Sonic Unleashed


There's no doubt that this game made up from what happened with Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. I think it's safe to say that this game is my favorite in the Sonic series with awesome gameplay, Pixar-looking graphics, great soundtrack, good voice acting, good touches of the classic times that would make you feel very familiar with, and is a game that actually consists DLC with Sonic Generations should of taken advantage of! I think it's also safe to say that this game does not get termed as a "dark-age" title, even if this game still has the Werehog which I found fun. And the version I was talking about with is the PlaySation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. But you want something else Unleashed-related, then get the Wii or PlayStation 2 versions if you will.

I played the game and to tell you its awesome! Despite the final boss, cool

This is in my opinion the most underrated sonic game of all time. The Werehog game play although a bit tedious can be a lot of fun on the stages filled with action and combo making. Almost all of regular sonic stages are perfect and a blast to play through. I'm a fan of the 4kids era and this is the only game (other than the now released sonic forces) that gave me the same feel as Adventure 2 and still introduced new styles of gameplay. The music and the cut-scenes are the best in any sonic game and the graphics are the best they've ever been

This sonic game is just downright awesome. I especially like the final boss. Challenging as heck and I love that in a boss fight. Believe it or not I like both day and night time stages. Well, if it makes you feel any better then I do like the day stages more then night and it's a rare chance ill get bored of the day stages. Also this is the very first sonic game I ever played and I will always hold it in pressios regard. I also have to see a sequel to this game. I was thinking of something like this, sonic unleashed 2, the revenge of dark gia, for Xbox 360 Xbox 0ne Wii u ps3 ps4 and Nintendo 3ds xl.

I really think this has the best gameplay of any Sonic game and the daytime stages were very exhilarating and fast. I can say the the same for Sonic Generations with Modern Sonic, but I think Sonic's daytime stages did it a bit better.

Sonic Unleashed is my favourite Sonic game ever made, better than Colours and Generations. The day stages are fast and thrilling, and the night stages are full of action. I can understand why people do not like the "Werehog" sections, but I just had too much fun with the game-play to care, combined with a beautiful and diverse soundtrack, excellent graphics, a grand story and good voice acting, Sonic Unleashed (the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, anyway) may have it's flaws, but it's what I call my ideal Sonic game in both design and enjoyment.

This game has a really meaningful and heart-wrenching plot with Sonic wrestling with his self-esteem. I think it is trying to send
Out messages like being yourself and not judging someone before you get to know them. What I think would've been nice was if someone came to Sonic and told him he was still himself a lot sooner. Unfortunately, everyone was too scared of him to do that.

This game is actually pretty good I love the day levels it's so fast and fun and the night levels they are not that bad as people say I don't know why people hate this game so much graphics are really nice, good story I really liked this game

This game is just incredible. My favorite part was the final boss, and I also loved how Sonic was used at his best here. Black Knight is a close second, but Sonic made this game and a lot in it. Also an incredible soundtrack and so much more.

It is just AWESOME! Sega really went head on when they made this sonic game. I mean it is awesome and the day stages are crazy. I mean OH MY GOD! Sonic goes stupid fast. And the night stages are amazing

This is my favorite sonic game. And I am really mad at ign for giving it a 4.8/10 mabye for too much awesomeness? Although it did not top my favorite game of all time (super mario galaxy 1 and 2) this is still my favorite sonic game. (The Xbox 360 version is the best but the wii version was terrible.) and is it just me or does no one like the night stages, I liked them.

I think this is the most genuine Sonic game in terms of the work put into it. The detail and innovation really show the love the creators had for the blue blur. Heck, it's the fastest Sonic game of the entire series.

One of the best Sonic games I have ever touched, I don't see why people complain about it, the daytime levels are fast paced and the night time levels were very unique

IGN rated it a 4.5...what they must be high on crack to hate this game! - spodermanfan1000

Fast daytime levels, beat-the-crap-out-of-sight nighttime levels, and a great story. I LIKE THIS GAME MORE THAN ADVENTURE 2!

I played the game and it AWESOME, Jungle Joyride act 1 and the final boss is hard but despite that, I think it's the best sonic game I ever played on.

I played the game for the Xbox 360. The game EASILY takes the cake. This game is also my favorite video game of all time!

THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. Not only is it fun, but it is also cinematic-ally gorgeous. By far the best graphics a sonic game could ever have. By far the BEST story I have ever experienced. The gameplay was awesome, the werehog was a great addition... AND CHIP. This is by far, the best sonic game ever.

Unleashed, in my opinion along with Shadow the Hedgehog, is the most underrated Sonic game of all-time! A lot of people complained about the warehog stages, but if you looked at the rest of the game, it's probably one of sonic's best game, graphics and gameplay wise of the entire series.

The most underrated Sonic game of all time! It's bloody amazing - BOTH HALVES! The werehog was a great idea and played amazingly, and the modern sonic stages were damn phenomenal! Blows Generations out of the water, in my opinion.

I think Sonic Unleashed is the best game because it has many levels to complete and it has to many bosses in it, that's my opinion

The only sonic the hedgehog game I have ever played in this. So it is the most awesome game for Wii in th world. And I have almost beaten it now. Rock on Sega.

Awesome game even thought I was stuck on egg man land for a long time the game is awesome I like hard games if only swag can make more games like this one

People who think Unleashed is the best they should play the classic series and play generations since you know sonic controlled well in that game

Single most underrated sonic game of all time.