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201 Copybob Dittopants

This episode is good. I'm watching it right now - Cartoonfan202

Best episode of season 9! I loved the SpongeBob army plankton sent out!

A Very immusing episode - ChiefMudkip

What is this a Pokémon is SpongeBob crossover?!

202 Oral Report

This episode was garbage

203 Plankton Gets the Boot

The best season 10 episode

204 Sportz?

It’s just characters beating each other up. Nothing remotely clever. Although I respect your opinion if you liked it. - Tyler730

205 Growth Spout

The first episode of Spongebob I ever watched - Lunala

206 All That Glitters

Although I dislike this episode I'll respect the opinion of the person who added it which is what EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD DO AS WELL! - Tyler730

Boring. I skipped most of it since most of the episode revolves around naked spongebob crying. - Lunala

207 Man Ray Returns

I have heard critical acclaim for this. It's pretty damn good!

A solid sequel to Mermaid Pants. Plus MAN RAY is back! - Tyler730

208 Rule of Dumb

If Patrick was only mildly a jerk in the earlier episodes in season 4 for a brief amount of time, he is just a jerk through and through in this episode. You can obviously say that the title is quite fitting. This episode does not rule; it is only dumb. I don't like this episode at all.

I used to hate Patrick in this episode as a kid. When I went back to watch this tough, I actually found that Patrick wearing the crown was the reason he was a jerk. Its something I can imagine that suits him to be a jerk. When he puts on the crown, he becomes a jerk cause he overuses his power. Its almost like a real situation, when money and power take hold of you, you let a bit of jerkyness out of you. Plus Patrick gets properly punished for it. Not the best episode but a nice decent one that actually works.

You either hate it or like it, it is just one of those episodes. I find it mediocre.

This is good

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209 Karate Island

Karate Island Introduction: SpongeBob gets a videotape and it said that he would be crowned king of karate. He spraeds the news to Sandy inviting her to Karate Island. Sandy thought she should be king of Karate Island but after, the boss of karate wants SpongeBob to sign a contract. Meanwhile Sandy passes three floors of terror. Then Sandy fights the boss and wins. At he end the boss invites Squidward as king of clarinets.

Where are the likes mis amigos :-( I can count on you we are almost to five likes on one of my introductions! Just add that one little like please. I worked so hard creating these :(

Entertaining episode especially the squidward part at the end. - Lunala

" Special delivery just for me? Sniff.. You think I'm...sniff.Spe-CIAL? (CRIES). " Okay you gotta admit that was kinda funny.😂

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210 The Main Drain

This is the only Legend of Bikini Bottom of Episode 7 that I like. The titlecard is epic, and the story and plot is amazing! It's one of the best episodes!

One of the best episodes in my opinion. Why the hell is this 173?!?!?

Literally mainly filler and stupidly written!

211 Plankton's Good Eye

Good episode! See, the show is showing at least SOME form of improvement - Goatworlds

I like half of it because Plankton's mentality changes in a good way..

This is one of the better post movie episodes.

This is one of the best plankton episode

212 Procrastination

This episode is so good! That's all of I have to say. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to do homework right after I play video games on the computer. HA HA! Procrastination rules! I should watch this episode every time I procrastinate.

This should definitely be higher on the list! The episode was so relatable, especially if you watched SpongeBob instead of doing homework.

I loved the car crash scene

Can someone why this is only at 219? This is one of the best SB episodes in my opinion.

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213 Pest of the West

This is a very funny episode, and "Idiot Friends" is a great song. The only problem is that the accents are annoying, and there are a couple of lame jokes. Still, all in all good. 7.5/10.

Pest of the West is, in my opinion, the best SpongeBob episode ever. All who think otherwise just want a chat page on Wikipedia. I mean have you watched it? It's so good, I was sad it ended. There's comedy, character, plot, and climaxes. To be honest, the only thing that could have made it better, would have been SB time travelling to the event to see it in person.

Frankly, I am sickend this couldn't even reach the top 10. I love this episode. It is a diamond in the rough of post-movie episodes. The songs rule and I can say the accents are slightly annoying, but after about 30 seconds the overall episode is so good, it makes you forget entirely. Also, I love the ending with Idiot Freinds. While some are sceptical (god, I hope that is spelt correctly) saying the defeat of Dead Eye was boring, many can look past it as so much comedy and plot was put in, you just have to love it. Before you say,'you just like cowboys and SpongeBob'(partly true), that is not the reason it is one of my favourites. I say this because every 5 seconds, you couldn't stop yourself laughing. A modern classic. Now I leave you with this:
Pecos Patrick: Oh,

Sorry, almost wrote the song 'Dead Eye'. What I meant was:


I love this episode. this is why I like clint Eastwood's western shows and movies
idiot friends is a song I can remember the most - VCR

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214 License to Milkshake

This episode was very funny, in fact.

You need to respect opinions - Tyler730

This episode kinda sucks.

Anyone who likes this episode needs to kick themselves in the arse.

215 Yours, Mine and Mine

Whoever put this on the list needs Jesus! This episode is like a vacuum cleaner; it sucks, and it's full of useless and disgusting garbage!

Who put this piece of trash on the list, and why is it this high? It sucks! - DCfnaf

I hate this episode. Patrick is a jerk in this one.

What is everybody hatin and dissing this episode for? I love it! My favorite part is when Patrick and his toy dance to electronic music

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216 The Wreck of Mauna Loa

Best modern episode! Krabs gets greedy and gets punished for it!

One of the best episodes from season seven - Tyler730

One of the best post-movie episodes. Mr. Krabs is cheap and greedy and gets punished. The humor is great. And best of all the animation. How is Yours mine and mine above this.

This was a great episode
Yes Krabs was greedy but he got punished
Plus the ship was cool
Great story

217 Accidents Will Happen
218 The Smoking Peanut

Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom is higher than this. Why? It is a classic episode - Gangem

219 Tutor Sauce

I loved this episode! SpongeBob is coming back slowly!

The first episode to be original for the modern generation, as Steven Hillenburg returned. - nelsonerica

It was still a season 9 episode, I researched it and Season 10 still hasn't come yet, so it's still not quite as good as the classics. - nelsonerica

Although the ending made no sense since Mr Krabs had to go to boating school

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220 Eek, an Urchin

One of my Favorite Season 9 episodes - ChiefMudkip

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