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1 God

God created everything and everyone.
God loves everything and loves you as much as he would if you were the only thing in existence.
His power, knowledge and love are endless and infinite.
There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Trinity, far beyond our understanding.
He, died for you.
When he took Human form as Jesus. Both Divine and Human.
He seen everything evil and wrong that would happen every single sin that you would commit. And after all of that. He still chose to die for you. To be the Lamb of God, the sacrifice for everyone's sins.
He then rose to live after 3 days, conquering sin and death.
And he will come again, to finally end sin and death and restore everything to being sinless, in the New Earth, New Heaven and New Jerusalem after the second coming.
Many say God is evil for allowing evil and sin to exist. But that is so you have the free will to choose him. To see if you love him as he loves you.
As to ...more

Christian God is not loving he is evil. He created Satan, God is all seeing and all knowing so he knew what Satan would do. God is evil making the pits of Hell. God is evil because he all seeing and all knowing so he knew that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit on the tree and betray him and curse everyone and God didn't even bother to remove the curse, Adam and Eve didn't even know what Good and Bad was until they ate the fruit so they didn't know it was wrong because they didn't know it was bad.
I think Noah's Ark is like a kids story but ok it is drown everyone just because of creating them.
Sacrifice his son to redeem humans.
Worship him or go to the pits of hell wow that's a loving God...NOT

There is definitely no greater love than what Jesus did, he died for us. Than what God did, he created Heaven and Earth for us. Than what Mother Mary did, she helps us believe. Than what every single saint in heaven did, help us on our way to become like one of them

Vote to God. Huh. How ironic. He's the creator of the entire Universe and He only has twelve percent of the votes? I mean... I know He's at the top of the list, but that just doesn't seem like enough. He created you for a reason, and if that reason is to vote for him right now for some small unimportant reason? Only to increase the percent on this vote on this stupid website by a third of a percent? Then so be it. God created an ENTIRE UNIVERSE for us, and we are never going to discover one percent of it. This Universe is so big, right? No. God is spinning it on his fingernail like a marble. Vote for God, people, if that's the least you can do with your lives.
Sorry, I got a little overboard there, didn't I? Heh heh. Sorry.

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2 Music

I love music, especially rock and heavy metal music. My favourite music include Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas priest, Pink Floyd, three days grace, disturbed, deep purple, Dio and Queen. Music rocks! - UltraLunalaX

Music is soul. (If God wins I will RAGE by the way, cause that's pretty insulting to all other beliefs and, by my math, here are about 270 of them.)

Ah, music. One of the things that keep me from being depressed, music can describe so much - darthvadern

Music is one of the most important things to me ever, and the most important thing to me that isn't a human. Music is incredibly diverse. Music even has color if you have synesthesia like me. And songs are always getting stuck into my head. ALL THE TIME, 24/7, even when I sleep. - MaxAurelius

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3 Life

While I love music, life is what makes us alive. - Userguy44

This should be above music

We get to experience lots of things in life. Good and bad. Life is one of the reasons we are here in the first place - darthvadern

Life gives everything else

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4 Family

Family is a shooting star. It's one of the best things you will ever see, but it only comes by once. It's gone before you know it. Sometimes, we just don't realize how important they are, so please enjoy that precious moment. Every opportunity you have to do something special, do it because you never ever see them again. - AnnaO

Family is like a candle. They burn up themselves to give you light. Your family is always there for you, and they love you unlike the internet or video games can. Appreciate your family, you only realize how important they are when they are gone.. - MirrorImage

Family is extremely important. Your parents the reason you are living. You may not get along with your family perfectly, but in a good family, they are always there. If you have no family, then you don't have an important part of life. You may have friends, but you don't have those people you were born with. Family should be your first friends. Family, as a matter of fact, is your first gift. It comes with life. They love me, and I love them right back. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I am with a family who understands me - BigFatNoob

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5 Food

Without food, I may die - BigFatNoob

Pizza is better than god

Be careful cause some overly religious christians will bash you for saying that - ElSherlock

Fried chicken

So many awesome tastes you can experience. Turkish delight, tacos, pizza, croissants, and so on. - darthvadern

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6 Video Games

So when you're trying to substitute things you don't have in life. You have pleasure to kill, kill someone in a video game! What kind of logic is this? Video games just bring you into the illusion of having an exciting life. - CrashThyDiamond

Maybe not top ten worthy but certainly an addicting and good thing. So much creativity can be found in the right games - darthvadern

You can do what you want in a game! You can kill everybody on earth in Infection inc. or you can race a car in the Indy 500 in gran turismo. Also God doesn't exist by all scientific means

Video games can be smart and fun at the same time

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7 Internet

Why in the Top Ten? The Internet may seem good, but deep inside it's awful. It's tarnishing our souls and it's one of the deadly addictions, along with masturbating. Enjoy this wonderful world while you can. - TopTenTed

Thanks to the internet, we are here and commenting and internet helps with a lot of other things as well. It's not only one of the greatest things, it's one of the most important things - darthvadern

The internet is my best friend - codgtamk34

The internet is a path to accessing an almost infinite amount of information in uncountable varieties.

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8 Jesus

Jesus is the BEST! And he'll always will be. Even though everyone has sinned, and yet, make mistakes, he loves each and everyone one of us. But the only sin that God cannot forgive is none other than blasphemous. Jesus loves plants and animals as well as human beings. He is the way, the truth and the life that lives on by faith. I LOVE God because he loves all living things first. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour no matter what. Jesus and God are both number one.

Um not everyone believes in him - ElSherlock

I think this should be number two

Because He is the reason we will live forever if we accept His gift of salvation.

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9 Love

I wish I could feel love... but no one cares about me. No one ever wants to play with me. I have to fend for myself. The closest I've felt to love is hate. I don't see why no one's tried to kill me yet.. oh never mind, THEY HAVE. In grade 1 when I finally though I had a friend, HE BROKE MY ELBOW.

Why is love below video games, don't you love your girl/boy and the family member - BigFatNoob

Yeah it's stressful but it's part of life - darthvadern

I'm a 10 year-old boy, and I'm in total love with a sweet, dreamy, and super cute and pretty girl in my class, Kiersten Rodholm. One thing I gotta say, SHE HAS KISSED ME ON THE LIPS A TRILLION TIMES SINCE I WAS IN THIRD GRADE!

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10 Movies

I have a giant collection of movies. That's how much I love them - codgtamk34

Movies are good, books are greater though - darthvadern

Movies are the best come on... Star wars ep 4 new hope, empire strikes back, dark knight, la la land, shining, batman begins, godfather, shawshank redemption, forest gump, green mile... watching movies will always be my favorite thing to do aka hobby... I recently watched la la land. It was amazing. Masterpiece from all points of view. - DarkKnight2005

I don’t watch movies much... - mistyglow

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The Newcomers

? Adolescence
? Parents

The Contenders

11 Porno Movies

No porn should be illegal take this off the list - coasterjunkie196

How is this top 11? Is life all about porn? - BigFatNoob

No get this to the bottom - myusernameisthis

Why is this on the top 10 - sadical

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12 Girls

Women feeling desire to men just makes us men feel insecure about it. The only legal romantic relationship should be a man feeling love for a woman. - CrashThyDiamond

God created distractions for boys? - BigFatNoob

Guys, their people too not objects - GleamingShadow


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13 Jackie Evancho Jackie Evancho Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho (born April 9, 2000) is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and seven albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts. Evancho's 2017 album, Two Hearts, more.

Should be right underneath God and Music. - BobG

Yeah, because she sounds like an angel and because she makes great music. - PhoenixAura81

Her magic voice makes life sweeter.

How RIDICULOUS! She's NOT the greatest thing ever. Obsessive people voting for her must be her relatives/manager/label plus a whole herd of old people.

Not ridiculous, but no, she's not the best thing EVER. She is a great person though. - TopTenTed

Music by Jackie Evancho. Heavenly.

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14 Happiness

Should be above - BigFatNoob

I'd love to feel true happiness again... - Demon_Kitty

If you are never happy, then you probably haven't had a good life. I may not be what you call a happy person (although a lot of people do), but I can be happy, and happiness is what makes life so good, it's the reason most of these are on this list, as they make you HAPPY. life gives you these items, happiness makes them magical. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Happines is great - darthvadern

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15 Water

When you go to a dessert - BigFatNoob

It's obvious. It's keeping us alive and tastes awesome when you're thirsty - darthvadern

Don't get me wrong, I love video games, but there are more important things like this, for example. And without water, there wouldn't be electricity, meaning that video games wouldn't exist. - TheYoshiPyro64

Lovely sweet fresh smell of water

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16 Animals

Like sharks and eagles - ElSherlock

Animals only kill because they have to to survive and they don't know any better we kill animals because we like the taste or the fur or the skin or for FUN

Animals are cute, toddlers are not. - BurritoSeal

Animals are great forms of life. Sure they aren't as smart as humans with things like literacy, science, math, history, etc. But they are better at things like survival in the wild, living with absolutely no money, etc. In my opinion, some animals are better than humans such as wolves (my favorite animal), dogs (other favorite), zebras (love 'em), etc. Also, I'm not into bestiality at all, but some animals are more beautiful than humans such as wolves, horses, most dogs and other canids, most felines, SNAKES (not as bad as some people say), etc. Yeah, animals are awesome and in some cases better than people. They kill us WAY less than humans do. And sometimes you can go to your pets if you need anything or don't trust people. - PhoenixAura81

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17 Air

Yeah I mean we would die in minutes without oxygen in particular - darthvadern

I like this logic
without air we would all evaporate look it up - GleamingShadow

Voted because I need this. - Cyri

Haven't seen it, don't belive in it, show me proof to prove me ottherwise - Morefunthanfun

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18 Friends

Friends are important - darthvadern

The show or real life?

I love my friends without them I'd be depressed and lonely.

Pretty great show - JamesBourne

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19 Money

Money is important for most people, but it's disregarded and unimportant if you adapt to live and survive in the wilds. But just don't hoard an excess amount of it since it could make you greedy. Just earn and save a significant amount of money enough to support your life.

For greedy people - BigFatNoob

I got mixed opinions about money, but it is very important - codgtamk34

It's so great because it's what we use to trade stuff with. Without money we would still trade with other things - darthvadern

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20 Sex

Sex is super important as it's the reason we're all here (I'm not a sex addict nor knows how it feels like, but, it's important nevertheless). Honestly it should be in the top ten at least - darthvadern

Sex between a mother and her son whom she gave birth to for example 20 years ago is awesome and incredible I just love it even if you think I do not know what I'm talking about.

Better than porn - ElSherlock

People are seeing sex as a bad thing due to all these stupid porn video and shows, but sex and porn videos are similar but not the same thing, doing sex means have a special moment with your love and it can generate good things like a life, one of the best things ever! Stop looking the sex only on the "gross" sode because there's another special and romantic side in the other hand. - DaisyandRosalina

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21 Books

I can't absorb enough books! I carry a novel with me everywhere I go, and as soon as I have a spare moment, I'm reading. I have over ten novels still waiting to be read, and yet I still feel the need to buy more and more. My bedroom looks like a library with a bed. I'm literally surrounded by books, with over 500 fiction titles and approximately 90 non-fiction. Sometimes I wonder if I have a problem, but my worries vanish as soon as I'm back in the pages of a book. I love them so much. - Britgirl

Books > Movies in my opinion. You can get so creative with books - darthvadern

Unpopular opinion: Most books are a waist of time. - XxembermasterxX

Books Are Boring

Books are for the ones that has nothing to do but you love being either lazy or dumb - BigFatNoob

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22 The Internet

One of the things that I HATE about the 21st Century. It's ruining our souls and it is a deadly addiction. I will never vote for it, EVER!

Sorry about my temper. - TopTenTed

Twice on the list appearently - darthvadern

Wasnt this already there? - JaketheCake8

23 Heaven

Come on, if you believe in heaven you miss a chance to live a full life because of being afraid to get in hell. - CrashThyDiamond

Or just any wonderland after life in general - darthvadern

Heaven should be #2 - Penguino

How is heaven below porn and sex?

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24 Freedom

You need freedom - darthvadern

The greatest one

25 Being Happy

It fells good, doesn't it. I wish I still experienced happiness.

Yeah pretty sure "Happiness" is already on the list - darthvadern

Life is too short to be sad.

The same as happiness and why is “PORNO MOVIES” Important than air, happiness and other important aspects in life
Did you know? Fornicating is Banned from the bible and it is the flesh of man alongside with hatred

26 Children

I don't know about Children but Jared from Subway sure would make them 5 Dollar Foot longs.

Children are the most important thing to me

To me, children are nothing but tools you babysit to get lots of CASH that you can spend on more important stuff, like stopping animal abuse worldwide.

Sorry not sorry! - BurritoSeal

Not in a romantic way but, I agree - darthvadern

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27 YouTube YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

Without YouTube I would never see many of my childhood memories again - coasterjunkie196

No. YouTube is allowing really bad people to hack into videos that are for kids. And this person pops up, and they're making kids do challenges, and if they don't do it, she'll do something to their parents.
It's Momo!
So no. - OntarioHound76

Youtube? Yeah good for Geography Now and stuff. There's a weird side to youtube as well though - darthvadern

I hate it. I have a pet peeve. It is when people call me stupid nicknames on this site. Demolish it! - SnowWang

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28 Fun

Yeah of course - darthvadern


29 Best Friends

Or friends in general - darthvadern

Um they are amazing

My friends are the best. - mistyglow

My bffs Connie and Nesi I love them so much! I got a nose piercing and I was scared so I thought of them. Love ya guys!

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30 Laughing

It's hilarious - darthvadern

There's almost nothing that feels better than this.

31 Women

Girls are already on here - darthvadern

This was already on here

32 Air Conditioning

Air tastes good! - Enbiso

Um yeah - darthvadern

33 Art

Lots of things can be art - darthvadern

It's fun to draw - ElSherlock

I love art! - TopTenTed

34 Awards

Awards are excellent for your collections - darthvadern

35 Pizza

I love pizza... from certain places. Like I could eat at those places every other day - codgtamk34

Simply isn't possible to live without eating pizza once a week - myusernameisthis

One of the best foods out there. Thank you Italy - darthvadern

Great food - ElSherlock

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36 Sleep

Aah, sleep. It gives us a chance to live another life through dreams but turns ous depressed when we realized we were just dreaming. It's so nice to sleep anyway - darthvadern

I'm always tired these days... I need to reset my sleep cycle - markusw0207

Sleep is so grz

37 Computer

I'd rank this much higher on the list, myself. - giddyjoker

Computers help us with a lot of things - darthvadern

I use my computer all the TIME! - PhoenixAura81

Without computers we would be back in the stone age... computers rule... windows sucks... linux rocks. - eddie

38 Doritos

Doritos is a meme - darthvadern


39 Pokemon

Mario and Quest For Glory are greater - darthvadern

I hate Pokemon it's the worst thing invented

Not a fan, but there are way worse things that actually harm people. - XxembermasterxX

Pokemon is far above people. Okay. - MaxAurelius

Vancedapurpleguy not necessarily, just because he hates Pokémon doesn't mean he's a PETA supporter!

Once, some guy said that I'm a Trump supporter because I think music is more important than homework, but that's not true! You can never know what the guy you're talking to supports, just like the others who talk to me don't know what I support! (I'm not a Trump supporter though)

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40 Earth

We live here after all - darthvadern

Needs to be higher vote earth to get it higher!


41 Home

Home (not the movie) is where you can be yourself - darthvadern

There's no place like home!

Who put this horrendous movie on the list!?!?

42 Old Disney Shows!

Define "old" - darthvadern

I love the exclamation point at the end. Like, "Old Disney Shows" isn't good enough, let's add an exclamation point. - FoodQueen

43 Mtn. Dew

Is it that drink that became a meme - darthvadern

Should be #1, would take this over god any day

Probably my dad’s (and mine too) favorite soda. - SitTheDucks

44 Peace

It is truly beautiful. Though God is the best thing ever. - TopTenTed

If only world peace could be achieved - darthvadern

45 Cats Cats The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colors and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated. They are highly intelligent and good at problem solving.

Stop with this dogs vs cats debate - ElSherlock

I love my cats - myusernameisthis

Dolphins and dogs are better - darthvadern

DOGS DROOL CATS RULE! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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46 Notebook
47 Television

Excellent if you want to take a break from the computer - darthvadern

48 iPods

Never saw the appeal of them - darthvadern

49 Cars

Oh yeah this movie was so good it's my favorite pixar movie! - myusernameisthis

Yeah they help us transport ourselves to different places - darthvadern

Share your opinion please

I probably will never be able to afford my favorite car, but oh well. - mistyglow

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50 Xbox 360

Nintendo Switch is actually better for me - darthvadern

The best

I sold my Xbox and had more fun spending the $399.99 I got from selling it than actually using that piece of junk.

This can be changed to Xbox One now that is is a better console and Xbox 360 is discontinued.

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