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41 Wathsala Diyalagoda

She is a very good Actress. She is in music video Mal osariya too. - Raini5

Did you know that during the Mal osariya video, Wathsala was not wearing any underwear! She had a hidden agenda going on after the shooting of the Music video. It was said that the shooting took 3 nights. But the truth is it was over in the very 1st day! Am I correct Wathsala?

Ladies & Gentleman, I'm proud to announce that the squeal to Mal Osariya will be released next year by the name Mal Jangiya!

42 Shehara Jayaweera

Yes indeed I have never ever seen such a VESI like Shehara Jayaweera!

She is a MILF and what a Vesi! The Best Vesi there ever was and there ever will be!

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43 Susila Kottage

Sumana Gomas more than twice said that Susila Kottage must be the best actress in Sri Lanka.

Sapna Roshini always said that Susila Kottage is the queen of natural acting.

Thanuja Weerasooriya repeatedly said that Susila Kottage has the most beautiful voice and she influenced many generations.

44 Samantha Epasinghe
45 Medha Jayaratne
46 Kishani Alanki

WHAT!? What stupidity is this!? Kishani Alanki not the 1st! This list is Wrong, it should be:
1st. Kishani Alanki
2nd. Veena Jayakody
3rd. Thisuri Yuwanika
4th. Damayanthi Fonseka
5th. Vinoja Nilanthi
6th. Himali Sayurangi
7th. Nilanthi Dias

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47 Lakshika Fonseka
48 Menaka Maduwanthi

She is the perfect match you can find for the slogan 'Ape Kale Vesiyek'
Can act also
Good girl

I saw this Vesi with another Vesi: Nadeesha Hemamali giving Blowjobs to street beggars in Pettah for money with my own eyes!

49 Muthu Tharanga

She is the Girl! She has them all in one package.

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50 Ayodya Dakshika

I don't know if she is Sexy or not, BUT SHE CAN ACT!

The Sexiest Teenage Actress out there.

51 Anuruddhika Padukkage

Anuruddhika Padukkage is way better than Deepika Padukone, once said Niroshan Padukka, MP United National Party on a press conference held a few weeks ago

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52 Dilshani Perera
53 Piumi Purasinghe
54 Shiroshi Romeshika

"Our times in dancing starts were the best times of our lives. We drank beer together, practiced dancing moves together, watched adults only movies together, took showers together, slept together and even had sex together. Shiroshi was a part of my body and she was on fire"

- Dushyanth Weeraman.

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55 Gangu Roshana

How can anyone compare Malini Fonseka to Gangu Roshana? Idiots. Ganja Gangu will kick Cigarette Malini's Butt. Can Malini belly dance naked like Gangu? Give me an answer you idiots who vote for Malini Fonseka!

Gangu Roshana AKA Ganja Gangu is a award wining actress in the sri lanka. Who says Malini Fonseka is good?

56 Chamalsha Dewmini

Her Acting in Sirasa Kumariya leaked Naked Video is Brilliant! A must watch to all her fans and non-fans out there...

57 Sheshadri Priyasad V 1 Comment
58 Udayanthi Kulathunga

Udayanthi Kulathunga is more versatile than Oshadi Hewamadduma! Udayanthi acts with raw passion while Oshadi acts for sheer image. Udayanthi has small, natural boobs which are beautiful while Oshadi has large, silicone implanted artificial boobs which are disgusting. Udayanthi prefers Whisky while Oshadi prefers Kasippu.

You will surely vote for her if you have seen her 2 100% Naked Auditions infront of the camera. That's how she entered into the Industry! Not with any talent of whatsoever except selling her Nudity!

59 Kumudu Priyangika
60 Himali Sayurangi
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