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121 Tentacle-Vision

Okay, what's this doing here? This is like, the creme de la creme of the Squidward torture porns.

Those idiots ruin Squidward's show, and sleep, and don't even realize it. Maybe he should go to their own version of Hollywood or something. That's why this episode sucks, and I came up with an idea for it.

It's pretty funny, but it tortures Squidward too much.

Pretty good, but not in my top 50

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122 Rise and Shine

"I have to put on my teeth and brush my pants! "

This episode is easily my favorite in Season 5.

Honestly I don't get why so many people hate this one... - SuperNut98

Another Great Short Episode - rjbarg042

123 Fear of a Krabby Patty

The plot was cool, same with the background music, SpongeBob stays up 43 days and nights and develops Krabby Patty phobia, as a part of Plankton's plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula, yet he still fails. - nelsonerico6

Awesome, in top 20, showing just how brilliant seasons 2-4 were. - Goatworlds

This episode was pretty funny, especially when SpongeBob smashed Plankton with a giant piano - Mcgillacuddy

This episode was the first one in I saw in 2009. - lizard302

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124 Patrick-Man!

Patrick-Man! Introduction: Patrick cries in front of SpongeBob saying that he wants a calling. Unfortunately Patrick looked at everything he could until he decides he wants to be a superhero or a defender of Bikini Bottom. As he defends Bikini Bottom, he was nothing but trouble to the society. SpongeBob then thought that Patrick was taking things too far but Patrick wanted to unmask a super villain but fought the Dirty Bubble. He destroys the Dirty Bubble while destroying the Krusy Krab at the end.

This should have been in the top 50

Sucks. Patrick is a horrible superhero.

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125 Good Neighbors

This is like, bottom 10 material. Why is this considered good

This episode took the Squidward torture porn too far. Episodes like this should be at the bottom of this list.

My 2nd least favorite STP. Right under Squid Wood.

OK But It's A Torture Episode - rjbarg042

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126 Burst Your Bubble

Haven't seen the whole episode yet, but I will tell you one thing. Krabs is EXTRA THICC! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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128 No Hat for Pat

The Ending was so funny when Patrick asks Squidward to hold his hat before diving into the barrel of Sea Urchins and instead of falling off, He doesn't fall so Squid falls in instead, Patrick's hat lands on his head, and then he follows Squid into the barrel.

This is so funny! The only problem is that they try to torture Patrick.

This one was so funny wish it was in top 10

Not Really Good But It's One Of The Better Season 6 Episodes - rjbarg042

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129 Home Sweet Pineapple

This episode made me cry! It's the saddest episode of all time to be ever made! Especially when his parents arrive the music is too sad for me!

You can just tell what's gonna happen when SpongeBob puts the seed in the ground and squidward is dancing on it

This episode always makes me cry.

The scene with patricks cruel almost made me barf - Brochach

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130 Welcome to the Chum Bucket

I love all the lines in this like "I don't really feel like it why don't you ask me later crabby" and "i don't wanna" and "I'm kinda in the mood for tacos. " I say these lines all the time. I also love the song in this episode.

The beginning is precious. I love the song that goes along with the episode.

Great! And I love the line "Why don't you ask again later"

This episode: "I will trade it all away! If you come back to stay! "
Spongebob, You're Fired: "Guyguyguyguy I'm gonna fire you because I can save an entire nickel"

Ah, the good ol days. Also the song is one of the best of all of Spongebob. Tied with Best Day Ever and Gary Come Home.

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131 Squidward in Clarinetland

I really liked this episode. It should be higher on the list.

My favorite episode of season 7, next to Enchanted Tiki Dreams. - anonygirl

Too low, this is a top 25/ top 30 episode and probably the best from season 7

How is this not in the top 20 AT LEAST

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132 The Great Patty Caper

This One Was Kind Of Confusing And Boring - rjbarg042

133 A Day Without Tears

Stop putting the new episodes on this list.

This was a stupid episode.

This Episode Is AWFUL - rjbarg042

This isn't a sad episode it's an ANNOYING episode... - BlueSheepYT

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134 Earworm

Earworm Introduction: SpongeBob starts out by singing the Musical doodle and he continued until the whole day! Squidward was pretty annoyed about the song. So he was about to give the costumers their Krabby patty and he was failing to get it to the costumer. So later on Mr. Krabs sent him off and he saw a disc with the song musical doodle. So he played it all night until he fell asleep. The next day he got out of control with the song that he ruined his work station and Mr.Krabs sent him off again with Sandy and Patrick wondering what has gotten into SpongeBob. They found out that he had an earworm. So all three of them sang a song and Squidward's song worked until he got an earworm!

Who say stop putting new episodes this one is halarious and the song is really catchy


Another TERRIBLE Episode on the list - rjbarg042

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135 Karate Choppers

How is this so low? There are SO many worse episodes ranked higher than it on this list. No, its not the most complex episode ever, but it was one of those early episodes that defined the SpongeBob formula. It just has so much fun and polish - each joke is memorable and well-timed, which kept me laughing all the way through.

One of the best! How wasn't it on here? It's hilarious! Especially the beginning where Sandy is at SpongeBob's house!

This episode was better than Karate Island.

This is an amazing episode, and completely underrated, at least so far as this list shows. The jokes are smart - they're subtle, well-timed, and establish a lot of the patterns seen in later episodes. This episode is flat out hilarious. Just one example:

"That almost sounded like,"
"Karate? "
"Right now?!?... I mean, no! What is this Karate. Er... what do you want on your Sandwich? "
"Huh? "
"Uh... Mustard! I want Mustard on my Sandwich! "

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136 Donut of Shame

Donut of Shame Introduction: After Patrick woke up, he realized he had a donut and he thought that it was SpongeBob's donut. So Patrick hid the donut under his rug in the toilet in the toaster and inside his lamp shade. SpongeBob gave Patrick a call before all of this happened so that they could watch a video tape of Patrick's birthday. So SpongeBob made it and he recorded the tape as soon as SpongeBob put the tape recorder in, Patrick said that he stole SpongeBob's donut. SpongeBob said that the donut was for you see. ( a donut this special can really make a guy happy) So Patrick shared the half of the donut with SpongeBob and SpongeBob thought it was horrible! If you would like more introductions please leave a thumbs up!

As soon as this gets to 5 likes I will do an introduction about the Graveyard shift

Kind Of a good Episode that worked out - rjbarg042

This episode sucks.

137 Single Cell Anniversary

Again One and The Better Season 6 Episodes That's Just Eh - rjbarg042

So heartwarming and cute

Everybody says that's a good episode. But this episode is awesome but too worst. Anyway, that is not a good episode.But song part is my favorite.

This should be higher. It's so funny!

Best Quotes:

SpongeBob: You've just got butterflies in your tummy.
Plankton: No, I'm just nervous. I don't know what flying insects have to do with it.

SpongeBob: Oh, when the time comes, you'll know. The music she'll love comes from inside.
Plankton: Why are you so obsessed with my internal organs?

Best Moments: E.M.I.L.P. (Emergency Mother In-Law Program), Karen cleans Plankton, SpongeBob teaches Plankton how to say "love", and the best of them all; SpongeBob unplugs what he thought was Karen, but he actually unplugged the coffee maker.

This is one of my favorites from Season 6! - SAXO

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138 Don't Look Now

This is a awesome Halloween episode! It was made in October 2013! You should watch it! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

Squidward deserved to be tortured because he was trying to attack SpongeBob and Patrick. - nelsonerica

Best episode of SpongeBob in 2013

This One Was Awful - rjbarg042

Don*t Look Now!

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139 Treats!

Classic along with the next 3

No, This Episode Is Annoying - ChiefMudkip

Kind Of A Bland Episode - rjbarg042

140 Bubble Troubles

I Like when Patrick and SpongeBob had burning eyes

I liked it when Pearl inflated sandy

Kind Of A Stupid And Bad Episode - rjbarg042

This episode kind of sucks. They burn down Sandy's air tank.

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