Greatest Street Skateboarders of All Time


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41 Chris Chann V 1 Comment
42 Aaron Kyro

He is an amazing street skater, when it comes to manual pads I would consider him one of the best in the world

Hi I'm Aaron Kyro I'm a sponsored skater from the California Bay Area.

43 Ray Barbie

Amazing dude. Amazing skater

44 Matt Hensley

Matt did the most amazing street skating in the world! Please you guys! He was the best! Look at his footage!

Matt is the best street skater of all time! Hands down!

360 Ollie tail grab over a picnic table

45 Tommy Sandoval
46 Terry Kennedy
47 Christian Hosoi

The Legend of Skateboarding


He can do it all!

He can do it all.

48 Frankie Hill

My favourite skater, grew up watching him, everything was big!

49 Spencer Nuzzi

He is amazing at what he does the best SKATEBOARDING he might not be the best but he still has skill

Way underrated. Dropped out of Birdhouse, and is under Mishka NYC but come on, Element? Plan B? This guy needs more recognition.

V 1 Comment
50 Chris Joslin

He tre flipped the davis gap

51 Aaron "Jaws" Homoki

Really you gunna ask why jaws is sick look at any videos of jaws

V 2 Comments
52 Stacey Peralta
53 Billy Marks

Good and evil was a new dimension

54 Louie Lopez
55 Pevi Permana
56 Will Fyock
57 Bryan Herman
58 Justin Figueroa
59 David Gravette

I know for a fact he is better than Bam Margera. Even I know that

60 Guy Mariano

If Guy isn't voted best street skater, this poll sucks! Go watch his parts in video days, mouse, fully flared and pretty sweet. No one on the list is even remotely close.

People are so dumb he should be way up

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