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61 As Seen on TV

It is the best and funniest episode ever never get tired of. Wacthing it - Lee2cool

Cereal box, can you autograph my cereal box?

Don't forget the Striped Sweater song!

Very Delightful Episode - rjbarg042

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62 Employee of the Month

The race to the Krusty Krab between Squidward and SpongeBob is still one of my favorite moments in the show

I love the part where the fan blows the meat into Squidward's face.

Pretty Poor And Stupid Because SB And Squid Are Jerks To Each Other, Another One Of My Least Favorite Pre Movie Episodes - rjbarg042

63 Valentine's Day

There is way to many good episodes but if I had to pick one it would be this one. - happyhappyjoyjoy

This Episode has some of the greatest lines in it.

WHY am I choosing this episode? Because it is AWESOME!
Seriously, when Patrick tries to find his Valentine's day present, it is HILARIOUS! And the line "FERRIS WHEEL! " is the best line EVER. Not just in SpongeBob, but in the HISTORY OF CARTOONS AS A WHOLE. And the ending is SO FUNNY!

THAT is why I voted for this episode.

Great For A Valentine's Day Episode - rjbarg042

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64 Squilliam Returns

This is my favorite episode, right above Band Geeks. I love this episode because it has an interesting plot that moves along at a very smooth pace, and it also features Squilliam Fancyson. Squilliam is quite possibly my favorite minor character in the series. He may be a jerk, but he is such a likeable jerk because of the clever and funny ways he insults Squidward. But, it was also awesome that Squidward looked more successful than Squilliam, even if just for a while. This episode is also one of the funniest episodes and has some of the greatest quotes in the series. Like,

"May I take your order, may I take your hat sir? "

"I cleaned the bathrooms on the Gourmet. I was the head chef on the S.S. diarrhea"

"Squidward Tentacles has the fanciest restaurant in Bikini Bottom, and he does not suck eggs."

"Would you like some cheese on that sir? "

Overall, this is an amazing episode

This one is a classic. Can't go wrong with it... No I cleaned bathrooms on the gourmet. I was the head chef on the SS Diarrhea.

"come on Squidward just imagine he is in his underwear... Oh no he's hot! "

Good With Plot Twists But Also Has The Ren And Stimpy Feel Too - rjbarg042

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65 Skill Crane

Skill Crane to me is a memorable episode just in general

Skill Crane is an extremely memorable episode in addiion to its originality. People never really talk about it but to me it is one of the greats.

A takeoff of The Twilight Zone episode "The Fever." Very well done,

Love this episode really unique but no one ever mentions it ๐Ÿ˜•

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66 Hello Bikini Bottom!

Never Give Up is the best SpongeBob song.

Mediocre And Stupid Coming From Your Average Season 8 Episode - rjbarg042

I liked the song but the episode was kind of boring


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67 The Paper

The reason this episode is so great is because of its simplicity I can't believe I had to put this
On the list myself

The Paper was along with one of the "holiday episodes" in which, this episode is very rare to watch.

Let's give this episode some help I mean this episode is shown about 4 times every year and when it is it cracks me up.

Another Good Episode Even With It's Flaws - rjbarg042

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68 Plankton's Army

My favorite part is when Mr. Krabs flush plankton down the toilet. Cruse you Krabs!

Sheldon is a funny name. Just ask Karen

Mr crabs. Curse you plankton and your ability to form a working human ear!

I hate to see this at... 48?!?!?! This episode was awesome! :D Not my absolute favorite, but in the top ten :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

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69 Karate Choppers

How is this so low? There are SO many worse episodes ranked higher than it on this list. No, its not the most complex episode ever, but it was one of those early episodes that defined the SpongeBob formula. It just has so much fun and polish - each joke is memorable and well-timed, which kept me laughing all the way through.

One of the best! How wasn't it on here? It's hilarious! Especially the beginning where Sandy is at SpongeBob's house!

This episode was better than Karate Island.

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70 Patty Hype

I just call it Pretty Patties. :) P. S. I'm a Boi LOL Boi.

This episode should be called Pretty Patties. This episode is one of the 20 best episodes. There is a special edition episode of this made in March 2015 and it has a song called My Pretty Patties. - lizard302

I love the noise that two pickles make when you rub them together.

One of my favorite episodes of all time why is it ranked so low?

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71 Plankton Plankton Sheldon James Plankton, or simply Plankton, is a character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

One of my favorites because it introduces plankton!

"This is my lab! And this is my lab! "

Really funny! I liked it

Really Great Early Episode - rjbarg042

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72 Drive Thru


That's my favorite part, and the best part in the show. This needs to be higher, like in the Top 50!

It should be lower, there's some episodes which deserves that place more, like Your Shoes Untied, Fear Of a Krabby patty, Nature Pants etc

This Is A REALLY STUPID Episode The Characters Are Jerks, The Ending Was Awful, And The Plot Was Not Good Either - rjbarg042

No he wasnt

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73 Pressure

Hey! You can't eat my friends you rats with wings ha I love this episode

Do we have to wear pickle jars?

Sandy is a girl?

This episode. I don't know what makes it my favorite, but it just seems so love able.

This is an awesome episode! Patricks like sandy's a girl! Laugh out loud

An OK But Really Funny Episode But Spongebob And His Friends Are Mean To Sandy - rjbarg042

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74 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

Absolute brillance. How it was not on here earlier was ridiculous. Why is it so great? Well, the plotting of this is hilarious. Spongebob and Patrick becoming parents. The jokes just write themselves. And it's really relatable too. Simply awesome. - dudesterravensfan

Fun Fact: This episode is why I hate To Love A Patty. Why: SpongeBob MURDERS CLAMS IN TO LOVE A PATTY!

Some episodes have mock title cartridges and this one was called 'How sex doesn't work'

Another Great Episode On The List - rjbarg042

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75 Sing a Song of Patrick

This is hilarious because old man Jenkins says I like this song when the awesome Patrick song comes. The band guys also die.

This was aired the same day other season 4 episodes were aired.

This was a funny episode so I don't know why this wasn't in season 4... - Bl4zeTMG

"This song reminds me of you.."
".. Pee-u what's that horrible smell? "
Haha hilarious!


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76 Pranks a Lot

One of the best episodes ever. Should at least be in top 50

The ending would be funnier if it was videotaped and was on the news - Goatworlds

Bus Driver: And if you look on the right, you'll see two naked guys fighting over a can of paint.

LOL! It would also be humiliating if they put them on the news. THEY'RE STRIPPERS! No one wants to see that on the news!

An OK Episode And A Ok End To The Pre Movie Era - rjbarg042

This I one of the best episodes. Why is so far down.
โ€œAnd on your right if you look you'll see 2 naked guys fighting over a can of paint"

77 Enchanted Tiki Dreams

This is like the best episode ever. Everybody is so happy in this episode. It always cheered me up because squidward having a bad day and SpongeBob and Patrick cheer him up with a good idea. This is like me, Squidward getting cheered up from a bad and sad day.

Love this episode. What's that? A smoothie.

Best episode in season 7 in my opinion

This Is A Pretty Poor Episode But It Has Only 2 Enjoyable Moments But On The Other Hand It's Still A Torture Episode From The Not Good Season 7 - rjbarg042

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78 The Lost Mattress

I can't believe I had to add this my self. This is one of the only good new episodes. Others are Whale of a Birthday, Skill Crane, Have you seen this Snail? , Karate Island, Bummer Vacation, and Krabs vs. Plankton.

I LOVE it when Squidward gets beat up by the Guard Worm. It makes me laugh every time. I also like it when Patrick thinks there are ten mattresses in the store when there are like hundreds of them.

All these great episodes down this far on the list? - Spongebob-129

Another Really Good Episode - rjbarg042

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79 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV

Not trying to offend anyone but this is probably the worst episode I have ever seen. The only thing I like about this episode was the wumbo joke but everything else was trash. The worst part about this episode was when Spongebob gets beaten up by everyone ( including his friends ) when he shrunk everyone in the town on accident. At the beginning of the episode Spongebob tried to give the belt back to mermaid man and barnicle boy but they just run away from spongebob. When Spongebob shrunk everybody people ask how to get mermaid mans belt to unshrink everyone but he does'nt know how to use it and guess what. THEY BLAME THE WHOLE THING ON SPONGEBOB. If Spongebob did this on purpose I would buy this but really your going to beat up an innocent sponge for doing something on accident. I really want to beat up all those people who beat up Spongebob. This episode proves that everyone in Bikini Bottom is a jerk and Spongebob is the only one that is nice ( maybe a little bit too nice in ...more

"I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, me. Wumbo..."

Squidward:"I wonder if a fall from this height would be enough to kill me." - SAXO

How can this episode not be in the top ten? It's definitely one of my favorite episodes of all time!

"And here comes a giant fist! "

Did you set it to wumbo?

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80 Not Normal

This is one of the most unusual episodes of spongebob ever! I just LOVE it!

I don't mind this episode although it is kinda weird

That shouldn't be the best episode.

OK For An Episode - rjbarg042

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