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81 Hans Rott - Symphony No. 1

So much of Mahler seems to be taken from this gem. Specifically the 2nd symphony. Anyhow, a phenomenal neglected work. And by the way, he didn't commit suicide. He died of tuberculosis in 1884 in an insane asylum.

Great genius who tragically committed suicide on a train after receiving negative criticism from Brahms. Mahler called him the "founder of the modern symphony".

Hans Rott and Gustav Mahler were both students of Anton Bruckner.

82 Shostakovich Symphony No 1

Unbelievable that this masterful symphony was written at the age of 19 as a graduation piece from Leningrad Conservatory

83 Beethoven's Egmont Overture

Its only like 8 mins but when you reach the end you are so swept up in the rhythms and notes. it is great for before a game or race

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84 Bruckner's 5th Symphony

Possibly the most climactic ending of any symphony. Wagner said "Bruckner, the man! ". Hitler also loved this symphony and used it for his famous 50th birthday military parade.

The most gigantic finale of all symphonies.

A great symphony - at least top 20. - swanning

85 Haydn's "London" Symphony 104
86 Sibelius' 4th Symphony

Profound -- not for people who want melodies to tear up to. With his Fifth, the summit of his symphonies.

Mysterious, arcane, unfathomable and fantastic.

87 Brahms' Symphony No. 2

I am absolutely convinced, that Bruckner is by far the more important and more fascinating symphonist than Brahms. But the beautiful 2nd symphony of Brahms belongs in this list.

I simply love Brahms and this symphony is simply beautiful!

It really should be the three B's: Bach, Beethoven, Bruckner for profundity. This symphony is like an elephant in a circus -- admirable but not completely natural.

88 Mozart - Symphony No. 38 (Prague Symphony)

The last four symphonies of Mozart are equaled in depth only by the last four symphonies of Bruckner.

89 Schumann Symphony no 3

Certainly the most cohesive and intuitive of his symphonies -- and thus the best.

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90 Beethoven Battle Symphony

A great symphony and deserves a mention. It is Beethoven, after all. - swanning

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