Pizza Delivery


So funny! The song spongebob was singing was hilarious. It was the first episode I've seen. I was about 3 years old and I laughed so hard I couldn't breath. But that's not the only funny part, spongebob also talks about the pioneers and demonstrates the movie he saw on the road. I think that's a good excuse that squid ward should eat coral instead of pizza. Again, that's not all. Near the end of the episode ( If you haven't seen this episode don't read the rest of this spoiler! ) a customer makes spongebob feel bad because sponge bob misunderstood the customers order and squid ward throws a pizza in the guys face to make him shut up. Funnier if you actually see it. Definitely one of the best episodes of spongebob out there.

, this is my favorite episode! SpongeBob starts singing and dancing. This is by far the best SpongeBob episode ever

This is definitely my favorite. It's the funniest one there is. I LOVE SpongeBob and Squidward together in the older episodes, SpongeBob's positivity complements Squidward's negativity to create extreme hilarity! I don't have a favorite part, it's all hilarious! I love the Camping Episode, Chocolate With Nuts, and Band Geeks, too, but this is my favorite!

How can Band Geeks be #1? The part when everyone fights is kinda mean spirited not very funny and there are some moments that aren't funny in that episode but here everything is funny I can hardly find the unfunny scene in this episode. And the one with Squidward cheering up Spongebob is great although unfunny. Vote for this it's better than Band Geeks!

A classic and an often referenced episode. Unlike other ones where sponge bob causes pain to squid ward with almost cruel intentions, this one shows hilarious I unintended annoyance caused on spongebob's behalf. It is heartwarming to see spongebob actually being sympathized by squidward and the hilarious result.

This episode has one of the best spongebob lines ever: "Who cares about the customer? " "I do! " "Well I don't." *hurricane stops* *gasps* "SQUIDWARD." Also, the ending of this episode, and Squidward's concern for Spongebob, was heartwarming. The Krusty Krab Pizza song will never get out of my head. One of the best SpongeBob episodes ever.

This episode shows Squidward as the hero. Squidward is also my favorite character, and when a character like Squidward is victorious (Band Geeks, Pizza Delivery) they are both awesome.

This episode is the best when it comes to comedy. "Its not a boulder, it's a rock" "Wheres my drink? " "Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me." "Saved saved saved saved saved." "-gasp- Squidward."

This is the BEST episode EVER! I have watched this pizza delivery a million times and I still go nuts when Spongebob sings that hilarious song! This should be number 1! It has more comedic scenes and memorable moments than any other episode. This will always be my favorite

Funniest episode in my opinion: squidward: Well... Ya backed up. And you know what, I think we're outta gas! And you know what else? We're in the middle of NOWHERE!... SpongeBob: and you know what else else? I think the pizza's getting cold. Squidward: -Makes a say what? Face- And the pizza' s cold, oh no not the pizza. Ohhh how can this get any WORSE? -he kicks the car in anger, then it drives away- SpongeBob: Well we could always deliver on foot.

By far the best episode ever! It's got 1) the krusty Krab pizza song (made my bro piss his pants every time) 2) this is how the pioneers did it (a classic) and 3) it's a rock ("the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles... Laugh out loud)

#1. Better than Band Geeks and Chocolate With Nuts. Also, Rock Bottom should be at least at #5. And, Shanghaied was bad in my opinion. I don't like Help Wanted, Christmas Who, Survival Of The Idiots and MAYBE I Had An Accident too.

This has to be my favorite episode. It does everything that Modern Spongebob can't do. It makes Squidward deserve punishment, it makes Spongebob annoy Squidward inadvertently, and has one of the best endings ever! - DCfnaf

Love the old episodes, but around 4th season, It kinda lost its charm in my opinion. But, this and Ripped Pants is my favorite episodes. And is it just me or, did they forget their personalities, they don't act the same...

This episode is simply pure genius "The Krusty Krab Pizza is the pizza for you and me" "Where's my DRINK? " Haha too many quotes to even record.

How is Band Geeks at #1? How can someone like Band Geeks more than this one?! I understand if someone likes Chocolate With Nuts more than this one, but I don't understand how people like Band Geeks more than this one.

Come on, when will you put this at #1? It's MUCH FUNNIER than Band Geeks. Personally, on my top 10 best Spongebob episode list, Band Geeks is just #6. I understand why it's liked, but this is #1.

Band Geeks? What the hell? How can it be #1? Come on world! Two words explain why Band Geeks isn't the best Spongebob episode: Pizza Delivery. It should be at #1.

I kind of remember this episode. Squidward shows genuine concern for Sponge after he shoves the pizza into the mouth of the customer. - Kiteretsunu

I love this one! Really this is the first episode to exist completely to be funny; all the earlier ones basically just establish important parts of the show.

A great episode, it deserves to be #1. It's very funny and enjoyable. I really like it. In my opinion, Chocolate With Nuts is also better than Band Geeks, but this is #1.

The pioneers rule they ate coral and where lousy hitchhikers and drive rock plus SpongeBob krusty crab pizza song was amazing

The krusty krab pizza! Is the pizza for you and me! That was the best part of any episode of Season 1, I'll never get tired of that part. - Jackthetoptenguy5

Ha ha! Laugh out loud laugh out loud! Best and funniest SpongeBob show ever! Its not a boulder (sniff) it's a rock. Laugh out loud.

This the best episode ever, this needs to be higher, this one is amazing. this deserves number one