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121 Revocation Revocation Revocation is an American technical death metal band from Boston, Massachusetts founded by guitarist and vocalist David Davidson, bassist and vocalist Anthony Buda and drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne in 2000. Originally known as Cryptic Warning, the band changed its name to Revocation in 2006. Revocation more.

More along the lines of death metal, but nevertheless, these guys are some of modern metal's most talented musicians. Very tight.

Best band ever...technical Death/Thrash give them a chance you wont be far the best metal band on planet earth

122 Extol Extol Extol are a progressive extreme Christian metal band from Bekkestua, Norway that was formed in 1993. The band is known for playing a variety of different styles of metal which include progressive metal, death metal, black metal and thrash metal.
123 Artillery Artillery Artillery is a Danish thrash metal band. They participated in the early development of the genre, and their highly energetic, riff-centric and often fast-paced music is similar in style to that of Voivod, Coroner, Megadeth and Sabbat from the same era.

It's kind of sickening that this band isn't on this list already, yet Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, As I Lay Dying, and Slipknot are extremely overrated, let alone on this list at all.

Artillery should be in the top 15, perhaps top 10. They're the Iron Maiden of Thrash Metal.

It saddens me to see pioneers of thrash being forgotten and rated so low in this list. There are too many bands listed that firstly shouldn't be because of their style, and secondly commercially overrated. Same as for Metallica; the black album was their point of no return when they decided going mainstream... What a pity.

What the hell! I'm disgusted seeing pantera bullet for my valentine trivium and other non thrash bands. How the hell can a true thrash metal fan not like artillery. All albums are kickass. Seriously it's a must as they are pure thrash

Very underrated.

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124 Intruder Intruder "Intruder" is an American thrash metal band from Nashville, Tennessee. Formerly known as "Transgresser", the group began as a four-piece cover band.
125 Cerebral Fix
126 Kupa
127 Hunter
128 Ancesttral
129 Vortex Croatia

You just have to listen to "Thrash Metal Holocaust" and then you will surely know why this band is the successor of the good old Metallica. With some notes of Megadeth inside!

130 Fear Factory Fear Factory Fear Factory is an American heavy metal band that was formed in 1989. During the band's career, it has released nine full-length albums and has evolved through a succession of styles, including industrial metal, death metal, groove metal, and thrash metal. V 1 Comment
131 Newsted

Jason's still got it with his swift bass playing and great vocals

132 Dead Horse

What?! Dead Horse should at least be higher than Slipknot. They're great! They got some rythmic grooves

133 Evildead
134 Lich King

If you're looking for something new after listening to Megadeth and Metallica all day? (Not that they're not amazing bands) Listen to these guys. Shredding riffs, flying solos, and decent songwriting for the most part. The vocals can be a bit off putting at first, but you come to like them after a bit. Listen to anything from Born of the Bomb, and Do-Over and you'll realize just how much potential they have. (Had. Not sure if they're getting another singer and continuing to make music)

135 Alkoholizer
136 Paradox

Paradox was amazing! Should be much higher on this list in my opinion

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137 Sadus Sadus Sadus is an American thrash metal trio from Antioch, California known for the unique, borderline death/black metal growling of vocalist Darren Travis, and speeding up thrash metal to levels previously unheard of with the help of bassist Steve DiGiorgio whose bass lines truly pushed the limits of the more. V 1 Comment
138 Ministry Ministry Ministry is an American industrial metal band founded by lead singer and only original member Al Jourgensen in 1981. Originally a new wave synthpop outfit, Ministry changed its style to industrial metal in the mid-1980s.
139 Powersurge Powersurge

Power flows from barrel of the powersurge

Extreme riffs,powerful growling and energetic stage performance-this combination means Powersurge!

Powersurge is the Thrash / Groove metal band from Bangladesh... Their songs are awesome... Jameshed is the powerful vocalist m/ ( Ishrafil Islam Nur Jewel)

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140 Nailbomb
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