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Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.


Metallica's last album was death magnetic. Megadeth's last album was super collider. They both sold out but Metallica did it better and James Hetfield is vocally superior to Dave Mustaine. Lars Ulrich is actually a good drummer as you can hear on their first four albums and he knows when to use the double kick and when not to unlike on many megadeth records where it loses it's impact. Kirk's solos are very good although maybe not quite as shreddy and fast as mustaine's they fit better and sound like he is actually playing to the song rather than just fitting as many notes as posible into a short space. The band members in Metallica have been more constant than megadeth and when there has been a change in the lineup it has been because of death (Cliff) or violence (Mustaine) or very strong drug addictions (Also Mustaine). What song do you like more? Mechanix or The Four Horsemen? Metallica are just better/have more class/are cooler than Megadeth. I still like Megadeth a lot.

What has Metallica done in the last 20 years? Oh yeah…sued Napster. Great work guys.

I am so done with this idea that Megadeth is better than Metallica because after Metallica's first four albums, they sold out, changed their sound, etc. Why does that even matter? Metallica's first four albums are amazing. Even though they weren't a thrash band afterwards, they were still a great band. Death Magnetic is basically their return to thrash. As though it's nothing compared to their first four albums, it's still good. And you can't tell me their was a period where Megadeth changed their sound. Come one, Risk was a Wanna-be Black album. Metallica is the superior sell-out and as for their thrash, Metallica's first four albums are more famous and greater than Megadeth's ENTIRE CAREER. Forget Megadeth, Metallica needs to be number one, where they belong.

Okay first off.. When thrash was on top of the world Metallica was number one. Megadeth had a very similar career. Their first 4 albums were thrash and they both changed their style. Megadeth is no better then Metallica. Dave Mustaine has changed his style many times to try to reach the fame Metallica has. Megadeth was never really thrash to me. They were so weak they were more like quick rock and roll. Dave knows he will never beat the beat of Metallica. He knows it now his fan boys need to. Megadeth is weak - Sabbath

The most influential band ever. They created thrash and gave one of the best metal songs like "Master Of Puppets, Enter Sandman, One... ". They created a legacy and even created Mustaine. Though, some of their albums were not as good, but then there was "Death Magnetic". No one, I mean no one, can be compared to them. Black Album was one of the best albums to be produced ever...

Thrash metal = Metallica for me.

Master of puppets just a beast, battery will just tear you apart.

Kill em all just an awesome album.

Ride the lightning fade to black no piece can beat that

You speak about the black album! Guys enter sandman, sad but true

Death magnetic just one all nightmare long I guess that one song in that album will be able to beat megadeath 2albums together

That's what I fell

Started listening metal with Metallica

They are the best Clifton lee burton James hetfield lars ulrich kirk Hammett Robert and Jason might be gods grace to play in Metallica but also dave mustiane

Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and And Justice For All are the four most well crafted thrash albums to grace this earth. While other bands like Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Over Kill and Kreator have stayed in the thrash metal scene more than Metallica, this band is still the king of thrash metal and one of the greatest metal bands ever. Plus with Hardwired To Self Destruct on the way things are looking up for them

Usually vote against Metallica on this site (Top rock band? Really? ), but they were, during their golden years, the best thrash metal band. They just had the best songwriting. Everything before the Black Album was pure gold. The Black Album and most everything thereafter kind of suck. Slayer should obviously be second. Also, what is Iron Maiden doing here? I love 'em, but they're not really thrash...

How is Metallica at the 2nd position? They are far away better than megadeth. Check any official list Metallica is at the first they have better album sales they have sold more than 100 million albums and megadeth have sold more than 35 million albums don't believe me? Check Wikipedia then this proves Metallica is 3 times more famous than megadeth. Check the best songs of all time in this website Metallica has 3 songs of them in the top 50 and One is at the 6th and megadeth has holy wars somewhere in the 70s. Look at dave mustaine's voice and the four horsemen isn't just famous for dave's riffs but it has better lyrics than mechanix I literally laughed when I 1st heard dave's voice in mechanix. Metallica is the best and will remain the best!

While Metallica's thrash metal sound only lasted through their first batch of albums, those first few albums are absolutely incredible and have an influence that has lasted throughout the decades and still inspire up and coming thrash acts to this day. Metallica's thrash sound is instantly recognizable and their impact is still seen in the metal community today.

the thrash metal pioneers and the most orgasmic metal band there is it beats the crap out of all the thrash bands. the band that gets closer to them is iron maiden and they rock.

i have to say that slayer rocks.
and pantera an megadeth also attract me a lot.

P. S: (megadeth rocks but the ignorance of their fans suck so they loose points for that), (and also their alcholic singer, dave Mustaine)
- metfan001

I'm a really big fan of Metallica and Megadeth. But if I'd have to go with one of them I'd choose Metallica. Metallica's first four album are just spectacular and Mustaine are on their first two album's what it makes Metallica even bigger. If you want to hear how Metallica + Megadeth would sound together just listen to Ride The Lightning and Kill'em all.

Each of the first 5 albums is better than any other thrash albums ever put out. I never understood the obsession with bands like Slayer and Megadeth, they have a few good songs and are fantastic musicians but after awhile it all sounds the same, Metallica are the best because they managed to create brain grinding thrash that actually had creativity and variety in composition

I'm sorry but there's no denying that Metallica are the kings of thrash. I love Megadeth, Slayer, and Testament just as much but if you ask anyone who Metallica is, they will know. They've sold the most by far, sure they changed their style with the black album but their first four albums were HUGE in the thrash scene

If Metallica had made 4-5 more albums like their first 5, then people wouldn't be listening to any other band. Then it will be Metallica Metallica Metallica everywhere. I personally think someone messed up their heads after '... And justice for all' albums to stop them making good music, so other bands can rise up.

Let's face the truth and stop the fighting between Megadeth and Metallica fans. They're both were pioneers but they now suck. Mustaine voice now is a piece of thrash metal crap but so is Hetfield. Both bands have their own plus and minus, like how Broderick kills the solos or how Hetfield shapes the music.

Everyone needs to shut up but Metallica's only good albums being their first four albums. I'll admit that those are my favorite albums from Metallica but The Black Album, Load, ReLoad, and Garage Inc. are also good as well. I personally think they went bad when they made St. Anger. After that they weren't the same. Also, Megadeth didn't always sound the same. They released Risk and Super Collider which were hard rock not thrash metal albums.

I never heard of Metallica until I bought their Guitar Hero game in 2010. After playing their songs, I made Metallica my favorite metal band. All their songs are the best I ever heard ( Ironicly those songs are from their first 4 albums) until I played their Black album songs. That is when I realized that the songs are an utter disappointment. Those songs aren't as heavy and thrashy as their original songs which I basically hated Metallica. When I listened to Slayer, I find my new metal band. All their songs are the same throughout unlike Metallica and I believe Slayer should be #2.

Okay first of all Megadeth hasn't put out a thrash album since the system has failed and before that Megadeth hasn't put out a thrash album since Rust in peace. Megadeth is no more thrash then Metallica and Megadeth keeps getting worse on albums and live. It takes Megadeth like 4 albums before they even put out a good one. Their fanboys will cry a river and I will get negative votes but that's when you know it's the truth. - Sabbath

Metallica deserves to be number 1. Metallica had five all time great albums in a row while Megadeth only has three all time great albums ever. Metallica also has 12 all time great songs while megadeth only has 6 hit songs. There is no questioning that Metallica has sold more than 10 times as many albums as megadeth. Metallica is ranked as the 8th most sellingness band of all time while megadeth is not even in the top 30 I bet.

Why does everyone talk like megadeth is the best ever? I mean who defined thrash metal in 1986? That is right Metallica with Master of puppets so everyone who thinks Metallica sucks after their first 4 albums you secretly listen to one direction and Justin Bieber!

I hate it how megadeth are in front of Metallica, megadeth has sold 50 million albums wheras Metallica has sold 100! Million! Plus hetfield, burton, ulrich, hammett, trujillo and newsted can all right music that has some meaning and the reason they are better than megadeth and slayer is because they actually know how to write good music but they can also execute it. My top 5 is 1. Metallica 2. Slayer 3. Megadeth 4. Sodom 5. Anthrax but for me it is only Metallica

I have no idea why Megadeth is number one, but this is pretty much the only list that they are number 1 on. Either way, Metallica rules, not that megadeth is bad or anything, but they stand no chance against Metallica.

Seriously, Metallica is undoubtedly the best thrash metal band of all time. I also wanted to vote for Maiden, but they aren't thrash though... However, it's great to see them on the first place, Hetfield and company are legends.

Megadeth is a great band too but I don't know why their fans have to dedicate their lives to bashing Metallica, especially because it's just as easy to label Megadeth as sellouts (the guy two spaces below me spoke the truth).

Ask any Thrash metal band on this list who the number 1 metal band is and even Megadeth will say Metallica. Face it, Metallica were the band who built thrash up to be what it is. If people are hating Metallica because they sold out, then how come Megadeth are ahead of them.