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281 Have You Seen This Snail

This episode should be in the top ten. This is my absolute favorite episode. Favorite line set razors on fun miss tuffsy. This should be in the top ten there are just a bunch of bull. I honestly don't think band geeks should be in the top ten. There was nothing speacials about it. And another thing there was a bunch of unfunny episodes before this.

This is the best episode it's a half-hour endeavor of sadness and awesomeness.

I like the scenes where Squidward is screaming when SpongeBob and Patrick walk in the bathroom, and when the clouds say "LISA WILL YOU MARRY ME." Plus, this episode is really decent and sad and should be in the Top Ten.

Put this higher on the list, I cried as a little kid. - BlueSheepYT

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282 Penny Foolish

I know this episode is overhated, but I like this episode especially the beginning. Please respect my opinion and I will respect yours.

Extremely overhated it got so many negative reviews on

SpongeBobs way to pick up a penny... I can't even explain this.

283 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

This episode sucks! Why is it on here

One Of The Weaker Pre Movie Episodes Is Still Good - rjbarg042

Hi Kevin

284 Giant Squidward

This has nothing to do with porn. Although, this episode is funny.

This wasn't that good. It's sort of a Squidward torture porn, and there aren't any funny jokes.

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285 Toy Store of Doom V 3 Comments
286 SpongeBob B.C.

This is my least favorite how is it on here? - PatrickStar

Because of SpongeBob's before of the century. İt's hysterical.

Kinda stupid. - Goatworlds

Kind Of Dumb - rjbarg042

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287 The Splinter

Why is this on the list? Are you teasing with me, ha? This episode was definitely HORRIBLE.

Is this supposed to be funny. SpongeBob gets a Splinter and it gets worse by Patrick. If the writers try to do how Patrick helped SpongeBob in Suds, It didn't work.

I hate this episode. First of all, it's creepy, gross, and stupid. Second, WHAT'S WRONG WITH Nickelodeon?!?!?! Patrick only makes the splinter worse by hitting it with a mallet, and dumping garbage all over it. This is so immature and nauseating.

Gross episode

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288 Extreme Spots

This one was kinda boring. Ruins Spingebob's way of lif and everyday average happiness.

289 Atlantis SquarePantis

Although the music was boring, I love this episode. I thinks it's very underrated.

I like this one, I don't get people's hate for it.

Great episode, underrated, my favorite. - istooduptoabully

Really enjoyed this as a kid. I loved the completely random story and how all the characters just went with it.

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290 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

I laughed at Patrick putting the nails

It was great! Should be much higher! - Goatworlds

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291 Demolition Doofus

This DID make me hate Mrs. Puff, but Otherwise it's actually good. I mean, SpongeBob in a demolition derby, that's actually a pretty good plot.

A teacher that wants to kill a student. Congrats Nickelodeon, you made the best episode ever...

NOT. This episode was HORRIBLE, and Mrs. Puff is EVIL. She is a crazy murderer! WHO'S THE IDIOT WHO PUT THIS CRAP ON THE LIST?!?! I WANT A WORD WITH YOU...!

I was actually rooting for Mrs. Puff in this episode because I can understand why she wanted SpongeBob dead after all of these years of SpongeBob injuring her in car crashes - Mcgillacuddy

This is my least favorite spongebob episode bar none

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292 The Gift of Gum

This episode sucks bad. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE WANT A HUGE BALL OF GUM?!?!?! At least SpongeBob tries to get rid of the nasty gum. What in the complete heck is wrong with Nickelodeon?!

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293 Squirrel Record

It's funny and this should be one of the first one's

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294 Whale of a Birthday

This is not boring. It is hilarious.

This one is boring - Brandy

I liked this I also liked how Mr Krabs got what he deserved in the end AKA bills. And Pearl got to win. - Lunala

295 To Love a Patty

This was the worst of SpongeBob, he is in love with a burger and almost wanted to marry it. It was pointless, the only funny part when Patrick said he was replaced by a sandwich.

Why is this on the list? This episode sucks!

I feel bad for those poor clams that died when SpongeBob murdered a bunch of them JUST TO SAVE A STUPID SANDWICH!

I'm really concerned about the mindset of Jem Reviews says in one of his videos "This is a criminal minds episode"! - DCfnaf

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296 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

Best MM&BB episode ever. Funny when barnacle boy gets burned 3 TIMEs. Dirty Bubbles debut and spongebob's line "I found it and it's the special dance mix! " is awesome and funny. Should be in top 10 or at least top 15

297 Face Freeze

This episode is bad, literally. Except for the end when Squidward gets his face frozen and says it's not funny, which is very true.

Really? I found this episode very funny and very unique. For one reason, Mr. Krabs isn't so obsessed about money and kinda acts the way he did in the old episodes. Secondly, those faces were flat out funny (including Patrick's voice), I'm surprised people didn't like this episode that much.

This episode is overrated. It shouldn't be on this list.

Not overrated at all, because I never heard one person say this was a good or funny episode, so it's just a horrible episode - Phillip873

What? I love this episode! It actually has a decent moral to it in the vein of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I Was a Teenage Gary was worse than this.

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298 SpongeBob's Last Stand

Chum bucket sludge bucket
Highway fly away
Lily liver pizza giver
Mashed potato kelp tomato

So hilarious when Patrick was playing the trumpet
Should have been higher on the list

It's my favorite episode of sponge bob!

Probably my favorite post-movie SpongeBob special.

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299 Little Yellow Book

What the heck LITTLE YELLOW BOOK is doing here? It was a HORRIBLE episode.

What bubble buddy is not the worst the most notable people who says the worst pre movie episode (and yes saying its much most than all post movie episode) is bubble buddy

2nd least favorite only to bubble buddy - bolbi9

The episode can be described in one word; Hypocritical.

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300 Gary in Love

This episode is bad, but its sister episode is way worse.

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