Chocolate with Nuts


This episode is hilarious, and so well known. It is one of the most awesome and unique episodes in the entire SpongeBob series. Because of a misplaced magazine in SpongeBob's mailbox, him and Patrick become chocolate bar entrepreneurs to become rich like the guy with a swimming pool in his swimming pool. This has some of the funniest moments in the whole series, like when they're having trouble selling them, patrick says (as an idea) "I got it. Let's get naked.", which is a ROFL what moment to me. Also, the fish screaming CHOCOLATE!, which is nowadays one of the most well-known moments to use on the internet, period. There's my opinions on Chocolate with Nuts.

It was really tough deciding between this and Band Geeks, but ultimately this one won out. This is quite possibly the funniest episode of anything that I've ever seen. The only joke that I didn't really care for was the guy yelling CHOCOLATE! It's just overdone in my opinion. Everything else, though, was a perfect hit. I think my favorite scene was the one with the two old ladies.

I can't understand what we're doing wrong. Me For You is the greatest SpongeBob apm song ever. Proves that the old episodes own the new ones, especially Employee of the Month, Home Sweet Pineapple, Squirrel Jokes, Culture Shock, Pizza Delivery, No Weenies Allowed, Band Geeks and many others. Band Geeks will always be at the top of every SpongeBob best episodes list. It's top on here and on Nickelodeon's Top 100 SpongeBob Episodes, which was voted by the FANS. Everyone's favourite episode is Band Geeks.

Lets face it Patrick, we are failures. I can live with that. LOL Patrick

SO FUNNY! The best are This one, band geeks, pizza delivery, the camping episode, can you spare a dime and the wishing well! The best quote in spongebob history is in this episode:
Spongebob: Remember Patrick, be nice to the customer (or something like that)
Dude at the door: Err.. Hello?
Patrick: I love you! (goofy face)

If Sailor Mouth Is The Funniest Episode of Season 2, If Pizza Delivery Is The Funniest Episode of Season 1 Then I Can Say That Chocolate With Nuts Is The Funniest Episode In All Of Spongebob I Never Laughed This Much Watching A Spongebob Episode Ever It's Just Joke After Joke After Joke And Every Single One Of Them Hit Bullseye

I think I memorize EVERY line of this episode, no joke. I love the guy who suddenly comes out and screams, "CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! ", the old woman who keeps on going, "What? What is he saying?! " and what they did to all their money in the end. Priceless, I crack up every time I watch this. CHOCOLATE WITH NUTS ON TOP!

This is by far the most quotable episode of SpongeBob which address almost all stereotypes of entrepreneurs. I'm surprised it's not #1, it's so witty

It's a pretty good episode, but Band Geeks is just too good to compare - yungstirjoey666

Spongebob: Good morning, sir. Would you like to buy some chocolate?
Chocolate guy: Chocolate? Did you say chocolate?
Patrick: Yes, sir. With or without nuts.
Chocolate guy: Chocolate? Chocolate? CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!

When I think about my favorite episodes when I was a kid and now, this has always been #1. I like a lot of the others near the top of this list, but I disagree with the order. I mean come on, the plot, the jokes, the quotable references, this episode has it all.

This episode is epic! I mean how is " a sponge and a starfish coming up with ways to sell chocolate bars to people undersea and somehow pull it off" not epic? Oh and remember that guy who kept screaming "CHOCOLATE! " haha he is the best guy in that episode (next to patrick)

We all fail sometimes pat, laugh out loud. We all thank you for that. You are an awesome failure Patrick! Laugh out loud he's hilarious. It is an awesome episode, after watching it my stomach hurt from laughing so much and tears came to my eyes. It was awesome

Funniest Episode Ever I Love Every Joke In This Episode I Just Re-watched Band Geeks And It Was Fantastic Although I Love This Episode Even More From The Jokes, To The Animation, To The Characters It's Just Amazing. The Comments Don't Lie This Is The Best Episode.

I could never stop laughing during this episode. Every single house that Spongebob and Patrick went to created a very funny scene because of Partick's stupidity- "I love you! " Not to mention people still make fun of quotes from this episode over a decade later: "What are they selling?! " and nobody will ever forget the chocolate maniac: "CHOCOLATE! " Admit it though. Most of us are chocoholic maniacs.

So many great quotes "HI MAILMAN" "GARY GARY GARY GARY GARY, HEY A MAGAZINE" "he has a swimming pool in a swimming pool, he has shoes" "we have to become entrepreneurs. Is that gonna hurt" etc

I love this episode a lot, especially when Tom screams "CHOCOLATE! " It is hilarious!

I know it sounded like Patrick said something inappropriate at the end, but he probably said "Please spare me."

I accidently said rock bottom is the best and pizza delivery 2 well I now think 1 chocolate with nuts 2 rock bottom 3 pizza delivery and 9 spongebob a christmas special 10 krusty krab training video 11 just one bite

This was the best episode (Other than the camping episode) I love the part when patrick says to one of the customers, "I love you" and then the guy slams the door. I have been a spongebob fan since I was four

I remember being like 6 and watching this on my tiny television. I was laughing so hard with my brother and I was screaming "CHOCOLATE! " for the next month! It was one of the better parts of my childhood.

Okay, chocolate with nuts is the best episode yet. In this episode SpongeBob has taken comedy to the next level. SpongeBob is the best cartoon ever, and has been for 14 years so far. Go SpongeBob!

I just love chocolate. And nuts. And chocolate nuts. And chocolate with nuts. Had me grabbing for some from the fridge. Its really suprising coming from me as I only ever watch Spongebob episodes that feature Krusty Krabs in it. If the episode has nothing to do with Krusty Krab I don't watch it but I loved this one!

This episode is one of my favorite. The chocolate bar guy cracks me up. I also like when Patrick focus on a guy. Not to mention a hidden joke when they are caught. ( look it up on the web it's real)

I like this episode. Especially when Tom keeps chasing Spongebob and Patrick while screaming "CHOCOLATE! " If I were Spongebob, I would have give Tom the chocolate and get out of there.

CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! Let's get naked. I'd like to buy all your chocolate. We should change our names to Why and Bother. Let's face it Patrick, we're failures. I can live with that. - bubbles1111

Best episode ever. It embarks on marketing so realistically, it's very funny. The best part was when the crazy chocolate guy revealed he just wanted to buy all the chocolate