Top 10 Greatest Wrestling Specialty Matches Of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Hell In A Cell

What made this one famous is undertaker vs mankind, that was the scariest match I've ever seen, mick foley, you have my undying gratitude for doing that to your body for us, and undertaker, keep being awesome!

Simply the best and brutal match. Its really HELL.

Hell in a cell. It is really the worst match in wwe.

Very awesome compare with the rest..


Summerslam 2000. Hardy's, Dudley's, Edge and Christain. Best match I ever seen.

Tlc just the most extreme and most dangerous.

Cena vs orton 2013 WWE world heavyweight champion great yes yes yes

3 Elimination Chamber


4 Royal Rumble

Royal rumble 50 man

5 Hardcore Match
6 Last Man Standing Match
7 Money In the Bank Match
8 Battle Royal Match
9 I Quit

Best type of match cena will always win in this type of match

10 Ladder Match

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11 Buried Alive Match/Battle Royal

How are these two matches related? - RalphBob

12 Iron Man Match

Win or lose, anybody who can wrestle an hour is a bad, bad man.

Must toughest match ever. This match shows whos the better man

13 Ultimate X
14 Barbed Wire Match

A bit cruel, doncha know. - HezarioSeth

15 Punjabi Prison Match
16 Exploding Ring Match

Well, this is awkward... both wrestlers are both going to die - KingSlayer93316

That give this ad

17 Inferno Match
18 Thumbtack Match
19 Three Stages of Hell
20 Extreme Elimantion Chamber
21 Table Match
22 Ambulance Match
23 Cage Match
24 King of the Mountain
25 Lumberjack Match
26 Electric Pool Match

What is an Electric Pool match? - KingSlayer93316

27 Bra and Panties

Thongs and bras sounds great to me

28 Taipei Deathmatch
29 Monster Ball Match

Locked in a dark room with no food or water for 24 hours than wrestle in a fatal-4-way match

30 Casket Match
31 No Mercy
32 Unforgiven
33 Steel Cage

It is amazing that hard stellar cage you have to get over it to win. Or pinball it is great matches like cena vs big show

34 Arm Wrestling

Ddgkjfsdxvhfasvhyr the bank of America and daniel bryan matches vs the shield vs vs the shield vs CM Punk vs WWE title reign reign of the bank vs John Cena cena and daniel bryan's first pitch pitch pitch pitch pitch pitch in money and daniel bryan vs the bank bank vs John type and in the TechNet and daniel bryan vs the shield vs John McCain is that it will be able and Kane Kane saves the shield big

35 Stretcher Match
36 Non-sanctioned Match
37 Buried Alive Match

You have to take your opponent, and literattly BURRY him

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