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21 Arizona Bay - Bill Hicks
22 Alcoholocaust - Jim Jefferies

Awesome! Not afraid of judging the world around him. Getting drunk on stage.

Jim Jefferies is one of the funniest comedians of recent years. No question!

23 Southern Style - Jeanne Robertson
24 Delirious - Eddie Murphy

Not enough credit for a great comic genius.. he deserves more attention for that work of gold.. so what if he is a Hollywood sell out

25 Live at the Met - Robin Williams
26 I'm Starvin - John Pinette

oh My GOD this is the damn funniest special I've seen. He could read Flying For Dummies and make it funny. - fireinside96

27 Werewolves and Lollipops - Patton Oswalt
28 Laugh at My Pain - Kevin Hart
29 What. - Bo Burnham

One of the most interesting and entertaining special I've ever seen. It's hilarious, but it also makes you think.

30 America's Mexican - George Lopez
31 Bo Burnham - Make Happy
32 King Baby - Jim Gaffigan
33 Why Do I Do This? - Bill Burr

Hardest I ever laughed at a comedy special! "let it go" and "You people are all the same" are both great but "Why do I do this? " was the pinnacle of Burr's career. He walks that line between insanity and genius, and it's just flat out hilarious.

This guy is easily top 5 from usa of all time.

34 Killin' Them Softly - Dave Chappelle
35 Skanks for the Memories - Dave Attell
36 Do You Believe In Gosh? - Mitch Hedberg
37 Live at the Beacon Theater - Louis C.K.
38 Jammin in New York - George Carlin
39 Live on Broadway - George Carlin

Carlin had a lot of great shows, but this was my favorite, his bit where he talks about the things we all have in common was brilliant. I believe I recall George himself saying this was his favorite as well.

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