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321 Gary's New Toy V 1 Comment
322 Hocus Pocus V 1 Comment
323 Party Pooper Pants
324 SpongeBob, You're Fired

This is just another episode with a dramatic plot only for everything to be fine in the end. Like in a Phineas and Ferb movie where they travel to another dimension,fight in epic battles,and find out Parry is a secret agent,but no everybody gets their memory erased in the end. I got really mad at that. If everybody got their memory wiped, what was the point of the movie in the first place? It's like nothing happened at all!

Aah, my favorite episode ever. This is a genius episode where Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob for a nickel I'M JUST KIDDING! This episode is terrible.

What is this doing on the list?

Really TERRIBLE Filler Episode that was stupid - rjbarg042

V 13 Comments
325 Boating Buddies

Take this off the list, Squidward keeps getting beaten up and hurt badly. - nelsonerico6

Who put this crap here

This is the most infamous squidward torture!

326 The Hot Shot

A Modern Boating School episode done correctly - ChiefMudkip

327 The Inmates of Summer V 3 Comments
328 Summer Job
329 Money Talks
330 I'm with Stupid

What's the matter with this episode?!? I thought it was FUNNY.

2nd favorite ep behind Chocolate With Nuts. I can't even think of why people hate this one

Patrick is a jerk who makes fun of poor SpongeBob. Patrick is just a true monster. - Goatworlds

My favorite episode easily! Why do people call this the worst pre movie episode? The scene where Patrick's real parents come may be the hardest I've ever laughed

Not a very good episode, but why is it lower than That Sinking Feeling? - SamHalls2015

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331 Boating School

Come on, this is one of the first and one of the best boating school episodes ever!

Are you kidding me its this low on the list - Mswalgren

332 Licence to Milkshake

This is already on the list, you idiot.

Who put this on the list?

333 The Way of the Sponge

I just loves This episode. This should be on top

This episode is boring as crap, and Fuzzy Acorns is so ugly.

334 Le Big Switch

The newcomer voices have great accents.

Thank you for all of your thumbs up and my next introduction will be Grandpappy the Pirate! If you recommend me any episode to do an introduction in just leave a comment below!

I didn't know that it said switch. O_e

Le Big Swith Introduction: Mr. Krause speaks to SpongeBob and Squidward about a chef exchange program. So SpongeBob had to move to another restaurant while Mr.Krabs orders a chef much more serious than SpongeBob. Mr. Krabs then wants to turn his restaurant to a high class restaurant. Meanwhile at SpongeBob's new restaurant duty he makes a Krabby patty with every food he uses but by mistake he put one into the chef bosses mouth and loved the Krabby patty. The restaurant was a success because of Spingebob but meanwhile at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs started crying saying he needs SpongeBob back but hears his voice two times bringing a load of customers while Mr. Krabs welcomes his disgusting clientele.

335 New Digs
336 The Googly Artiste
337 The Krusty Sponge

Should Be In The Top 10!

To be honest, this episode is creepy

338 Fungus Among Us
339 Squeaky Boots V 1 Comment
340 SquidBob TentaclePants

SpongeBob and Squidward were almost like CatDog. SpongeBob being Dog and Squidward being Cat. The difference between Squidward and a cat, however, is that Squidward is overrated while cats are underrated. - Murvine_Taylor

This episode was great, later it sucked a little.

This episode is creepy, especially the ending!

If you thought it was creepy, then you haven't seen Scientifically Accurate CatDog. - Murvine_Taylor

I hate this episode a lot.

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