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141 Chum Caverns

I love this one

I think it's underrated.

This Was Kind Of Bad - rjbarg042

142 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

The Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episodes are boring.

The first one! I also love mermaid man in this

The First Of An Amazing Series Of Episodes - rjbarg042


Also -

"By the power of Neptune... you may kiss the bride! "

143 Mrs. Puff You're Fired

This Episode Should Be In The Top Its Hillarious. - Ardan

Underrated on this list but a bit overrated everywhere else - Goatworlds

Kind Of Stupid But OK - rjbarg042

144 Reef Blower

It had no sound because the sound equipment was broken. It still is a good episode. It should be 3 on this list and help wanted should be 1.

Great because of its uniqueness.

This episode is already on this list you dummies!

This episode kind of sucks.

145 Bossy Boots

One of the worst pre-movie episodes in my opinion, still deserves to be higher than SpongeBob you're fired though

"Hey buddy you need a ride? I was just on my way to the big doofus convention! " - Mcgillacuddy

Kind Of Weak For A Pre Movie One - rjbarg042

146 No Nose Knows

I thought the funeral for Patrick's Nose was ridiculous and awful. - Turkeyasylum

Why is this episode on the list?!? I thought this episode was HORRIBLY GROSS.

What?! This episode is one of the worst!

A gross And Terrible Episode - rjbarg042

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147 Squidtastic Voyage

Squidtastic voyage is funny

Best episode of season 4. - Goatworlds

This episode is okay in my opinion

Kind Of Poor - rjbarg042

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148 SpongeBob B.C.

This is my least favorite how is it on here? - PatrickStar

Because of SpongeBob's before of the century. İt's hysterical.

Kinda stupid. - Goatworlds

Kind Of Dumb - rjbarg042

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149 Funny Pants

I actually kind of like this one...

Are you serious? I laughed at Patrick with Burning head. It was great in my opinion.

Kind Of Mediocre - rjbarg042

This is the worst episode in my opinion

150 I Was a Teenage Gary

This episode is why Gary and squid ward hate each other

Horrible episode. Worse than Face Freeze by a country mile.

So basically, SpongeBob and Squidward turn into snails?! That is so freaky!

This episode just fits with the Halloween theme.

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151 Suction Cup Symphony

Hold on suction cup symphony is way too low its classic the way the jokes are pulled off and the concert was hilarious and the ending FINALLY had a happy ending for squidward! Overall the plot was great the jokes were good and the ending is one of the best

I like this episode a lot, but I hate how SpongeBob and Patrick always ruin Squidward's day.

That was actually a good way to put in Squidward torture humor. - SAXO

This episode is amazing

Squidward's concert was the best!

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152 Mermaid Pants

Like Whirly Brains The Writers Are Running Out Of Ideas But At Least They Are Trying Something New And This One Is Eh - rjbarg042

This season 10 episode is really funny and a good sequel to the mermaid man series!

This episode was hilarious. best episode of season 10

Great episode, like Dr. Negative

153 Goodbye, Krusty Krab

Contrary to popular belief, this episode isn't actually called Goodbye Krabby Patty. Its premiering today (February 20), and I think it looks good. I just hope it isn't like Truth or Square, Atlantis Squarepantis, and Spongebob You're Fired - Cartoonfan202

This was actually an excellent episode. It was a great way to close season 9. (Season 9 legitimately took almost 5 YEARS to finish airing) - TheEvilNuggetCookie

They legit said in the episode that this episode has blatant filler. That's not a good sign... - Cartoonfan202

Great episode. It wasnt perfect, but it was good. - Cartoonfan202

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154 Squirrel Jokes

I love so episode - Oliversalinas500

This should NOT be below The Card and Stuck in the Wringer! It's one of the best episodes.

Oh dear god this episode ROCKS

This Episode Is Good As Well - rjbarg042

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155 Larry's Gym

Funny episode with a big problem it's so like its switching up characters

Great Episode - rjbarg042

This episode is really great! one of the best newer episodes.

Whers scardey pants

156 Mimic Madness

This is my favorite episode, and for good reasons. It had classic and hilarious jokes and moments, such as SpongeBob mocking the French narrator, his friends mocking him, and THE SONG IS AMAZING! I personally think this episode is TOTALLY underrated. This episode deserves to be #1.

This episode is basically "Face Freeze" done right

I like the song in this epsoide that's my favorite part - Spongebobipod

157 Hooky

Hooky at 222. It should be at 11! - Spongebob-129

Oops I meant that the lost episode is higher (not better at all) not that I'm talking to you - HOHOHO

... Hooky is at 128?!? Tons of newer episodes that aren't even funny are higher! Even the "lost episode" one is better! Disappointing.. Hooky is my favorite. - HOHOHO

Mother of pearl fire on the poop deck!


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158 Free Samples

It is funny and hilarious never get tired of it

I hate this episode

Kind Of Dumb - rjbarg042

159 Fools in April

This is behind jailbreak and all those other horrible episodes? This episode is amazing! - Spongebob-129

Love this episode it came out the day I was born

Laugh out loud

Why is this behind smoothie jazz at bikini bottom.

This is one of the funniest episodes no questions! Why is this so low?!?!?

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160 The Krusty Plate

MAX-I-MUM POWER! 'Nucular explosion'

MORE POWER! Laugh out loud

Lol. This episode is funny. It should be higher on the list.

Stupid But Good - rjbarg042

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