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61 Swarna Mallawarachchi

At the beginning of her career she may have been rather tentative in her style of creating character, but with maturity she has developed an intensity and passion which no other actress can equal.

62 Nadee Chandrasekara

Interviewer: Nadee Chandrasekara is famous for wearing only her Bra, but no panty when she's acting. Is there any specific reason behind this?

Nadee: I have no reason to wear a Panty. When I wear them the Pantylines & Pantygirdles are always visible. I also have a very well grown Bush. So I don't want to hide it by wearing a Panty either. I feel comfortable with only my Bra. And I always go with the finest Bra's. The Bra is my weapon. It elevates my Breasts and makes me sexy and voluptuous.

Interviewer: What are your Favourite Bra's Nadee?

Nadee: Plenty Man! Well lets see... I love Bravissimo, Cleo & Curvy Kate. Elomi is also fine... And Fantasie! Yes, Fantasie is my favourite and lets see, I'm comfortable with Fauve & Masquerade and lets not forget Panache as well.

Interviewer: That's a big range. Anyway Nadee, do you think that it's wise for a sri lankan lady to wear only the Bra and forget the Panty completely?

Nadee: Absolutely! Girls, don't ...more

63 Nilanthi Dias

No one, I mean NO ONE is better than the Diaspora, Nilanthi Dias!

64 Ayomi Shanika

Perhaps the only NON-VESI in this whole List! Makes her the Number 1 Easily! Good Luck Dear Daughter! May the Trible Gem Bless you...

65 Biyanka Ponseka
66 Anarkalli Aakarsha

Everyone knows that She is the Greatest Actress ever to walk on Sri Lanka! Everyone knows that she is the Number One! So what the Hell is she doing down here?

67 Shanudri Priyasad

She is so Cute when she is without cloths I have seen her like that she even haven't shaved her pubic hair still also. Shanudri is even Sexier than Dinakshi & Sheshadri combined. All the Best little Girl you make Mother Lanka Proud. M/

68 Dinakshi Priyasad

She has a great chemistry about acting and she is the best

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69 Damayanthi Fonseka
70 Lochana Imashi

Such a classy young Actress!

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71 Himali Siriwardana
72 Kushani Sandareka

The Only Actress who wishes to Act wearing a Merkin in Sri Lanka! So Respect that! Her Black Merkin glowing amidst of her Super Dark complexion makes her irresistible to her fans. Kushani wears ONLY Chantelle Rivé Gauche Bra's which is another unique feature of her.

73 Rozan Diaz V 2 Comments
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