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101 SpongeBob vs. the Patty Gadget

It's a filler, and it sucks. - Mcgillacuddy

Great For A Short - rjbarg042

I just watched this like two minutes ago

102 Karate Choppers

How is this so low? There are SO many worse episodes ranked higher than it on this list. No, its not the most complex episode ever, but it was one of those early episodes that defined the SpongeBob formula. It just has so much fun and polish - each joke is memorable and well-timed, which kept me laughing all the way through.

One of the best! How wasn't it on here? It's hilarious! Especially the beginning where Sandy is at SpongeBob's house!

This episode was better than Karate Island.

This is an amazing episode, and completely underrated, at least so far as this list shows. The jokes are smart - they're subtle, well-timed, and establish a lot of the patterns seen in later episodes. This episode is flat out hilarious. Just one example:

"That almost sounded like,"
"Karate? "
"Right now?!?... I mean, no! What is this Karate. Er... what do you want on your Sandwich? "
"Huh? "
"Uh... Mustard! I want Mustard on my Sandwich! "

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103 Doing Time

The first one I ever saw... nonetheless, I love this show! - Turkeyasylum

Why is this lower than SpongeBob, You're Fired?

Like Squid's Day Off, this episode is on some serious drugs, but nevertheless is still entertaining. - Mcgillacuddy

Kinda Stupid But Enjoyable - rjbarg042

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104 Gary Takes a Bath

What's this doing behind episodes like SpongeBob you're fired and good neighbors? This is a great episode, and it's one that I enjoyed even as a kid.

This episode was just hilarious and I loved how the writers made Gary more intelligent than he looked. - Mcgillacuddy

This episode had a pun like Don't Drop The Soap, which is bad for kids. - nelsonerico6

Kinda Poor For A Short But Eh - rjbarg042

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105 Neptune's Spatula

I love this episode, I'm suprised that it is really low on the list not to mention Tentacle Vision is above it when that episode is awful.

MY Favorite Episode Of Season 1 Classic - rjbarg042

106 Sandy's Rocket

This is like top 15, I cannot believe how low this is. SpongeBob you're fired is HORRIBLE and it's above this

What's this doing at 239

Let's look at the embryo. (Shines flashlight) Twins. - KingoNarwals

"TWINS" - Jermaineb12

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107 The Pink Purloiner

I added this to the list because I think it is hilarious.

Confess-a-bear was funny as heck

Another Great Episode - rjbarg042

My 3rd favorite ever.

108 Hide and Then What Happens?

This episode is nothing but boring.

OK For An Episode That Is In Season 7 - rjbarg042

Are you surrreee? Are you reallly surrreee? Are you really really suurre?

109 Reef Blowers

Reef Blowers Introduction: Squidward looks out of his window then went to his front yard to kick the shell to SpongeBob's yard. Then SpongeBob looks at the shell and uses his Reef blower to blow the shell away with more than many attempts but then his reef blower blows up while leaving a load of sand piles on Squidwand's backyard.

This was one of the first ones I ever watched when I was REALLY little.

I will do all of the top five for introductions if you leave up to +5 likes! - Brandy

First Squidward Torture Porn, son I thanks.

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110 Fools in April

This is behind jailbreak and all those other horrible episodes? This episode is amazing! - Spongebob-129

Love this episode it came out the day I was born

Laugh out loud

Why is this behind smoothie jazz at bikini bottom.

This is one of the funniest episodes no questions! Why is this so low?!?!?

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111 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

"A watermelon fresh from the Manure fields! " best line ever

Oh yeah I left a like for all of you because this is my favorite episode. This is the guy who does introductions for SpongeBob. Make sure to leave a like to any of my introductions and as soon as one of them hits 5 likes I will do the surprise introduction of Band Geeks.

Awesome episode in my opinion. That should be number 1!

This episode is good.

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112 Dear Vikings

Who put this on here? It was awful! It didn't deserve an Emmy! - Turkeyasylum

Kinda Boring And Stupid - rjbarg042

This episode is very boring.

Dumb - Goatworlds

113 Pressure

Hey! You can't eat my friends you rats with wings ha I love this episode

Do we have to wear pickle jars?

Sandy is a girl?

This episode. I don't know what makes it my favorite, but it just seems so love able.

This is an awesome episode! Patricks like sandy's a girl! Laugh out loud

An OK But Really Funny Episode But Spongebob And His Friends Are Mean To Sandy - rjbarg042

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114 The Bully

When Mrs. Puff tells SpongeBob that she used his name when she talked to Flatts and SpongeBob says, : "I got diarrhea."


This episode is one of the classic funny ones
My favorite part is when they get mad at the old man

"I'm gonna kick your butt" was the most hysterical line for us kids back then. - Mcgillacuddy

Good Moral But Terrible Ending - rjbarg042

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115 Buried in Time V 1 Comment
116 Squidville

This should be WAY higher on this list. One of the best episodes ever (and the best squidward episodes, besides band geeks)

How is this on 350? This episode is a classic! This should be much higher on the list

This one was kinda boring but should be at least 76 - Goatworlds

Really Amazing - rjbarg042

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117 Rise and Shine

"I have to put on my teeth and brush my pants! "

This episode is easily my favorite in Season 5.

Honestly I don't get why so many people hate this one... - SuperNut98

Another Great Short Episode - rjbarg042

118 Burst Your Bubble

Haven't seen the whole episode yet, but I will tell you one thing. Krabs is EXTRA THICC! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

119 Patrick-Man!

Patrick-Man! Introduction: Patrick cries in front of SpongeBob saying that he wants a calling. Unfortunately Patrick looked at everything he could until he decides he wants to be a superhero or a defender of Bikini Bottom. As he defends Bikini Bottom, he was nothing but trouble to the society. SpongeBob then thought that Patrick was taking things too far but Patrick wanted to unmask a super villain but fought the Dirty Bubble. He destroys the Dirty Bubble while destroying the Krusy Krab at the end.

This should have been in the top 50

Sucks. Patrick is a horrible superhero.

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120 Good Neighbors

This is like, bottom 10 material. Why is this considered good

This episode took the Squidward torture porn too far. Episodes like this should be at the bottom of this list.

My 2nd least favorite STP. Right under Squid Wood.

OK But It's A Torture Episode - rjbarg042

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