Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens


I checked the IMDB site and I found out this film got a 8.1 rating. But I was surprised when I went through first 50 review pages. About 90% of the reviewers have given it a 1-4 star rating reacting negatively calling it a massive disappointment, A disney money grab, A overrated remake and the worst Star wars movie ever. Then how the hell did this movie got a 8.1 rating? Judging by the reviews at average it could get a 4/10 star rating at best. Is disney really paying off the critics and website for getting a good rating? Can someone please explain it to me?

This film was a complete trash. It is a disgrace to see at rank 5. Easily the worst of the Star Wars series. The Original trilogy and the Prequels were way better. Even Rogue One was better than this overhyped trash. This movie had a ton of problems even more than the problems of the first 6 films combined. Terrible acting (especially Kylo Ren), too many dumb scenes with a huge chunk of plot holes, Superpowered Disney Princess Rey, Crappy soundtrack, Killing off Hans Solo, and it was a stupid rehash of the original thus lacking creativity and originality. Among the series, this film is a waste and he most forgettable. Apart from the visual effects there is nothing great about this terrible film. The most overhyped trash ever made.

This movie was a fun ride, but its not a sequel; it's a remake of Episode 4 disguised as a sequel.

This movie is not original, unpredictable or truly revolutionary in terms of movie like the originals were. Its simply Episode 4 with a new coat of paint, like how every Call of Duty game is.

What really grinds my gears is how everyone thinks this is the best Star Wars movie ever as if the originals never happened, even though this movie doesn't even come close to what the originals accomplished.

Still a good movie, but over-rated, and nowhere even close to a true sequel or a cinema masterpiece.

The people saw the prequels and the original trilogy movies all together, and they still find this a splendid masterpiece, it had almost everything that would make a movie great, and it got high ratings and so many positive reviews, the movie showed truth in those ratings and reviews. - nelsonerica

Please Disney, don't ruin it for us

Disney won't ruin it, as I found out that the actors and directors saw it at their places, and they can't even begin to describe how amazing it is, and based on instincts as well as everyone's behavior, it is going to seriously be not only the king of all Star Wars movies, but the king of all movies, so there, sorry if I had to spoil you, but it's going to be great. - nelsonerica

What makes a good star wars movie is that it should have an original storyline, have good acting, good score, and creativity and imagination, the prequels had creativity, imagination and good music, whereas the original trilogy had good acting and good storylines.
The Force Awakens had neither of these, it's a shame Star Wars will never be good again, all because George Lucas Left and Jar Jar Abrams took over.

The first in the Star Wars franchise not helmed by George Lucas, Star Wars: The Force Awakens manages to maintain a balance of emotions between an ensemble cast, a combination of cast from the original trilogy and newcomers of the current sequel trilogy. It's a classic telling of a Star Wars adventure, devoid of Gungans, Ewoks, flat dialogue, and an overabundance of inferior CGI. Director J.J. Abrams employs a story you are familiar with insofar as the theme elements, but shows us a few new tricks with storytelling that we haven't seen before in this galaxy far far away.

Force is not one for those who expects a constant continuity of plot, as there are quite a few plot gaps with this film taking place three decades after the conclusion of Return of the Jedi, but is rather an emotional powerhouse that rises above any shortcomings. Any plot hole or slow-moving portion of this movie is overcome by its ultimate outcome.

The Force Awakens is a cinematic adventure that FEELS ...more

It was a horrible movie, it destroyed Star Wars and we lost trust in the movie industry.

It sucked, worse than the prequels.

This movie was awful, worse than the prequels, a remake of a new hope and was so cheesy with the amount of cameos.

The worst of the seven besides phantom menace. Incredibly boring and lacks originality.

I still haven't seen it yet.

Update: I did see it and to be honest I thought it was going to rock because everyone else said that it was going to rock, but I found it not as awesome as everyone said it would be. This movie is probably my fourth favorite out of the franchise tying in with The Revenge of the Sith. I mean like there's some things that I didn't like that could've been cleared up: 1. Kylo Ren. Okay I was expecting this badass villain because the commercials made it look like he was a badass villain. But he wasn't in my eyes, all I saw was this angry spoiled brat who had daddy issues, like when he heard the mentions of BB-8, Rey, and Finn he destroyed all of the equipment in that room in that ship with his unique lightsaber. Plus he revealed his mask too early. Really! Darth Vader didn't do that at all and yet he's still badass and awesome., 2. Some of the sentimental and funny parts. Don't get me wrong some of the moments really were sentimental, though I felt like ...more - Anonymousxcxc

Why the best? The part we hated the most was the lack of originality.

Sucked ruined 6 great movies in my opinion

So flawed, so cheesy, too many cameos, ruined the episodes 8 and 9, worse than the prequels!

Crap worsed of the saga no originality it's literally the same thing as ANH dumb characters random storm trooper who decides to be good girl who has never touched a light saber kicks the crap out of little teenage goth boy (Crylo ren) just dumb and now Disney is messing up the saga

You've got to be kidding this is the WORST MOVIE IN ALL OF HISTORY! It's an exact copy of the Original movies. JJ Abrams did an awful job!

Insanely overrated villan was weak story had plot holes it wasn't original it was a new hope with different characters

It's seriously powerful and fantastic, the others besides Revenge Of The Sith seem pretty flat.

I was expecting them to pull the best things out of the originals & the best things out of the prequels, mash them together & create an epic film. Instead we got a rehash.

The new Star Wars trilogy is so so overrated. Fanboys already have overhyped that the next episodes will be the best Star Wars films when it haven't even released. Disney sucks.

Everybody went ballistic when this movie started, they went ballistic when they saw old characters and after it ended.

This movie is the worst of all Star Wars movies. Not saying that it is a bad movie, because all Star Wars movies are awesome. But seriously,kylo ren is a bad guy who is trained in the dark side of the force, but just because Finn is a "hero" he managed to hold him for a longgg time. And the starkiller was just copied from the Death Star, though at least they had a PROPER original idea that it was in a planet. And the major battle sucks. Nothing like rogue 1 or revenge of the sith. And 2 billion was needed to make this film? What?!

I know this movie is not out but come on you know this is going to be a great movie - gotigersgo

Outstanding. I said the empire strikes back is awesome well if you've seen this brilliant movie of 2015 you'll think it's the best Star Wars movie ever. I think it's the best movie ever. Never gets boring. Amazing villain and lightsaber. I call it (triple bladed lightsaber). Anyone who hasn't seen this movie in thearters you have to see it

The Empire Strikes Back, while ranked by many as the best, feels flat, quiet, and kind of cheesy compared to this (except for the environment where Luke and Vader fought in).