Greatest Stryper Songs

Stryper is maybe the best known Christian metal band, and was one of the first. Although there are songs which are so peaceful are some metal-based songs.

The Top Ten

1 To Hell with the Devil

You nob

A total anthem! all perfect! the voice is amazing and the sound a bulldozer

2 Free
3 Calling on You
4 Soldiers Under Command

Awesome guitar opening. Great guitar sole/duet.

5 Honestly

Should be number one.

6 Surrender

From my opinion, Surrender is NOT the best song, more like The Way, Loud N' Clear or Free.

7 In God We Trust
8 Shining Star
9 Yahweh

An awesome new off of fallen - dwbode

10 Holy, Holy, Holy

The Contenders

11 Two Time Woman
12 The Valley
13 Marching Into Battle
14 More Than a Man
15 God
16 Lonely

Great song!

17 Murder By Pride

A song that is powerful in terms of melody at least!

I love the dark tune!

18 Jesus Is Just Alright
19 No More Hell to Pay

This and Honestly are my favorite Stryper Songs.

20 The One
21 I Believe In You
22 Always There for You
23 Rock the Hell Out of You
24 Passion

This is one of their best Nu-Metal songs!

25 Bleeding from Inside Out

Best Stryper guitar solo ever

26 Revelation
27 Saved by Love
28 Sympathy
29 Renewed
30 Water Into Wine
31 Legacy
32 Sticks and Stones
33 Te Amo
34 Breaking the Law
35 Heaven and Hell
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1. Soldiers Under Command
2. To Hell with the Devil
3. Calling on You
1. In God We Trust
2. To Hell with the Devil
3. Soldiers Under Command
1. Calling on You
2. Shining Star
3. Free


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