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21 Hallucinations - Angels and Airwaves

I love this song, the chorus is amazing and shows so much emotion. This is a song that fits my singing voice the most, I sang this and it fitted my voice better than any other songs. I played this on replay over and over again. Tom with his usually unique vocals, and the instrumental is epic. - AnimeDrawer

22 It Hurts - Angels & Airwaves
23 Degenerate - Blink-182

This song is catchy and funny, and I always like to listen to this. This song makes me happy and cheers me up. - AnimeDrawer

24 Dammit - Blink-182

He plays an awesome guitar riff in this song, however, Mark Hoppus sings this one. - AnimeDrawer

25 When I Was Young - Blink-182

I love this chorus! Great song for a bad day or just a great song to listen to for the hell of it lol.

26 Reckless Abandon - Blink-182

I like the small talk in the beginning of the song. And the song is good when you are angry, disappointed, or upset. - AnimeDrawer

Best vocals, most relatable lyrics, amazing guitar, etc. Tom DeLonge at his peak here.

27 I Feel So - Box Car Racer

One of his best songs. I love Tom's monster raspy vocals in the chorus and his more softer vocals in the verses. - AnimeDrawer

28 Everything's Magic - Angels & Airwaves

Great song, catchy great music. Great lyrics, another masterpiece by Tom. - AnimeDrawer

How is this song NOT higher up?! A beautiful message that everyone that's ever been in love can relate to. Tom's vocals soldify this song as one of the best AvA songs of all time.

This song is simply amazing! It makes me feel so happy and powerful, it�'s like a vaccine of power and happiness...

29 Sirens - Angels & Airwaves

This song makes no sense to me and sorta creeps me out..

This song is so catchy, Tom's voice is awesome as usual, and the ladada's are so catchy, I can just break the replay button. - AnimeDrawer

30 And I - Box Car Racer

I love the drumming, bass, guitar, everything in this song. I just recently got into this song. - AnimeDrawer

This song means a lot to me on a personal level

31 Sirens - Angels and Airwaves

I love this song, I can just sing along to the la-the-the's over and over again, Tom knows how to write real catchy and good music. - AnimeDrawer

32 Lifeline - Angels and Airwaves

. . . when the world comes crashing down, I will find you if you hide - ikingjosh

33 The War - Angels and Airwaves

Absolutely inspired lyrics, great guitar and Tom DeLonge, what else do yo need? Tom is a god!

34 Rite of Spring - Angels and Airwaves

For sure my favourite Tom song, it pumps you up in a way that is not found anywhere else and it motivates you telling you a compelling story. It's a shame that it did not make top ten

I used to hate the beginning but got over it, now I love it!

Powerful song with powerful lyrics. Amazing

Like whoa

35 Do It for Me Now - Angels and Airwaves
36 An Endless Summer - Tom Delonge

That guitar riff in the with the electronic beat in the chorus is some of the best, most nostalgic, beautiful music I have ever heard. And the lyrics are fun and talks about how people spend their summer. Tom still has the raspy voice edge in this song just like he used to have, except deeper. - AnimeDrawer

37 Watch the World - Box Car Racer

One of the best songs ever, this is better than There Is and Cat Like Thief. The lyrics are about the world being a better place, all violence and sadness stop and it explains all the real problems in the world, like poverty and disease. And the instrumental is beautiful and badass at the same time. Tom has more power to his voice than normal. - AnimeDrawer

38 Mercenaries - Angels and Airwaves
39 Dysentery Gary - Blink-182

I like Tom's raspy vocals in this, Tom with raspy vocals is by far the best. Relatable song, great guitar riff by him. - AnimeDrawer

By far Tom's best song

40 New World - Tom Delonge

I love to listen to this song when I am angry. And the music video kicks butt! One of the best music videos I have ever seen, I love how Tom uses his guitar to smash everything in his way, it is so cool. And this song has really good lyrics, one of Tom's best recent songs. This also gets an A+, Tom's music never disappoints and he never made a bad song. - AnimeDrawer

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