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301 Welcome to Bikini Bottom Triangle V 1 Comment
302 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom
303 That Sinking Feeling
304 Karate Star
305 Buried in Time V 1 Comment
306 Shellback Shenanigans
307 Tunnel of Glove

Tunnel of Glove Introduction: Pearl and SpongeBob meet at Glove World to ride on the new Tunnel of Glove ride so Pearl and her friends were bragging about Pearl and SpongeBob liking each other. So later they were next in line and only two per boat were allowed do Pearl had to go with a single rider and that was SpongeBob. Pearl thought the ride was boring because of how there was nothing going on in the ride. So they got stuck in the middle of the ride. Patrick checked a sign and he thought it said, congratulations, you have found your friend SpongeBob SquarePants. So he ripped off wires making the ride go crazy until the ride actually exploded as Patrick was going to save SpongeBob. So later Pearl's friends were hugging SpongeBob so Pearl took a picture in memory of that moment and Patrick was still hanging out eating with his new best wire repaired buddy.

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308 The Wreck of Mauna Loa

Best modern episode! Krabs gets greedy and gets punished for it!

One of the best post-movie episodes. Mr. Krabs is cheap and greedy and gets punished. The humor is great. And best of all the animation. How is Yours mine and mine above this.

This was a great episode
Yes Krabs was greedy but he got punished
Plus the ship was cool
Great story

309 New Fish in Town
310 Perfect Chemistry

Easily the best episode of season 7 and it gets toilet humor correctly

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311 Squidward's School for Grown-Ups V 1 Comment
312 Sweet and Sour Squid V 1 Comment
313 Patrick's Staycation V 1 Comment
314 Mooncation

I love this episode, but I love every sponge bob episode so I wouldn't listen to my opinion.

315 Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation V 1 Comment
316 Barnacle Face

This is a terrible episode, and its sister episode is worse!

Barnacle Face Introduction: Pearl is with all of her high school friend and was really excited for the dance the next day until her friend noticed that Pearl had a barnacle. So she went to Mr. Krabs and told SpongeBob if he can handle the barnacle. So he attempted a shovel, concealing cream, soap, and a pneumatic drill until he had an idea about the soap that Mr. Krabs compresses out of a soap machine. So Pearl got mad because the soap was made out of Krabby Patties and grease. Spkngebob then had an idea about how she would sparkle for the dance with Jewels and diamonds on her face making Mr. Krabs rage!

317 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom

The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom Introduction: Mr. Krabs was taking a little walk until he saw the giant soy beans that Sandy owned. He wanted to take a look at it and Sandy told Mr. Krabs to hold a tube for her that makes things grow. So he put it on a Krabby patty and is was growing until it turned into a rampaging patty that ate all of Bikini Bottom. Patrick then told SpongeBob that he had a dream about a patty eating all of Bikini Bottom but it was not a dream. So the Krabby Patty later sucked the whole bikini bottom with some cleaning at least he end.

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318 Karen 2.0

Karen 2.0 Introduction: Plankton wants some chumstirfry but then puts a system into a screen revealing Karen 2.0. Mr. Krabs thought he found a free computer system that does texts or messages but turns out it was Karen. Karen later works at the Krusty Krab. Then Plankton realizes that Karen worked at the Krusty Krab and Karen 2.0 faced Karen to a battle and then Karen won after an insult from Karen 2.0. Later, Squidward was replaced as Karen 2.0 but wished he had his face in the toilet.

As soon as this introduction gets up to 5 likes I will make the next one about Band Geeks

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319 InSPONGEiac

InSPONGEiac Introduction: SpongeBob tries to go to sleep but he really can't but when he was at the Krusty Krab he was talking to Mr. Krabs about his sleep lately so he did say that he had a good breakfast but he went to bed two minutes later than usual so Mr. Krabs said SpongeBob was an Insoniac. So SpongeBob went to bed to have a good sleep but he had a nightmare that night until he saw the Sleep King to put some magic dust on him to make him sleep and he only slept for five minutes. He was really tired that Mr. Krabs got him in trouble of wasting all of his mustard again but at the same time crying the perfect amount. Squidward then said best day at work ever

It's creepy but interesting to watch. SpongeBob with insomnia. That's what it's about.

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320 Squiditis V 1 Comment
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