10 Greatest Sopranos of All Time


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61 Hibla Gerzmava
62 Miliza Korjus

How can you forget about her - the greatest ever

63 Nadine Sierra
64 Elisabeth Söderström
65 Tracy Dahl

Canadian soprano whose acting instincts and energy equal her flawless pitch and beautifully controlled high notes. Never a shriek, only pure artistry!

66 Alex Sharpe
67 Alexandria Sharpe
68 Victoria Lukyanets
69 Felicity Lott
70 Rita Streich

This Austrian nightingale certainly belongs to this list

71 Aase Nordmo Løvberg V 1 Comment
72 Dawn Upshaw

I love the fact that she can perform such a rich variety of styles and everything about her singing changes to exactly fit the needs of the repertoire. She is incredibly flexible and her styling is perfect for each piece she does.

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