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61 Prokofiev: Symphony No. 1 "Classical."
62 Shore's The Lord of the Rings Symphony

The musicality and personality of the music really tells a story. So beautiful and just real.

63 Shostakovich - Symphony no. 13 in B-flat minor "Babi Yar"

Chilling from beginning to end, but not without the greatest courage and. Five movements set to poems centered on the evil of antisemitism, cultimating in the first movememt, which in my opinion is the scariest music ever written, and one of DSCH's greatest works, hindered by Soviet authority's great efforts to censor it and stop performances alltogether.

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64 Enescu's 1st Symphony
65 Bruckner - Symphony No. 8 in C minor

The only symphony that Beethoven would have recognized as attaining true spiritual knowledge.

The sheer intellectual achievement quite apart from the majesty and beauty must place this amongst the greatest symphonies ever written To place Dvorak's charming but lightweight symphony in the top 10 is ridiculous. And number I should clearly be the "Eroica". So there!

66 Mahler: Symphony No. 6 in A minor

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 6 in A minor - how can this one be missed from the list - must be in the top 20 in anyone's list - dko132

67 Sibelius' 1st Symphony

I had one conductor compare the last movement to Fate, which I think is a perfect description. The entire symphony is great though. I am always moved to tears by final repetition of the theme at the end of the last movement and the those last pizzicato notes at the end that mirror the end of the first movement always gives me chills.

So passionate and full of loud brass. This is so so so beautiful to play and to listen to, especially with the heart-wrenching melodies!

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68 Carl Orff - Carmina Burana

This is not a symphony


69 Bruckner's 6th Symphony

This symphony is strangely enough still one of the most underrated symphonies.

70 Mozart's 39th Symphony

Its precision and elegance allied to its cumulative power has very few equals in the literature (perhaps only Haydn).

71 Mendelssohn's Symphony # 3, Scottish

This should be # 1. The finale will inspire

One of the best Symphonies ever written

My favorite of all Medelssohn's symphonies. A truly inspired work, loaded with all sorts of emotion.

72 Rachmaninov's 3rd Symphony

The most innovative, creative, emotional, musical genius the world has known!

Stunning beginning to end. One of the best finales I've ever heard.

73 Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

This is not a symphony

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74 Haydn's Symphony No. 44 ("Trauer")

Once heard, cannot forget, the vigorous opening and closing movements, and the most memorable slow movement.

75 Haydn Symphony No. 94 ("Surprise")
76 Haydn's Symphony No. 31 ("Hornsignal")
77 Prokofiev's 5th Symphony

A wonder of versatility and harmonic playfulness!

78 Haydn's Symphony No. 101 ("The Clock")

I guess it is Haydn's best symphony. Simply outstanding!

79 Chausson's Symphony in B-flat Major

Incredibly beautiful, relatively unknown symphony, should be performed more often!

80 Mahler's Symphony No. 3 in D minor

Having just come back to classical music, this is the symphony which has got me excited. I just love all six movements. Thank you Mr. Mahler!

The final few moments in the finale of Symphony No. 3 are the most triumphant moments in music that I've ever had the pleasure of listening (Save for Nessun Dorma). - higgsboson2142

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