Greatest Stryper Songs

Stryper is maybe the best known Christian metal band, and was one of the first. Although there are songs which are so peaceful are some metal-based songs.

The Top Ten

1 To Hell with the Devil

A total anthem! all perfect! the voice is amazing and the sound a bulldozer

2 Calling on You
3 Honestly

Should be number one.

4 Free
5 Surrender

From my opinion, Surrender is NOT the best song, more like The Way, Loud N' Clear or Free.

6 Shining Star
7 Holy, Holy, Holy
8 In God We Trust
9 Marching Into Battle
10 Two Time Woman

The Newcomers

? More Than a Man
? Soldiers Under Command

The Contenders

11 Murder By Pride

A song that is powerful in terms of melody at least!

I love the dark tune!

12 The One
13 Yahweh V 1 Comment
14 I Believe In You
15 Always There for You
16 Rock the Hell Out of You
17 God
18 Passion

This is one of their best Nu-Metal songs!

19 Jesus Is Just Alright
20 Bleeding from Inside Out V 1 Comment
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1. Soldiers Under Command
2. To Hell with the Devil
3. Calling on You
1. Calling on You
2. Shining Star
3. Free



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