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281 Sponge-Cano!

Sponge Cano Introduction: As SpongeBob wakes up he sings a song I guess called Gratitude. Of course Squidward throws SpongeBob out of his house and SpongeBob went to work. The costumes saw Mount Bikini Bottom erupt. So next they had to go into a volcano shelter to be safe. The mayor was there and the clients were thinking the end of the world was here. Although they went back to the Krusty Krab and found Squidward saying mean things and Squidward was forced to go inside Mount Bikini Bottom. Although, he got out but Squidward's pipe at his house sprouted water and his house ended up in the volcano.

Sacrifice to squidward ( who is actually a octopus) actually his house

My next introduction will be about Single Cell Anniversary!

This was eliminated as an episode

282 The Clash of Triton

This special was stupid and plus it lied!

This episode has some serious flaws

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283 Krabby Road

This definitely isn't bad for a Season 6 episode.

284 Nautical Novice V 2 Comments
285 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One V 1 Comment
286 The Krabby Kronicle

Sandy Cheeks or Sandy Chump!

Bushy tailed brainiac really a slow witted squirrel.

By: SpongeBob SquarePants

Ugh! This episode is horrible. Mr Krabs does that illegal stuff and ruins peoples lives.

287 Grooming Gary
288 Porous Pockets
289 Choir Boys

Choir Boys Introduction: Squidward first practices his figaro pitch before he exits the shower but looks at a frame of the Famed Bikini Bottom Men Chorus wanting an anxious impression. SpongeBob meets Squidward meanwhile he was laying on the ground. SpongeBob then wants to join the Men Chourus with Squidward and he says no. SpongeBob tries to stop Squidward at every attempt but then ties SpongeBob onto a piece of coral and he said FIGARO! As jellyfish carried him Squidward made it late but made it. Meanwhile Squidward was disrupting the Chourus two times until SpongeBob barges in making the Chourus cry and later finds a spot for SpongeBob in the Chourus and for Squidward.

Thank you for all of your likes and favorites and my next introduction will be Sponge Cano! Leave more likes if you really like my introductions and if you want me to make more please leave a comment below!

Wow! Five likes already! I appreciate all you have done guys! I will do the top five now! - Brandy

290 The Card V 2 Comments
291 Grandpappy the Pirate

This is the most Underrated episode of Season 6, it deserves more praise - ChiefMudkip

Grandpappy the Pirate Introduction: Mr. Krabs recieved a letter in a bottle and it was from his Grandpa Redbeard. What Mr. Krabs wanted to do was he wanted to build an imitation pirate ship. He tried to hire SponeBob, Patrick, and Squidward to have them as a pirate crew. There came his Grandpa. He had a ship inspection but with a few flaws like the recording wind sound and his fake paper miche made cannon, his ship inspection failed. Although, his Grandpappy was proud at the same time about his restaurant prices and business and he left with all of Mr. Krabs' money.

292 Cephalopod Lodge V 1 Comment
293 Shuffleboarding

What's this doing here?! This episode is terrible!

294 Gullible Pants V 1 Comment
295 Overbooked V 2 Comments
296 Kracked Krabs

I like this one. I like all SpongeBob episodes

297 Summer Job V 1 Comment
298 The Play's The Thing
299 Rodeo Daze V 1 Comment
300 Gramma's Secret Recipe
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