10 Greatest Sopranos of All Time


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21 Luisa Tetrazinni
22 Lily Pons

Absolutely beautiful voice and beautiful person.

Her voice is better than the clarinet...

23 Pumeza Matshikiza
24 Mirella Freni
25 Angel Blue
26 Lucia Popp

If the main thing is beauty of sound and purity of voice, this is THE goddess of singing... She possessed the most beautiful voice ever.

How ridiculous. This lady has to be in the top 3. The other two might be Sutherland and Janowitz. Kiri and Ileana are up there also. Popp is special though - and a real beauty.

Clearest and cleanest voice of them all!

I cannot see past Lucia Popp as the very best ever. Mozart would have loved her

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27 Nellie Melba
28 Sarah Brightman Sarah Brightman

I've heard them all. Sarah leaves them all for dead. She has sold more records than any soprano ever. Sarah has supreme presence and wonderful acting abilities.


Sorry Jackie you've got more to learn...Sarah would eat you alive

Sarah est la seule Soprano qui soit sortie des carcans de l'art classique pour y ajouter sa touche personnelle. Une merveille. Un véritable bijoux.

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29 June Anderson
30 Anna Moffo

Of the many sopranos I have heard over my 71 years, Anna Moffo had the clearest, most accurate, warmest, most 'open' voice. Her interpretations of the characters she played, were among the most musical and realistic of anyone else. She did receive some censure and criticism for her forays into the pop world, which in her day was anathema to an operatic career. Personally, I think it served to demonstrate her abilities beyond that of opera.

Anna Moffo has been underrated for a long time. I totally agree with the comment "She is the best Violleta, Lucia, Butterfly, Rosina as well as Micaela. No one does better than her". Even more, in my opinion, Anna Moffo was the number 1 soprano in all the most popular Italian and French operas!

She is the best Violleta, Lucia, Butterfly, Rosina as well as Micaela. No one does better than her!

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31 Scarlett Quigley
32 Kathleen Battle

Perfect voice, never a strain, always beautiful, filled with feeling. Should be #1

Delicate, subtle, flexible, just brilliant

Amazing Voice Quality should be top 3

One of the most beautiful voice qualities of all time.

33 Cecilia Bartoli

A most exciting voice with good technique wide range and the very characteristic articulation of notes.
Trevor Ling

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34 Yma Sumac Yma Sumac

Easy the best!

Much too low on this list. Should be ranked 1st. The 20th century greatest singer.

35 Sissel Kyrkjebø

I have never heard anyone like her, she sings out of her heart and soul and excels at any type of music she chooses. Wish we could see more of her in the United States

Just has to be one of the best- in voice and presentation

36 Charlotte Jaconelli

Very promising & young but professional voice.

37 Agnetha Faltskog Agnetha Faltskog

She is a true soprano. Listen to her when she is the lead singer in ABBA songs such as "SOS", "The Name of the Game", "Hasta Manana", " The Winner Takes It All", "One of Us" and more! Such a sweet voice!

She is a natural soprano! She should be in the Top 10! She doesn't need autotune and stays true to herself! - ivylee

38 Natalie Dessay

Owww come on the mad scene from Lucia Di Lammermoor or the Queen of the night aria from the Magic Flute... Breath taking

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39 Edda Moser

She has even more powerful voice than any of the previous listed sopranos!

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40 Bidu Sayão

Very Best!

The best

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