Sonic Heroes


This is by far my favourite of all the sonic games. It's the one that got me hooked! Playing the original sonic games were really amazing and fun and everything about it intrigued me. But this game tops it all. The music is, well AMAZING! I mean they couldn't have put a better soundtrack on this game! And while the gameplay for chaotic was slow, and the intro for team rose was unnecessary, it still gave me a rush to play. I am very happy with this games placement. Though I wish it were higher

A classic if there ever was one. This was my first sonic game as a kid (which might give me a bit of a bias), but after having played most of the main Sonic titles, I can definitively say this is the best Sonic game. It has a unique gameplay concept, coupled with an awesome soundtrack and a fairly good story. Need I say more? - andrewcello

This is by far my favorite Sonic game. It was the very first game I ever played and it introduced me to my favorite character E-123 Omega. I definitely do not play the game for story, but I like playing the actuall game, some people say that all levels are exactly the same but in reality, there all very different. That and the bosses are creative and the soundtrack is one of the best I heard. Metal Sonic May have been introduced in Sonic CD, but this game is the one that introduced the one that turned on Eggman and is the only villain (besides Egghead) that's still alive and out for revenge.

The gameplay is perfect. I can sometimes speed through a level and think "That's it? " and then look at the timer and realize it took 7 minutes to complete.

Okay, this game is a bit broken, but I still find it really fun. It doesn't have much of a story but that's usually fine for a game like this. I personally love the team based gameplay and I always love playing as Team Dark. The levels are fun too and I just love the boss battles. But what I really love is that, while Sonic CD introduced Metal Sonic, Sonic Heroes is the game that introduced Metal as an actual threat to the games, to the point that he's still roaming around Mobius trying to kill Sonic and Eggman. Plus, face it, you can't get that song out of your head when you listen to it. The levels and bosses are fun. The difference in difficulty between Sonic, Dark, and Rose is clever and the Chaotix missions are great!

Sonic Heroes sucks ass! I hate the voice acting & I also hate the cutscenes! I prefer Mario Heroes whereas Mario plays the role of Sonic, Rosalina plays the role of Miles "Tails" Prower & Princess Daisy/Yoshi plays the role of Knuckles the Echidna. That would be much better than the terrible Sonic Heroes.

What an amazing story! I love the Chao garden, all of the characters and voice actors... Just wow. And the game's theme was so fun to listen to! I especially loved Shadow and the last story.

"A new day brings new adventure... But for now, rest easy heroes. "

One of the first games I ever played and 7 years later I still go back for a great time. Also Sega should get their head out of their butts and make Sonic Heroes 2.

This was one of the first games I ever had its a great memory as a kid and this game made me live the sonic franchise and also you can't say there's a game like this at all its completely different I love it and still enjoy it today

Ah... memories playing Sonic Heroes, besides, Sonic Heroes is my first Sonic Game I ever played. Whats good about this game, you have 3 playable characters in 1 which is really fun. Having Switched to Speed if you care about completing a stage quickly. A Power-Type characters make you care about how good the combat is, way better than Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric (Although Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is after Sonic Heroes, I like the combat better than that game). My most used character type is Fly-type. If you stink at platforming, you get this amazing type for beginners, you can also use them having to fly higher places or farther areas. Although you get 4 teams, Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix. Team Sonic is a normal gameplay, not much. Team Dark is for people who are advance to this game, it has more enemies, longer stages, and harder bosses how the enemies team up on the boss battles. Next, Team Rose is for beginners, an opposite version of Team Dark. Last is the ...more - bugger

This was my ideal Sonic game, it has all the elements of a fast paced action adventure game, people give this so much hate and I don't understand why (probably Team Rose) but besides this is a great game

This game has a great concept and it was well executed.
The team aspect allowed for some really great level design. The sound track is fantastic, Bullet Canyon, Final Fortress and the majority of the vocal songs. This machine is my faveourite vocal song in video game history. The controls were pretty good as well. I have a lot of childhood memories playing this game. So Nolstagic.

The idea of three players is awesome such as speed fly power and the music and the songs is amazing and fantastic levels and the final boss is very cool

This game is actually too rude for little kids under the age of 7. Furthermore, this game sucks! The music - off key! The extensive voice acting - overly ridiculous & what the Mario/Pac-Man/Kirby/Legend of Zelda franchise needs to frequently contain besides the Sonic franchise. Also, the cutscenes are boring & very annoying.

This game just ruined my life.

I'd prefer Mario Heroes.

The Mario Heroes will be Mario, Princess Daisy & Yoshi.

I strongly prefer Mario Heroes which gets rid of the bossy Princess Peach.

Best sonic game and one of my favorite and most nostalgic games for me. Great levels, music, story, and enjoyable characters. Working together as different teams is amazing!

Filled with nothing but the dreaded filler the series that is now unfortunately to be expected from the series, Sonic Heroes is one of weakest games ever made.

It's my first sonic game and it did not disappoint. It's better than it looks. Sure some of the voice acting is bad. Beside that its awesome.

If it weren't for the 4 different stories (which aren't too bad, just a nitpick) and the awful special stages this truly would be the greatest Sonic game ever!

Sonic heroes is an epic game and I love the gameplay especially as team sonic and dark but for the fact it is a old game it has far too many glitches

Amazing game, great ideas into each level, amazing graphics that hold up well to this very day, control could have been better but still amazing.

This game is amazing in my opinion maybe because of nostalgia but this was one of my first games and my first sonic game and I loved every second

It was average, except the boss battles against eggman and metal sonic, those were awesome - ShahryRKnoT

This is what could be considered the "slightly less impressive version of SA and SA2" and honestly it probably is. But I loved the gameplay between switching between characters and utilizing their abilities to make it through the level. Great gameplay, although it gets repetitive at times. Level design is diverse and gorgeous. The soundtrack is what you'd expect from a Sonic game: aka awesome. The plot? Simple, yet It does give a little insight on Shadow and how he could NOT be the Shadow from SA2. (Debunked by Shadow the Hedgehog) But hey. It's Sonic, don't expect something over the top like Persona. I consider this one of the best Sonic games. Also, how could anyone not like Charmy? He full-on attacks Eggman at the end of Chaotix's Story!