Bobsicles Reviews Spongebob Squarepants S1E1 - Help Wanted

bobbythebrony Hey everyone, Bobsicles is here for the first Spongebob episode review. It's Help Wanted. In the episode, Spongebob achieves his lifelong dream of working at the Krusty Krab. It's a great start so let's get to it.

At the beginning, the narrator introduces SpongeBob's house. The alarm clock goes off and Spongebob jumps out of bed and tells Gary that it's the big day. Gary looks frightened for some reason. He enjoys being naked before putting clothes on and leaving the house. He confidently heads to the destination while Patrick cheers him on. After arriving, he begins to have second thoughts but some encouragement from Patrick gets him going again.

While running to the Krusty Krab, Squidward sees him and freaks out. He attempts to warn Mr. Krabs but to no avail. Spongebob says he wants the fry cooks job but ends up clumsily bouncing all over the place. After Mr. Krabs tells him he doesn't have his sea legs and that Squidward can vouch for him, Mr. Krabs tells him that the job is his if he can find a fancy spatula that he thinks doesn't exist. Spongebob then leaves to search for it. Then, the anchovies attack.

After Spongebob leaves, Anchovies begin coming into the restaurant. When Squidward tells them to form a line, they go nuts and begin destroying the restaurant. Mr. Krabs says he wants his mommy and they climb up to the ceiling. After they say their goodbyes, Spongebob arrives with the spatula that Mr. Krabs told him to get. While they stammer in shock, Spongebob flies into the kitchen and professionally cooks and feeds all the anchovies, who then leave happily. All the while, Tiny Tim's Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight plays.

After the havoc ends, Mr. Krabs tells Spongebob that he has the job. While Squidward tries to say something, Mr. Krabs leaves to count the money. When Patrick comes in to eat, Spongebob goes crazy with the cooking and havoc resumes. Squidward tells Mr. Krabs to come see his new employee. The episode then ends.

So that's the episode. In my opinion, this is a great episode and a good one to start out with. It's a sign of the greatness to come. For the most part at least. Well I hope you enjoyed reading and I'll see you next time. Hasta la vista baby!

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