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61 My Wave

Definitely should be in top 5, second best grunge song to black hole sun

Honestly one of my favorite songs ever, let alone by this band.

It's amazing! It should have a higher rang!

Love this song

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62 Big Dumb Sex

Dirty song but it's so damn catchy

63 Ty Cobb

So ' awesome. It's so pumping, and it should be a lot higher than 25

Great intro, great song. Cannot believe it's ranked at 60..

64 Bones of Birds

Sound garden is in THE ZONE on this track! Its an absolutely amazing piece and I can't help fall in love with it! Every time I hear it! Its something of a musical masterpiece ringing in my ears and it takes me on a ride to some other place I didn't know existed!

65 Attrition
66 Come Together
67 No Wrong No Right

Such a depressing song about the fact that everyone will eventually die. Also the eerie bass from hiro fits the song so well

68 Halfway There

Great song from their new album King Animal

A new song from a newer album

69 Half

This "song" is often criticized as a weak point in the album, but it occupies such an important part; it's the fallout from "4th of July", the aftermath. Half of everything is left, and it's a bright point in an otherwise manic, bleak, and vibrantly introspective album. It's a reminder that even after witnessing what we have, there is still a way out.

70 She Likes Surprises

Its catchy and unknown brutally

71 Kristi
72 Karaoke
73 Smokestack Lightning
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