Greatest Street Skateboarders of All Time


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61 TJ Rogers V 1 Comment
62 Dennis Busenitz

Honestly I hate people saying you like so&so because he's "well known" or my favorite I hear is "You only like mainstream skaters" personally my favorites will always be "koston, THE BOSS, Rowley, Busenitz (my vote for best street skater) gil crockett, cameo wilson I can go all day with my street favorites, but if you can't like someone because he's to "mainstream" then you may not be a true skateboarder

V 1 Comment
63 Juan Jose "Cohete" Moraga
64 Theotis Beasley
65 Marc Johnson
66 Tom Asta

Good style, tech tricks, rail crusher, can flip down the biggest sets, cool dude, good sponsors WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT

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67 Erik Ellington
68 Tosh Townend

Tosh rips and check out good skateboards!

69 Italo Saluzzi
70 Spiro Razis
71 Braulio Sagaz
72 Felipe Gustavo
73 Ishod Wair
74 Cyril Jackson
75 Kevin Romar

Buttery style and one of the best switch and nollie skaters in the business.

76 Deion Whitaker

Young but gnarly 14 year old Deion Whitaker with 4 sponsors skilled in freestyle, berrics and street skateboarding on a 2 year streak since october 6 2016 - deionwhitaker

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