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21 K.Sujeewa

Have you ever seen her Naked video!?

Igi Marana Tharu Rena is the best song by any female vocalist in Srilanka. The exciting way she sings is directly touches your Vulva! I Masturbate all the time while listening to this song.

Have you ever heard something like ARAVINDA YAYA PEERA! What a song. In Western world they copied that song of K Sujeewa & made a song called CanciĆ³n del mariachi / Desperado.

22 Amila Nadeeshani

She has superb voice and she is very beautiful

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23 Niranjala Sarojini

She stopped singing since her Hubby died. She used to be the Queen of Sri Lankan Hip-Hop!

WHAT! You people are Loosers! Niranjala Sarojini is the Best! What the Hell Ginger, Sureni, Saheli, Rookantha's wesa doniyanda, Nadini, Baby Shanika & Jackson's wife doing in the top 10? They don't even belong in the top 100.

24 Chandani Hettiarachchi

She is the black metal, death metal & doom metal queen of mother Lanka! She is also the inventor of metalheads/headbangers in Sri Lanka! The Best Head banging song in SL is none other than the death metal anthem of Sri Lanka ARUNATA PERA APA SENAKELLY PANAWO!

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25 Mercy Edirisinghe

May you rest in Peace madam. you are the greatest singer in Sri Lanka. you will be never forgotten madam.

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26 Rakhitha Hemawardana
27 Chithra Somapala

The Best! Simply the best. When we were kids we listened to her beautiful & meaningful songs. We grew up with them. She left her legacy with her son Chithral. Just Youtube Dambulugale - First by Chithra & then by Chithral. Good Luck & Have a Nice Day...

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28 Ashanthi

The way she shakes her Boobs when singing is quite a sight and her perky nipples add extra flavour to her Massive Boobs... They just stick out as a couple of Bolts!

Man! Can SHE sing! She sings right from her Boobs! What a Voice!
She can dance really well too. With her attractive 52-48-56 Figure and her HAT, she captivates the audience when singing.

SANDA WATHUREN AWA, PAPARE, HANTHANE, AALAWANTHIYAK... We Love you! Regards from Kahatagasdigiliya.

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29 Pradeepa Dharmadasa
30 Chandralekha Perera
31 Umariya Singhawansha V 1 Comment
32 Rathna Laalani Jayakody

She can sing Slipknot, She can sing Slayer, She can Sing Anthrax, She can sing Disturbed... She is the Best Death Metal Singer of Sri Lanka! Her Royal Tattoo on her Left Boob & Her trademark Black Bikini makes her so Sexy on Stage with Dark lights. She can sing both sensually & ferociously. RLJ, You Rock Baby! M/

33 Neela Wickramasinghe
34 Mekala Gamage V 1 Comment
35 Judy de Silva
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