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41 Jellyfish Jam

The song is called Stadium Rave

I like this episode, especially the part where Squidward gets stung by a million jellyfish. The song is so catchy!

The Jellyfish Are Annoying But Still A Good Episode - rjbarg042

This episode is one of my favorites - Somedude8

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42 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III

The torture that Patrick puts Man-Ray through is simply classic

Wow this is so underrated should be at least top 20. "What's in that box anyway? " "My wallets"

Brilliant episode. Man Rays attempts at being good, and his training with Patrick is hilarious. Easily top three episodes

Good But One Of The Weaker MMABB Episodes - rjbarg042

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43 Planet of the Jellyfish

This episode was a good addition and one of the better new episodes, but I feel like it was a rip off of sandy, SpongeBob, and the worm because it was SpongeBob finding something horrid and weird, something bad happened to the bikini bottomites, and him and sandy try and stop it. same plot. but this episode isn't bad either its kinda weird though like really? They're weak to mayo? That's a little uncreative but the rest was pulled off just fine - islandersfan91

This Is one of the very few newer episodes that I can actually stand watching, unlike some of the episodes that have weak plots.

Good episode especially that the jelly clones weakness is mayonnaise that's interesting and the fight was awesome

Should be higher

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44 The Algae's Always Greener

Soiled it, soiled it, soiled it. Do you think this is funny? In a cosmic sort of way, yes! Well Mister Funnyman is this how you get your sick kicks? What its just any ordinary Krabby- oh my goodness! Squidward! - some of the classic lines in SpongeBob history! How could this be ranked at 68?!

Best part was when plankton said SpongeBob used too much sauce

Why the everloving hell isn't this higher up on the list?!? Some of the best and funniest lines from the entire show, just watched it and remembered how good of an episode it actually is

Another Watchable Episode That I Enjoy But Naked Krabs Was Stupid - rjbarg042

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45 Jellyfishing

I love this episode, especially the part that says "firmly grasp it! "

First time Spongebob and Patrick go jellyfishing! - Stephen2

Firmly grasp it is my mom's favorite SpongeBob line!

Really Good And Great - rjbarg042

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46 Life of Crime

This episode is hilarious especily at the end when patrick says alright which one of you flatfoots stole my lollypop! When he ate his own

This episode helps show how great season 2 is, but it has its own moment when Patrick goes crazy about "rectangles"

This is personally my favorite episode. I remembered every scene of it and me and my friend used to act it out when we were little. Cannot believe it is number 100.

Spongebob And Patrick Over Reacted Big Time But Still Good - rjbarg042

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47 Plankton's Pet

Call me crazy, and this may be the only modern SpongeBob episode on this list, but Plankton's Pet is one of the best episodes of SpongeBob, at least in my own opinion. Let's get started.

It starts at the Krusty Krab, but ironically doesn't follow the Krusty Krab bad episode rule. A baby gets a Krabby patty and attempts to walk out the front door, but Mr. Krabby sees that it's Plankton. So when he tackles the baby, beats it, and reveal it's Plankton, so you know that it's not an actual baby that Krabs is beating, so that's good.

After Krabs kicks Plankton out, Karen takes him in and suggests that he gets a pet. SpongeBob takes him to the pet shelter to find a pet. This is where you find several jokes that are funny. Finally, Plankton comes around an amoeba, a Plankton's dog in SpongeBob world, that saves his life.

Plankton names him Spot and takes him home to teach him tricks. After a few moments of half-decent filler, Spot steals a Krabby patty right out of the ...more

FINALLY! A good ending for Plankton. I LOVE this episode.

They should make more episodes with Spot, he is a great character!

This is the best Plankton episode ever.

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48 Pickles

I really like episode for its execution of the western theme. While other old episodes have the Krusty Krab taking on a military theme that makes it fun to watch, this western take seems... special.

Pickles Introduction: Next costumer at the Krusty Krab was bubble bass. He ordered a Krabby Patty with pickles. He mentioned after that SpongeBob put no pickles. So later SpongeBob forgot how to make a Krabby patty so Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob sat and Mr. Krabs layer out a blanket with all the ingredients. It took SpongeBob days until he got it and returned to the Krusty Krab. Bubble bass was back and he still mentioned that there was no pickles. Although, the pickles were hiding under his tounge and he ran away.

I love the western theme, like someone else mentioned. Also, Bubble Bass is a hilarious character, and the insane SpongeBob is very fun to watch. 10/10!

Squidward: We serve food here sir.
Let me guess tiny a small salad?
Spongebob 12 cows on the farm uuup!
Squidward thanks farmer brown.

These made me laugh as a kid

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49 Pre-Hibernation Week

With or without the Pantera soundtrack, this episode is full of great jokes and thus receives my vote. Sandy saying fly fishing followed by the drum beat, SpongeBob holding a razor when he says he's a man, and the burnt fish saying "at least I still have my personality" are a few examples out of an episode FULL of funny moments. On top of that, this episode actually had a decent and somewhat realistic plot for this show's standards (not that the series suffers from this during seasons 1-3). Also, it is probably one of the only episodes with continuity, considering the later aired episode "Survival of the Idiots." - surgeonsanic

Spongebob + Pantera = Best Episode Ever!

Should be in the top 10. Why?


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50 Arrgh!

A very underrated episode, but one with a lot of great one-liners. I love when Mr. Krabs hires and fires Patrick, as well as the angelic chorus singing "Plastic! ".

I love this pirate-themed episode.

I love this episode so much! Has a lot of funny lines. Shocked it's so far down the list

"Rev up those fryers! Cause I am sure hungry for one- help, help! MY LEG! "
"Can't you see we're closed? " - SAXO

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51 Spongebob Meets the Strangler

Honestly, this episode should be in the top ten list, I love this episode. When the cops cuff his eyes, that was priceless, really should be in the top ten

One of the funniest SpongeBob episodes ever. Truly priceless, especially the scene when SpongeBob puts his spikey cleats on the Strangler's eyes for 6 hours.

Has to be in the top 10 if not the top two or three!

Spongebob Has Too Many Great Episodes - rjbarg042

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52 Wishing You Well

Move Patrick I'm claustrophobic. What does claustrophobic mean. It means you're afraid of Santa Claus. HO HO HO! Stop it Patrick you're scaring him!
I lost it at this part.

How to describe claustrophobia: HO HO HO

I like this episode a lot! Claustrophobia. They think that means "Fear of Santa Claus." I love that scene the most. THIS NEEDS TO BE HIGHER!

Patrick, this is a wishing well

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53 Suds

Good one Patrick's great in this

HOW the hell is this at Number 64? Should be much higher since the humor is great and Krabs is actually a good character in this one! - DCfnaf

The first SpongeBob's episode that I saw

Patrick: "Spongebob Sandys coming we have to make sure your well. Don't touch my I'm steral

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54 Culture Shock

When I was a little kid this was my favorite episode. I still love Pearl's, Plankton's, and Gary's acts, although the episode is a bit harsh on Squidward.

I loved this one because of Squidward's dancing and SpongeBob has a water

Why isn't this even on the list? Squidward's failed attempt to put himself in the spotlight and the hilarious ending with SpongeBob and Squidward taking turns stick body parts out should put this at at least with SB-129!

Gary is an amazing poet...

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55 Best Day Ever

PLEASE! STOP TRASHING THE BEST DAY EVER! In my opinion, this was the last truly amazing episode of spongebob. Almost every episode was A winner before this one. Now the good ones are rare.

This truly was the best.
The camping episode was great! Pizza Delivery was Great! Frankendoodle was Great! Band Geeks was great! Those are my favorites, but This episode took the cake. I mean, this one had a true, kindhearted ending. It showed that doing good things for other people will make good things happen to you.

This episode didn't put the cherry on the cake. It is most of the cake! And the ending shows true friendship. But what cacaught me was the song! If you watch the SpongeBob movie credits long enough, you get the whole version of the song the Best Day Ever! The song is catchy, and the episode is best by far!

It's my favorite episode

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56 Sleepy Time

A must see episode! It's surely a classic episode no one will forget. So I must ask why this is so low on the list? People couldn't possibly do anything but love this episode.

Funny episode and quite a classic one. Why so low? It's surely my favorite.

This is a real classic it's one of the best episodes

Another Enjoyable Classic Episode - rjbarg042

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57 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

My God... How could this be at #50... Does anyone around here have any idea of what an amazing episode this is? It was short and simple in plot, and had all the funny bits the audience loved in the earlier years. In other words, it was SpongeBob at his base. This epitomized SB's life and captured the essence of the show... Or at least the first few years. After that, it kinda went downhill. I remember watching these episodes as a little kid, I was born in the early 2000's and loved SB. This episode is a gem and deserves more love.

Great episode with memorable moments. I lost it when Squidward was playing a song on his clarinet to Patrick and Patrick just fell asleep and when SpongeBob was singing "Squidward is my best friend in the world" while playing the bassinet horribly!

ONLY AT 99! This episode was a masterpiece! This should be in the top ten. -

Squidward: Squidward will be performing his version of Solitude in E minor.

Patrick: [sitting on a bench while clapping] Yeah! E minor! All right! Yeah!

Squidward: *plays a note*

Patrick: *Falls asleep instantly*

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58 Nasty Patty

I can't believe I had to add this no one had it. well this is my favorite episode but there are so many great one it was really hard to choose. plus all of those ones I forgot about. all are great except for the new ones (2005 and up) rock bottom is great too and I don't even get shanghaied. they do not play this episode often enough at all. I watched for the first time in about 2 years yesterday and that was on dvd - me123

"Nasty Patty" should be the gold standard for how to do gross out humor and dark comedy in SpongeBob SquarePants. Writers of "The Splinter," "House Fancy," "One Coarse Meal," and "Demolition Doofus": watch "Nasty Patty" and take note!

Genuineness! This is how to do a dark and disturbing episode but still make it hillarious. Great film noir inspired episode.

Another Fantastic Episode - rjbarg042

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59 As Seen on TV

It is the best and funniest episode ever never get tired of. Wacthing it - Lee2cool

Cereal box, can you autograph my cereal box?

Don't forget the Striped Sweater song!

Very Delightful Episode - rjbarg042

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60 Valentine's Day

There is way to many good episodes but if I had to pick one it would be this one. - happyhappyjoyjoy

This Episode has some of the greatest lines in it.

WHY am I choosing this episode? Because it is AWESOME!
Seriously, when Patrick tries to find his Valentine's day present, it is HILARIOUS! And the line "FERRIS WHEEL! " is the best line EVER. Not just in SpongeBob, but in the HISTORY OF CARTOONS AS A WHOLE. And the ending is SO FUNNY!

THAT is why I voted for this episode.

Great For A Valentine's Day Episode - rjbarg042

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