Greatest Sri Lankan Films

The Top Ten Greatest Sri Lankan Films

1 Cheriyo Darling

What an Incredible Cast!
Bandu Samarasinghe, Tennyson Cooray, Joe Abeywickrama, Wimal Kumara the Kosta, Ronnie Leitch, Freddie Silva, Dilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake, Ravindra Randeniya, Damith Fonseka, Baptist Fernando, Sumana Amarasinghe, Shammi Fernando, Nawanandana Wijesinghe, Shashikala Hettiarachchi & Sanoja Bibile!

Lame 3rd Class Movies like ABA, Uppalawanna, Saroja, Nidhanaya & Wekande Walauwa has no chance against the Greatness of a Genuine Masterpiece like Cheriyo Darling!

The Greatest Movie made in the History of Sri Lankan Cinema! Nothing else left to say but pure Magnificence!

Cheriyo Darling, the Movie Extraordinaire! I watched Cheriyo Darling for the 1st time in October 1996, just after its release & up-to-date I have watched it more than 200 times! I've watched it through VHS, then VCD, then DVD & now Blu-ray! I showed it to my Children, they showed it to my Grandchildren & they will show it to my Great-Grandchildren as well. Cheriyo Darling will never Die! Cheriyo Darling lives forever!

Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna & Aksharaya are for Idiots.
Raagaye Unusuma & Mata Thama Mathakai are for Perverts.
ABA & Uppalawanna are for Dipsomaniacs.
Bahuboothayo & Pissu Trible are for Lunatics.
Saroja & Mille Soya are for Rascals.


2 Purahanda Kaluwara
3 Mille Soya

Mille Soya should be the best. But Still I would rate Cheriyo Darling as the greatest, but still Mille Soya is good. Definitely better than Raigam Soya, Lanka Soya & Kimba Soya.

Vishvanath Buddhika Keerthisena or known lovingly as Boodee Keerthisena among us, made a 110 minute film in 2004 which is simply incredible, depicting a dangerous and hazardous journey by a young Sri Lankan group to rich Europe where they are subject to deceptions by the intermediaries, betrayals by friends, arrests while crossing the borders and even death. I guess this film should be at the number 2 spot behind Cheriyo Darling.

It s a good movie. like to watch & good comedies in have.

Like Kamal Addarachchi in this film

4 Thun Man Handiya

Truly a cinematographic Masterpiece! It is autobiographical and recounts Mahagama Sekera's childhood though the character of Sirisena.

The Best Movie I have Ever Seen!

A true Classic! Mahagamasekara @ his very Beat!

5 Nombara 17

Can you ever get better than Wijaya & Sabeetha!? The Best!

Really good

6 Bahuboothayo

Pabosha Sangipani (RASHI PABA) at her very best! Rodney Warnakula & Mahendra Silva also nominated for best Supporting Actors!

Rashi Paba! What a Sexy Girl! Her Kukku & Buriya plus Puka and also Kimba! Wow! I enjoyed this Movie!

The 1st time I saw this on T.V. I was so thrilled and desperate to watch it again that I went to Pettah traveling 45 km in bus and purchased a Bahuboothayo CD for 50 Rupees!

The 2nd best movie and the best horror movie in Sri Lankan cinematographic history. 'Tikiri' played by Pabodha ‘Rashi-Paba’ Sandeepani gives a pussy wetting performance as a double role of a sexy girl and a devil inside her body. 'Bunty' and 'Lanty' played by Mahendra Perera and Rodney Warnakula are two journalists who finds her during their Ph. D thesis on Witch-craft & Wizardry. And along with their Transvestite friend & culinary expert played by Richard Manamudali, they battle it out against the forces of Evil with the help of the big Buddhist monk who lives in the temple whom Bunty and Lanty promised to erect a Temple Bell tower.

7 Machan
8 Bambara Walalla
9 Bambaru Avith
10 Thanha Rathi Ranga

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? Asai Man Piyabanna

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11 Sam's story
12 Mata Thama Mathakai

It is indeed very rare to find all these best actresses to star in the same film. You will not get tired of all the Boobies you see in film. it is well acted and my favorite roles are played here by sapna roshini and thanuja weerasuriya. mohan is also doing a great job so does rex codippili and sandow harris. Mata Thama Mathakai surely gets my vote in this list of the greatest films in Sri Lanka - dorrick somasiri, kiribathgoda.

Sapna Roshini, Thanuja Weerasooriya & Vinu Wettamuni all in one film! You can't get better than this! The Best Film after Cheriyo Darling.

Thanuja Weerasooriya, Sapna Rishini-Kareem, Thamara Roshini & Vinu Wettamuni all in 1 Film! Can you ask for more?

With 9 nude scenes (5 sexual intercourse's, 2 rapes & 2 showers), love, lust, jealousy, betrayal, sorcery, detective work and a gruesome murder spanning across 80 minutes of screening time, මට තාම මතකයි (I can still remember) is the greatest blue film sri lanka has ever produced!

The 9 top scenes in chronological order:
1. Thamara Roshini & Mohan Hettiarachchi - Sex (29:20 - 31:30)
2. Vinu Wettamuni - Shower (34:40 - 35:16)
3. Sapna Roshini Kareem & Mohan Hettiarachchi - Sex (38:35 - 43:12)
4. Vinu Wettamuni & Kapila Sigera - Sex (44:33 - 47:29)
5. Thanuja Weerasooriya & Mohan Hettiarachchi Sex - (47:30 - 52:40)
6. Thanuja Weerasooriya vs. Sando Harris - Rape (54:06 - 57:51)
7. Thamara Roshini & Mohan Hettiarachchi - Sex (1:00:44 - 1:02:28)
8. Thanuja Weerasooriya - Shower (1:02:29 - 1:02:55)
9. Thamara Roshini vs. Sando Harris - Rape (1:11:39 - 1:13:09)

13 Raagaye Unusuma

If Cheriyo Darling was never made, this is undoubtedly the Best Film in Sri Lankan History. Sumana Gomas plays an Epic Lesbian Role in this film! I have never seen such talent in Sri Lanka before. She surely contributed to some of the best films ever shot. Raagaye Unusuma surely is among them along with Age vairaya series, Akkai nangi & Kamasutra.

14 Ganga Addara

I haven't watched the film but I have heard about the story from my mother. It sounds like a wonderful film. I really love the song. It's my favorite sinhala song! - ToukaKirishima

The Greatest & the most Handsome Actor in Sri Lanka: Vijaya Kumaratunga with the very young & Beautiful Vasanthi Chathurani. What a memorable movie with that Memorable song! The movie was set in Kandy, colonial Sri Lanka. Its plot is about a tragic love story between a boy and his uncle's daughter, where all the incidents take place around river Kalani ganga. England educated Dr. Sarath Pathirana (Vijaya Kumaratunga), who is willing to try out new methods to treat his patients, is directed towards a special patient by the Head Doctor (Henry Jayasena) at the mental hospital. This patient is a beautiful girl named Nirmala (Vasanthi Chathurani), who does not speak a single word nor trouble anyone excessively unlike any other patient at the hospital. In order to cure her, Dr. Pathirana seeks help from her father, a proud, rich man called D.J. Atapattu (Tony Ranasinghe) and the patient herself. He is certain that he can restore her to normal, if he can find out the causes for the sudden ...more

15 Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna

It's SANNASGALA SIR's co-favourite film! The other one is Aksharaya. He showed us both films in class! WE LOVE IT!

No doubt on this one! Nothing, I mean NOTHING can match CHERIYO DARLING, but the question to debate would be what is the second best movie in sinhala cinema. when we try to analyze this question, the most probable competitors which comes to our minds are thani thatuwen piyabanna, mata thama mathakai & raagaye unusuma. out of those 3, for me TTP stands out by some margin. this movie shows JANGI JANADARI at her very best (in my opinion, the best actress) while gayani gisanthika, W jayasiri, nirdha uyanheywa, nilupili jayawardena, mahendra pereira, priyantha prabash, jagath chamila, sanjeevani vithanage, willson gunaratne & amarapala karasinghearachchi gives out unmatched performance for this great movie. anoma the Jangi janadari all the way! TTP rocks!

16 Beddegama

The 1980 film directed by Lester James Peries that follows the lives of village people in British Colonial Sri Lanka. The film is based on the 1913 book The Village in the Jungle by Leonard Woolf. Starring Vijaya Kumaratunga, Joe Abeywickrama, Malini Fonseka, Tony Ranasinghe, Nadeeka Gunasekara, D.R. Nanayakkara & Henry Jayasena. Sir Arthur C. Clarke also has a minor role as an English Judge.

17 Igillena Maluwo

Gayesha Perera! What else can I say? She is the Best.

Gayesha 'the Vesi' Perera is the Best Actress ever acted in a Pichaaer in sirilanka! And that's it! Don't you ever doubt that!

Gayesha Perera is the Best Wesi in Sri Lanka! WOW!

18 Madol Doova

It'a made in 1976 and it's one of the Best. Upali & Jinna are memorable Characters created by Martin Wickramasinghe.

19 Aksharaya

Horrible Horrible Movie!

A 12 year old boy is caught watching porn with a friend at school. Then comes a Prostitute to the scene. The boy meets the National museum's security guard's daughter. Security guard raping the boy's mother who is a magistrate! The boy & the magistrate both get into a bathtub naked! The boy stabs his mother and she dies...

I don't know what's the mentality of Asoka Handagama? Movies like this is not suitable for our Buddhist country. I'm so ashamed to born in such a perverted country full of psycho's & lunatics!

It's SANNASGALA SIR's co-favourite film! The other one is Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna. He showed us both films in class! WE LOVE IT!

20 Nidhanaya

It's a top film.

21 Kadawunu Poronduwa

Kadawunu Poronduwa was the first film to be made in the Sinhala language; it is generally considered to have heralded the coming of Sinhala Cinema. It was first shown on January 21, 1947 at the Kingsley Cinema in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Ralahamy, a member of high status, dies leaving his family in debt after having squandered his fortune through extensive drinking and other vices. To get back into wealth, Ralahamy's wife Tackla pushes her daughter Ranjani to get married to a wealthy older man Victor with a child through an earlier marriage. In this process, Samson, Ranjani's boyfriend, who had tried extensively to get the family back into good graces going so far as to pay off their debts, is spurned. He then goes abroad to win a fortune. When Samson returns he learns of Ranjani's engagement to Victor and tries to reach her through letter. His letters are hidden from her however, and rumours spread that Samson is now a cripple. Ultimately the truth is ...more

22 Saroja

Saroja, written and directed by Somaratne Dissanayake and now screening in cinemas across Sri Lanka, has been widely applauded by critics and the local mass media.

23 Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe

It's a good & funny Movie.

24 Sudu Kaluwara

Geetha Kanthi Jayakody & Sanath Gunethilaka are doing it in this movie! What a thriller! What a scene! What a joy!

I you wanna see a real Sex scene, watch this! Geeetha Kanthi Jayakody is so Sexy!

25 Haai huui babi achchi

One of the Best Sri Lankat pilms ever criyeted!

Doti and Titi are owners of a boarding house. They have three daughters. Namely �" Rupika, Yasodhra, Pavodhara. One room of the boarding is occupied by Bandu and Costa. And the other by Kimbulapitiya and Pussalla. Doti’s dream is to wed his first daughter Rupika to Kimbulapitiya. But Rupika is in love with Bandu. Dottie’s mother is an old woman of 79 years named Babi Aachchi. She is still fit enough to ride her bicycle. Babi Aachchi supports her grand daughter Rupika’s affair with Bandu. To break this relationship Kimbulapitiya brings in a rowdy called Belek-kade Saima to the boarding house. To counter this Babi Aachchi brings another rowdy named Malukade Jora as a boarder. After a lot of hilarious incidents and situations. Tit for tat affairs Bandu weds Rupika and lives happily ever after!

26 Pissu Trible

It's a bad movie.

27 Kolamba Sanniya
28 Guerilla Marketing

It's top film.

29 Mamath Gahaniyak

The Greatest Lesbian Film Ever!

2 Vesi's in the same Movie! Gayana Sudarshani & Anusha Sonali!

30 Uppalawanna

It's a good movie.

31 Wekande Walauwa
32 Rosa Patikki
33 Salelu Warama
34 Sepata Dukata Sanee

It's a bad movie

The 'Kimba Wesi' Inoka Sathyangani said that Cheriyo Darling & Sepata Dukata Sanee are the 2 most Shreshtathama Cinematic Work ever created in Sri Lanka!

If the Kimba Wesi said so, then I also agree!
_ I'm Gamini Fonseka

35 Thushara
36 Weda Beri Tazan Mathisabayata


37 One Shot One
38 ABA

The WORST movie ever made in srilanka and not surprisingly by the idiot anton jacksani

It is a good movie. crowd comes to film halls again due to this film.

The Most horrible Movie I have ever seen! What a Joke! Sajitha Anthoney (Son of Jackson Anthoney) is not suitable for the role of King Pandukabhaya at all! He looks like an Ethopian who hasn't had food for a week! He should have played the role of Pandukabhaya servent or Pandukabhaya servent's servent maybe! It's ashamed that SL'n cinema has fallen into such tragedy... A sad Sinhala cinema admirer for 67 years here... :(

Aba is a movie which directed the film music industry into another dimension(like bambaru awith by Dr kemadasa) it has such a rich music that it fullfills allthe deficiencies in the film Nadeeka is a briliant guy

39 Kusa Paba

We hate it so much

It's good film.

Puja Umarshankar is Brilliant! But JACK SON ANT HONEY!? What a Joke! ROTFL! :D

We like it very much

40 Sikuru Hathe

Good comedy film.

41 Balakamaya
42 Eya Dan Loku Lamayek
43 Neva Gilunath Ban Chun
44 Sankara
45 Akasa Kusum
46 Matha
47 August Sun
48 Samanala Sandwaniya (Butterfly Sympthony)
49 Somy Boys
50 Sooriya Arana
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