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21 Verdasco vs Nadal (2009 Australian Open semis)
22 Jimmy Connors vs. Aaron Krickstein (1991 US Open Fourth Round)

Lots of drama. Krickstein got caught up in Connors web of insanity! Amazing that Connors had that run at 39 years old.

23 Novak Djokovic vs Stanislas Wawrinka (Australian Open 2013, 4th Round)
24 Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evertt (1978 Wimbledon Women's Final)
25 Boris Becker vs Pete Sampras (1996 ATP Tour Final) V 1 Comment
26 Stan Wawrinka vs Novak Djokovic (French Open 2015, Final)

Highest level of tennis I've seen from any 1 player. Stan Wawrinka in full flight is impossible to stop.

27 Rod Laver vs Ken Rosewall (1972 WCT Final)

The 2 just played great, tried there best and the match made history.

28 Del Potro vs. Federer (2009 US Open Final)

Very, very occasionally a player can go out and peak right on the moment on the biggest stage. Del Potro just went for it, nailing the ball time after time. And wound up Federer big time. Federer and Agassi are the two who truly brought out the best in great opponents

29 Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer (2009 Australian Open Final)

Some of the best points you'll ever see. Nadal's one point is simply the best point I'll ever see.

The moment Federer broke down and cried because he just couldn't beat Rafa. The highest quality final

30 Boris Becker vs John McEnroe (1987 Davis Cup)
31 Monica Seles vs. Jennifer Capriati (1991 US Open Semifinals)
32 Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal (2007 Wimbledon Final)
33 Nadal vs Coria (2005 Rome Final)

Great match and great returning. Nadal dethrones Coria to take the title King of Clay.

The two just tried there best, played great and made a great match in history.

Watch the highlights this match was non-stop action with incredible defense, shot making, and razor-close scoreline.

34 Connors vs Pernfors (Wimbledon, 1987)

Two sets to love down, 5-1 down...and Connors summons up the grit yet again to win this epic. Pernfors was a top five player that day. Beat that interneters..

35 Rafael Nadal vs Grigor Dimitrov (2017 Australian Open Semifinal)

Thrilling, nerves all around, high expectations from nadal and he delivered..
Watched full match standing, no toilet breaks either

36 Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal (2014 French Open Semi Final)

This was a final, not a semi bro.

37 Andre Agassi vs. Pete Sampras (2000 Australian Open)
38 Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray 2012 Australian Open SemiFinal
39 Roger Federer vs Andy Murray (2012 Wimbledon Final)
40 Stanislas Wawrinka vs Novak Djokovic (Australian Open 2014, QF)
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