Greatest Things In The Universe

The Top Ten Greatest Things In The Universe

1 Earth

I love the planet earth so much.
We all are live in Earth except aliens.
Thanks. - prikhush611

Earth is the only planet in the universe that humans know about that harbor amazing and complex life. Sure there maybe be millions of other such planets but they are too far to detect right now.

The earth is the only planet
Like the thing have Living things and non living things
The Earth is Living Things

Although earth revolves around the Sun, and the solar system revolves around our galaxy's center. For me earth is still the center of the whole universe.
If there are other intelligent life or any life out there at all, they would have found us by now.

2 Quasars


They emit so much light and energy. - ethanmeinster

3 Black Holes

Black Holes, one of the most famous and interesting things existing in the universe. - lapra

No they are not the best of things in this universe

too much

2 spoopy for me 2 spoopy for me 2 spoopy for me

4 Galaxies

They created the earth and things. without galaxies, there would be no earth and sun which means no us

They are the most beautiful things on the Universe - MatrixGuy

5 Dark Energy

Dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy that explains the rate of expansion of universe... therefore it is the greatest in this list...

Earth may not be the greatest as this list states because every star in the universe may contain one or more earth revolving in it...

6 Neutron Star

Interesting type of star known for its massive density. - lapra

A remnant from the collapse of a supernova, composed almost entirely with neutrons - MatrixGuy

7 Gravity

Go Jesus

Without gravity all types of matter in the universe would not exist, is deep!

Looks like it isn't only the oscar winners that This won C;

8 The Sun

Our current star that helps earth of hosting life. - lapra

we are talking about the greatest things...
Does anyone thinks about anything greater than sun ? - tayal5001

The nearest and the most important star - MatrixGuy

The best ever thing in this stupid world, it saves ower worthless lives!

9 Stars

It is very abundant in the universe. It is beautiful when stargazing. - lapra

It is knowned that every atom in our body is from this superb objects - MatrixGuy

10 Dark Matter

its so dark!!!!its awsome!!!!!! - JonasStartsARiot

The Contenders

11 The Moon

It is an interesting moon to observe in the night. - lapra

Our great planet's natural satelite, the mysterious Moon - MatrixGuy

12 Solar System

Our solar system consists of an average star we call the Sun, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,and Neptune,(From 2006 Pluto is not included as planet). It includes: the satellites of the planets; numerous comets, asteroids, and meteoroids; and the interplanetary medium. - MatrixGuy

If no Solar system no light in the universe

13 Planets

How about Robot Planet

They are the orbiting objects of the stars. They can be rock or gass planets. The Perfect example is our rock planet the great Earth - MatrixGuy

14 Uranus

It is a commonly joked planet because of its name. - lapra

The 3rd giant of our system - MatrixGuy

its uranis

15 Nebulas

Like supernovas, they are comprised with interesting vibrant colors. Nebulas are known for forming interesting shapes. - lapra

Interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen gas, helium gas and other ionized gases - MatrixGuy

16 Jupiter

It is the protector of the earth, responsible for ejecting asteroids - lapra

Pulls asteroids away from earth

The biggest planet in our solar system
Did you know that jupiter is still having
A storm since the universe first started.

Pulls asteroids out of Earth. IN MAI INSANE MIND JUPITER IS THE DAD.-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

17 Saturn

It is mostly known for its rings. - lapra

The second giant of the solar system, the ring planet - MatrixGuy


18 Mars

Mars might be capable of hosting life, it may be the first planet to be terraformed. - lapra


19 Neptune

With its beautiful blue shades, it's undeniable Neptune is a very beautiful planet. - lapra

The last planet of the solar system, named for the Roman god of the sea Neptune is the third largest planet by mass - MatrixGuy

20 Milky Way

Our giant place in our giant universe - MatrixGuy

The most famous galaxy in the universe. It is where we live. - lapra

21 Comets

an icy small body that, when is close to the Sun, displays a visible coma - MatrixGuy

22 Mercury

mercury-the mesenger of the gods. oh and there was freddie mercury. mercury is awesome its got lots of things with the same awesome name. - rockit(primejive)

The little rock planet ,the nearest to the great Sun - MatrixGuy

23 Protostar

the giant gas and dust cloud, the early stage of a new star - MatrixGuy

24 Energy

God is number 1

25 Meteorites
26 Venus

The brightest planet on the sky - MatrixGuy

27 White Dwarfs

White Dwarfs are interesting things of the universe. - lapra

Eventualy The Sun will transform to this object, when it runs out of hidrogen - MatrixGuy

28 Red Dwarfs

It is known for its longevity. - lapra

Red dwarfs live longer then all other stars. Scientists think Red Dwarfs can live trillions of years. In other words, Red Dwarfs formed right after the big bang may still be around today. THAT IS AMAZING. - Abc123vote

These stars may be small, but they live way longer then all other stars. These small red stars are thought to live trillions of years. In other words, Red dwarfs formed by the Big bang may still be around today. That is just amazing. - Abc123vote

29 Supernova

They are comprised with interesting colors. - lapra

Supernova's are very interesting..I wonder if one will ever happen so I can see it!

30 Alpha Centauri

Currently the nearest star. - lapra

The nearest star after The Sun - MatrixGuy

31 Pluto

Its not considered as a planet any more

32 Cosmic Strings
33 People
34 Time

Makes things flow. - lapra

35 Asteroids
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