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21 Batman & Robin (DC) V 1 Comment
22 The Incredibles
23 Power Rangers
24 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
25 Cyberforce (Top Cow)

I love reading Cyberforce when I was a kid. The storyline and the action are so mind-blowning and the characters are extremely cool with great costumes and appearances. Ripclaw is my favorite because he's bad ass just like Wolverine. Velocity is also my favorite character and yes, she's hot!

26 The Defenders (Marvel)
27 The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls
28 Coon and Friends (South Park)
29 Guardians of Galaxy
30 The Deadpool Squad (Marvel)
31 Alpha Flight (Marvel)
32 The Legion of Superheroes (DC)
33 Marvel's Ultimate Alliance (Marvel)

Come on this is THE BEST super hero faction of ALL time. They got X-men, Avengers fantastic four, spider-man, ghost rider, Dr. Strange, Black panther, Sliver Surfer and even Blade all in one team.
You can only imagine how awesome it is to watch them all standing together as a team.
Come on people they deserve the top spot. - prasannashete

34 Wildcats (Wildstorm)

Jim Lee did great on creating these charcaters including that sexy chick, Voodoo! I wonder if the Wildcats can make their appearance on DC's New 52 because I heard other Wildstorm characters like Caitlin Fairchild make their appearance!

35 Gen 13 (Wildstorm)

Damn! They got good teams like Cyberforce, Wildcats and Gen 13 on this list! I decided to vote for Gen 13 because their characters are hilarious and the chicks are hot especially Fairchild and Rainmaker!

36 X-Factor (Marvel)
37 S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel)

'the best!

38 Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (Marvel)
39 The 99 (Teshkeel Comics)
40 Squadron Supreme

Nighthawk, Hyperion, Power Princess, Nuke, Doctor Spectrum, and Speed Demon

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