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1 Panty

Girls, If you ever come to Sri Lanka, never forget to buy some Traditional Sri Lankan Panties in Bulk. They are so Beautiful & Comfortable! I'll sure visit Sri Lanka again to buy some more.

It is Sri Lanka, It is Panties Baby! PANTIES!

Panties are a form of underwear designed to be worn by women and girls in the crotch area below the waist. Typical components include an elastic waistband, a crotch panel to cover the genital area (usually lined with absorbent material such as cotton), a pair of leg openings which, like the waistband, are often made of elastic, and constructed with material that is breathable. Whilst panties were originally designed to cover the entire lower half of the female form, the modern version (since the 1970s) has either no legs or, in some cases, very short ones, and has become progressively more revealing over time. When Sri Lanka entered the Panty business (since the 2000s), they revolutionized the whole Panty concept by introducing the most Sexiest sex appealing Panties known to-date.

You simply can't go wrong with a Sri Lankan Panty!

If you a Sri Lankan, then you should try Sri Lankan Panties!

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2 Amudaya (Ekal Cloth)

I laughed so hard when I saw this in second place! - ToukaKirishima

Classic Sri Lankan Clothing! But I don't know if the Panty is the Female equivalent of it. But How come the Panty is at the 1st place with 32% votes? While Amude is 2nd only with 11% votes?

3 Jeans
4 Sarong

I vote for Sarama.

5 Miniskirt
6 Skirt
7 Underskirt
8 Brassiere

The BRA is not a Sri Lankan product you IDIOTS!

9 Bikini
10 Osariya

Osariya is the traditional Sri Lankan dress not the panty I am mahacharya kusuma karunarathna thanks.

Madam Kusuma is damn right! Can you imagine Panty in the 1st Place!? The way the sari is draped by upper caste Sinhalese women is called Osariya and it is only seen in Sri Lanka and has our Sri Lankan heritage and It is the trademark Sri Lankan dress for women and national dress being for the men.

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11 Thong
12 G-string
13 Nilame Dress
14 Nilame's Underwear

Nilame's Underwear is an essential part of the suit & most of the time it's forgotten. If you wear a normal Nolimit joka or a Pettah lankat for the Nilame dress, then it's not correct! You should wear an authentic Nilame's Underwear which is Red Colour with a mesh in the front and 2 laces to tie from the side.

Some of the Best Brands are Damithapanty for Gents by Damitha Aberathna-Sobitha & Shanika Nilame Thong!

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