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41 Overfloater Overfloater

This song just slowly progresses and leaves you wanting more. It's just amazing. In my top 5 for sure.

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42 Zero Chance Zero Chance V 1 Comment
43 By Crooked Steps By Crooked Steps

Best track on their best album, in my opinion; I don't want to take away from any of their past achievements, but the melody and lyrical genius in this song present a maturity and proven technical prowess which is the result of many years functioning as a band.

44 Taree Taree
45 Applebite Applebite

The haunting vibe, the slightly creepy riff, and the vocals make this song packed with so much emotion.

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46 Ugly Truth Ugly Truth
47 Incessant Mace

A very doomy song with awesome guitar, bass, drum and vocals.

48 Somewhere Somewhere
49 A Thousand Days Before A Thousand Days Before

Terribly underrated. Love the kinda exotic feel.

A song that's hear it love it

50 Uncovered Uncovered

This song is so underrated (along with no wrong no right) especially since there is a lot of other goodsongs on that album. From the riff, vocal, lyrics this song is amazing and is up there with 4th of july, mind riot, like suicide, and applebite.

51 Switch Opens Switch Opens

Is a song with a lot of class. It has depth, great melody and tone. Why isn't it listed?

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52 Little Joe Little Joe V 2 Comments
53 Fopp Fopp

Though it's not SG's best song how come Fopp has no votes? I know it's a cover but this track really shows Chris' vocal range and is the best song from Soundgarden's psychedelic phase.

54 Dusty Dusty

I'm so sad that I had to add this to the list. It's so... Magical.

55 Blind Dogs Blind Dogs
56 Blood On the Valley Floor Blood On the Valley Floor
57 Attrition Attrition
58 Come Together
59 No Wrong No Right No Wrong No Right

Such a depressing song about the fact that everyone will eventually die. Also the eerie bass from hiro fits the song so well

60 Half Half
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