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201 That's No Lady

Best post-movie episode ever made.

This episode was banned in some countries

This is my favourite episode

Hello Patricia you're looking lovely today
I think I need to take a shower, -Squidward

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202 Procrastination

This episode is so good! That's all of I have to say. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to do homework right after I play video games on the computer. HA HA! Procrastination rules! I should watch this episode every time I procrastinate.

This should definitely be higher on the list! The episode was so relatable, especially if you watched SpongeBob instead of doing homework.

I loved the car crash scene

Can someone why this is only at 219? This is one of the best SB episodes in my opinion.

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203 Bubble Troubles

I Like when Patrick and SpongeBob had burning eyes

I liked it when Pearl inflated sandy

Kind Of A Stupid And Bad Episode - rjbarg042

This episode kind of sucks. They burn down Sandy's air tank.

204 Pest of the West

This is a very funny episode, and "Idiot Friends" is a great song. The only problem is that the accents are annoying, and there are a couple of lame jokes. Still, all in all good. 7.5/10.

Pest of the West is, in my opinion, the best SpongeBob episode ever. All who think otherwise just want a chat page on Wikipedia. I mean have you watched it? It's so good, I was sad it ended. There's comedy, character, plot, and climaxes. To be honest, the only thing that could have made it better, would have been SB time travelling to the event to see it in person.

Frankly, I am sickend this couldn't even reach the top 10. I love this episode. It is a diamond in the rough of post-movie episodes. The songs rule and I can say the accents are slightly annoying, but after about 30 seconds the overall episode is so good, it makes you forget entirely. Also, I love the ending with Idiot Freinds. While some are sceptical (god, I hope that is spelt correctly) saying the defeat of Dead Eye was boring, many can look past it as so much comedy and plot was put in, you just have to love it. Before you say,'you just like cowboys and SpongeBob'(partly true), that is not the reason it is one of my favourites. I say this because every 5 seconds, you couldn't stop yourself laughing. A modern classic. Now I leave you with this:
Pecos Patrick: Oh,

Sorry, almost wrote the song 'Dead Eye'. What I meant was:


I love this episode. this is why I like clint Eastwood's western shows and movies
idiot friends is a song I can remember the most - VCR

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205 Yours, Mine and Mine

Whoever put this on the list needs Jesus! This episode is like a vacuum cleaner; it sucks, and it's full of useless and disgusting garbage!

Who put this piece of trash on the list, and why is it this high? It sucks! - DCfnaf

I hate this episode. Patrick is a jerk in this one.

What is everybody hatin and dissing this episode for? I love it! My favorite part is when Patrick and his toy dance to electronic music

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206 Accidents Will Happen
207 Tutor Sauce

I loved this episode! SpongeBob is coming back slowly!

The first episode to be original for the modern generation, as Steven Hillenburg returned. - nelsonerica

It was still a season 9 episode, I researched it and Season 10 still hasn't come yet, so it's still not quite as good as the classics. - nelsonerica

Although the ending made no sense since Mr Krabs had to go to boating school

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208 Snail Bites

One of the better modern SpongeBob Episodes. MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!

I thought this episode was called Treats. Whatever. It's still a likable episode, the than Gary irritating SpongeBob. It gets old, though.

Not that bad of an episode. Ending is good. Pretty average, and average is actually good for the new episodes

This Is Treats! Not Snail Bites. But Still Bad - ChiefMudkip

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209 Pineapple Fever

This episode is way too underrated. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

This episode rules! My 2nd favorite ever!

This episode is pretty funny, but that eyebrow scene was pretty brutal and gross.

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210 Squid's Visit

Creepy and weird

Why is this on the list? It's the CREEPIEST EPISODE EVER!

I just liked that dessert that was names "shampang" or whatever.


211 Krabby Land

All Mr. Krabs cares about is the money and not customer satisfaction. The kids got excited for nothing. The playground was a huge dump, too. THE CLOWN SUCKED! BOO KrabBY THE CLOWN!

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212 Mall Girl Pearl

THIS is how you make a Pearl episide. I don't hate modern SpongeBob like most people, but I do agree that some characters have become one dimmensional. But the one this has affected most is Pearl. They always portray her as a bratty teenage girl with no personality. But in this episode she finds something she enjoys and sticks to it no matter what people think. It also pleases me that the girls making fun of her learn their lesson. And the episode finishes with Pearl sticking to being herself but still recognizing the importance of making the most of your youth. This has to be one of my all-time favorite episodes. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I really liked this episode actually. Pearl was not a brat like she usually is. - anonygirl

213 Spongebob's Place

One of the most hillarious episodes out of the whole series it's really good and it also had one adult joke you should check it out.

214 Spongicus

This needs to be higher.

Should be higher, it's actually good, sorry, Grood (in between good and great)

215 No Free Rides

Sorry, it's amazing.
The fact that it isn't on here is nothing short of shocking.

Now a days, it's a running "gag" for Mrs. Puff to be arrested. This episode, other than hall moniter, is one of the first episodes to do this. The writers, simce they could write back then, made this idea very funny. They are a few parts that weren't handled well, but its still a memorable episode.

This is my favorite boating school episode.

This episode is hilarious.

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216 MuscleBob BuffPants

One of the best SpongeBob episodes. This should be higher in ranking

217 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI V 2 Comments
218 A Life in a Day V 3 Comments
219 The Abrasive Side

Semi-decent episode, but the ending sucked.

I agree.

220 Seance Shmeance

"Seance Shmeance" and "Don't Look Now" is the best Halloween Spongebob Squarepants episodes! Come on!
Vote for "Seance Shmeance" and "Don't Look Now" - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

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