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21 Cold Bitch
22 Head Down Head Down

How was this not even on the list... It's my favorite song of all time.

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23 Gun Gun V 1 Comment
24 Never Named Never Named
25 Mind Riot Mind Riot

Most underrated Soundgarden song, and also, very original, as it seems to have a tempo of its own

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26 Limo Wreck Limo Wreck

Underrated dark and catchy should be in the top 5

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27 Hands All Over Hands All Over

Should be in top 15 at least way better than Live To Rise in my opinion

This is not my favourite from soundgarden but its deserves to be much higher in the ranking, at least in top 15
Terrific vocals and Guitars

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28 Mailman Mailman

Love the slow riff, the chorus just drives me crazy

"I know I'm heading for the bottom.

29 Let Me Drown Let Me Drown

The chorus kicks so much ass in this, can hear it withouth singing along

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30 Tighter and Tighter Tighter and Tighter

Obviously Black Hole Sun is on top of this list, it's their most popular song, not their best. When it comes to lyrics, the solo and well, the overall song. I think this song is the best.

Okay black hole suns great but not there best... Not even close. This zero chance and outshines are their absolute best when you count lyrics, music and emotion... Not popularity

How is this not in the top 27... For me this pretty noose and 4th of July are the best songs.

31 Been Away Too Long Been Away Too Long

From King Animal, the last album of Soundgarden. Masterpiece, a great return for this big band.

32 Rhinosaur Rhinosaur
33 Birth Ritual Birth Ritual

Underrated, Awesome vocals, riff guitar, the drums, bass. Certain the best song of Soundgarden.

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34 Rowing Rowing

The best song of king animal

35 Hunted Down Hunted Down

Criminally underrated. So haunting. It's perfect.

36 Bones of Birds Bones of Birds

Sound garden is in THE ZONE on this track! Its an absolutely amazing piece and I can't help fall in love with it! Every time I hear it! Its something of a musical masterpiece ringing in my ears and it takes me on a ride to some other place I didn't know existed!

37 Fresh Tendrils Fresh Tendrils

A song of addiction, the struggle, the life. Something we all can relate to. I'm sure in one form or another we are all feeling addicted to something that we keep going back to. It's so simple, yet the guitar riff sounds like something Borderlands would include on their games. Good song.

Don't appreciate it the first time as much, but listening again makes you know its one of their best songs

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38 Non-State Actor Non-State Actor

Awesome feeling you get its gonna be good right from the start, the kind of song you fall in love with from the first time you listen to it

39 Nothing to Say Nothing to Say

So heavy. People say 4th of July or Jesus Christ Pose is their heaviest song? Nope. It's Nothing to Say. Check it out if you haven't already.

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40 Kickstand Kickstand
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