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21 Can't Stop
22 Alot to Lose

I think it was the best of tesla song why not in the top 5?

23 Words Can't Explain
24 Forever More V 1 Comment
25 Better Off Without You
26 Fallin' Apart
27 Be a Man
28 Only You
29 Heaven Nine Eleven
30 Rubberband
31 Makin' Magic

This was my favorite song when 'The Great Radio Controversy' was released and now returning to the album after 16 years of not listening, it still blows me away. A real driving rock track.

32 The Way It Is

Wonder why this great song didn't at least reach the top-10.

This song should be in the top 10

Should be in the top 5! By Far

Awesome song - Randal

33 Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)

What the hell this song should be in the top 3 it rocks

One of there best ass kicking songs! Listen to it and you will say the same!

The song that introduced me to Tesla

A top 10 Tesla song for sure.

34 Games People Play
35 Recognize

I don't even understand why this song isn't in this list... Amazing one ♥

36 Last Action Hero
37 Miles Away V 1 Comment
38 Shine Away
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