Amazing".

Top 10: Sonic the Hedgehog 3. 8.9 "Amazing".

So how is Sonic Heroes better than this game? The first Sonic was alright, the third one was good but way to complicated, but this one is perfect!

This game is single-handedly responsible for making me a gamer. My first game system was a Sega Genesis 2 with Sonic 2. Such a great game for its time and is to this day my favorite side scrolling platformer. This was my first game and it in a way opened the doors to the world of gaming for me. Nostalgia aside, it is still a very fun game today. The levels, the music, the frequent defeat of Eggman, and the final bosses are still epic. Plus, this game pretty much showed what a good sonic game is and how it should be. It set the standard for sonic fans and I still compare all side scrollers to this. I think it's a shame that sonic heroes and Sonic adventure 2 are above this. I understand SA2 but sonic heroes is just not worthy of the top ten sonic games in my opinion. In conclusion, if you call yourself a sonic fan, play this game right now and come back and vote for it because it should be at the top.

I've been playing this game since I was 2 years old! This is what made me into a gamer, and isn't just my best Sonic game, but my best video game of al time!

This game deserves the top 1 spot. I can't believe Sonic Adventure 2 is top 1. Most critics actually prefer this game over Sonic Adventure 2 anyways, and so do I for many reasons. Re: The phenomenal, colorful graphics, the perfect, calssic music, the amazing large levels and the irresistible story.

I would give Sonic 2 a 9.6 score.

I would give Sonic Adventure 2 a 2.5 score.

How is this solid game not number one? So confused. Way better than Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure.

This game deserves the top 1 spot. Why do people say Sonic Adventure 2 is better than this game?! This game is the epitome.

EMERALD HILL gets 10/10 stars.
CHEMICAL PLANT gets 10/10 stars.
AQUATIC RUIN gets 10/10 stars.
CASINO NIGHT gets 10+/10 stars. Best graphics ever!
HILL TOP ZONE gets 10/10 stars.
MYSTIC CAVES gets 10/10 stars.
OIL OCEAN gets 10+/10 stars.
METROPOLIS ZONE gets 10+/10 stars.
SKY CHASE gets 10+/10 stars.
WING FORTRESS gets 10+/10 stars.
DEATH EGG gets 10/10 stars.

So thus, this game deserves the top 1 spot.

One of the greatest games of the Sonic franchise because of Classic Sonic & etc.
Also, Knuckles in Sonic 2 is the best non-crossover Sonic game. Also, the Mario & Sonic crossovers are mangled because Princess Daisy barely is with the male Sonic characters.

My first video game ever. No sonic game can compete against this an all time classic. Best sonic game ever. Love the music, levels, plus the double team is really cool too. Screw Mario sonic all the way

The game that made the franchise. The first was great, but this is the game that brings in Super Sonic, Tails and the Death Egg. It's also got some killer special stages, and the hardest final boss ever surely? Two bosses back-to-back, no rings, Plus the giant Dr Robotnik takes like 11 hits. Awesome.

Even as a 'modern' Sonic fan, I have to appreciate this game. The speed, the platforming, and the overall charm of this game outshines all the other classics in my opinion. A true gem to this day.

Top 4?! This is very baffling. I thought this game would get the top 1 spot. This is how Sonic used to be! Why you no love for that anymore?!

Sonic Heroes, over Sonic 2? Play this game, as I shouldn't even have to explain why this game is one of the best sonic games.

this and the first one were the first console games I ever played. still amazing this day - mikeyeggo

With completely new quality music like Chemical Plant Zone and the introduction of Tails, this game is perfect for this list.

This game is the best sonic game ever. I don't care what other people say, it's so true. And it has best music.

Why is Sonic Adventure 2 top 1 instead of Sonic 2?!

Sonic 2 is the definitive Sonic game on Genesis. Fast-paced action, brilliant level design, gorgeous graphics, and that classic Sonic feel.