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Slayer is an American thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California, formed in 1981 by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. They rose to fame with their 1986 album Reign in Blood, and is credited as one of the big four of thrash metal bands, the others being Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. more.


They're one of the heaviest bands out there. By the way, this top sucks, Iron Maiden, InFlames, Arch Enemy are not even thrash metal and Deicide... What the hell?!

Although in my opinion, Metallica are the greatest rock n roll band of all time as they have perfected thrash metal (my favorite genre) with their first 4 albums and most notably master of puppets, heavy metal with numerous other albums most significantly the self - titled album and they have also created fantastic hard rock albums like load which is an underrated rock n roll masterpiece.

However in terms of thrash metal, SLAYER are pure brilliance. From classic sounding "show no mercy" and the riff pulsating "hell awaits" they would've been great if they set those albums as their bar. However the holy trinity of "reign in blood" "south of heaven" and "seasons in the abyss" are all absolutely stunning thrash masterpieces and as slayer have also made every single album thrash masterpieces (excluding the mediocre diabolus in musica) afterwards. They are the best thrash metal band ever. - scantymattwhu

Best in their genre... Unbeatable till their last breath... - Skorge666

Slayer hasn't changed their sound so much like Metallica or Anthrax, They're still doing fast paces and angry lyrics. Megadeth's music is still fast paced and angry, but their lyrics aren't as violent as Slayer. But Megadeth and Slayer are the 2 best Thrash Metal bands over all. And I'm not saying Anthrax and Metallica suck, It's just they're more Alternative Metal than Thrash Metal in this day and age.

Slayer NEVER made a ballad, So They're the most Thrash Metal. M/

BEST. THRASH. EVER. I'm not the biggest slayer fan but I know they are full throttle pulsating thrash metal I'm more of a Metallica fan but they're plain awesome metal not thrash megadeth is speed metal not thrash and anthrax well just aren't as good

By far Slayer kills it. Hell the first two albums were borderline Black/Death Metal. The only thing that bugs me is why did the Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura guys ditch the black with.308 bullet belt look for the ridiculous tight denim with basketball hi top look. Just doesn't look bad ass at all.

Always thrash, they are the one who never betrayed thrash fans. So I don't think real thrash fans can even rank them to 2nd. As this seems to be thrash metal bands ranking please to those who doesn't know what is thrash metal don't vote so called thrash metal. Be pure to what you listen

The lyrics, the speed and the beating of the drums, even the vocals are totally awesome.. Metallica's first four albums were great but now they sound like rock bands... Slayer are the best... Quality example can be seen in Reign in Blood

Not only the greatest but the heaviest! Megadeth being called the heaviest band of all time? Yeah right I find them very soft and cuddly compared to Slayer. Slayer #1 all the way!

All of there albums were metal yet Metallica and Megadeth had a lot of albums that weren't metal at all like Death Magnetic, almost all of the songs on that album were like slow rock. Listen to albums like Reign in Blood. Slayer is the greatest.

Tom Araya's vocals are only matched by Chuck Billy in most of thrash, Hanneman's solos are facemelting and untouchable, and Dave Lombardo was (when with SLayer) one of the fastest drummers alive. Mix this with their superior musicianship and theme, and they kick Metallica and Megadeth's asses right out the door.

I'm so tired of seeing Megadeth number 1 on these lists. If they were just as popular and rich as Metallica they would be WAYY more over rated. Slayer is the only thrash band that never changed their style so they belong at number one. Megadeth has a pathetic fan base as well. Megadeth talks in their songs and sweating bullets is the most corny song ever.

Slayer have kept a constant musical sound. Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax all went through a hard rock period while Slayer stuck to thrash metal the whole time. I think they deserve number 1 - MetalFoREVer1228

Okay okay. Megadeth is tops. I can understand that. But Metallica over Slayer? This is completely ridiculous.

There are so many good thrash bands and I like most of them but if you ask me which one is the best I say slayer my second best is overkill and I believe they deserve to be higher at least higher than metallica

Slayer is best. Lords of Thrash. And songs like Piece By Piece and Postmortem are perfect examples of their greatness! Those definitely are not their best songs but that just proves how great they are!

Actual Thrash metal. Metallica and Megadeth were Thrash metal yet then they started making these slow songs and now there not as metal. Yet Slayer will always be metal.

Metallica and Megadeth fans have some of the worst fans I've ever encountered, I love Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth. But I truly think Slayer have had the most influence and are the pinnacle of Thrash. Hetfield and Mustaine fanboys just fight each other. Slayer is all inclusive.

Reign In Blood over any album.

I really like Metallica but I like slayer better, their music I believe is closer to what trash metal is about than Metallica

Slayer #1, Overkill #2, Megadeth #3, Anthrax #4, Metallica #5

Slayer has better riffs than the other three and the band is more exiting to listen to. The concerts are better to go to. Slayer never sold out.

So overrated, I'm not a fan of the "lets hit one notes as fast as we can and have nonsensical solos where we don't bother with keys or actually hitting notes" technique that Slayer uses to write their songs, trash band

Slayer should be #2. Metallica should be like 15 or something. They might have defined thrash back in the day but haven't been doing anything good for a very long time.

Slayer is pure speed and chaos. Also unlike Metallica they maintained their thrash metal through the years.

Bands like Metallica and megadeth were thrash metal yet then they started playing slow songs like nothing else matters yet slayer has always been metal.