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1 Breaking the Rules - Sam Kinison

Very funny guy he died but he will always be a great comedy legend

2 Louder Than Hell - Sam Kinison
3 Red, White and Screwed - Lewis Black
4 You Can't Fix Stupid - Ron White
5 For What It's Worth - Dave Chappelle

so funny, 'get out of my cart n*****! you must be wrong these are vegetables! ' lol so funny

Dave Chappelle is awesome... I own this DVD and I am going to watch it again right now.

Dave Chappelle is the funniest comedian and this special as well as Killin Them Softly really show why.

Dave Chappelle is the greatest comedian alive.

6 Fully Functional - Jim Jeffries
7 Spark of Insanity - Jeff Dunham

"Am I pissing you off-fuh-fuh? " - Hell yea, Peanut rawwwkkss! :)) - jazzyjazzy

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8 Hot and Fluffy - Gabriel Iglesias

This is a laugh till you cry, and it doesn't stop! He has to be the best "fluffy" comedian I have ever seen! And I'm looking forward to his next special.

Funny! Laughed throughout the entire show! I can't wait to see another comedy special from him!

This is the funniest man I have ever watched do stand up comedy!

best fat guy I ever sane sry fluffy no fat

9 All Over the Place - Frank Caliendo
10 Vicious Circle - Dane Cook

Physical comedy. Acts out the story, puts you right in the situation, and many random references you have to pay attention to get

What if when you did that, a F***** ghost came out of it. Hahaha he told you not to. Haha I am Windextor. I will clean your soul - UFasten8Me

Number 3 what no way number 1 with a wizard shooting lighting as well lol

and five minutes later you go back up and go MY FATHER WAS A GOOD MAN!

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11 Himself - Bill Cosby

funniest EVER! Can watch with kids(1 curse).THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT GREAT!! - suhlevy

Cosby is the greatest storyteller in the history of stand-up

12 Live on Broadway - Robin Williams
13 The Pimp Chronicles - Katt Williams

Do not watch this and eat/drink anything at the same time bcuz when the laughing starts some tv screens are gonna get messed up! Believe me. Its hilarious

I've seen the pimp chronicles countless times and it is still funny as hell lmao

14 Men Are Pigs - Tim Allen
15 Beyond The Pale - Jim Gaffigan

Some may not consider his act because he's too clean, but this is the best stand-up special I've ever seen. Gaffigan's relentless in both his gluttony and his use of "the voice, " which provides a follow-up laugh because he so accurately captures the opinion of his critical audience.

As for contemporary comics, louis and bill burr are top-shelf with gaffigan. Louis ck is the man, nowadays. I love his stuff, and he's got the voice of a generation. His career is greater than gaffigan's. Having said that, this is the best special I've ever seen.

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16 Bring The Pain - Chris Rock
17 Ouch! - Pablo Francisco
18 These are Jokes - Demetri Martin

Demitri Martin is really funny, though not many people give him credit. Listen to him and you'll like him.

19 At Carnegie Hall - George Carlin
20 Shameless - Louis C.K.

Great stand up. Not afraid to go too far or offend anyone. Just doesn't give a damn.

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1. Breaking the Rules - Sam Kinison
2. Louder Than Hell - Sam Kinison
3. Red, White and Screwed - Lewis Black



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