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21 Saving Mr. Banks

Good movie I liked it. not bad.

22 Sleepless in Seattle

It's definitely one of best romantic movie ever!

23 Charlie Wilson's War

I found it to be a very intense movie as a result of the quickness at how things were in a constant change of events

Lost history, yet so important to USA.

24 Sully


Best movie

25 The Da Vinci Code

About reality fact in the world and you watch him you know the conspiracy about illuminate and zionist - belarbi

Easily in the top 5

Great movie, l truely think its one of his best movies. the Vinci Code be in the top 10...

This MUST be on 1! It's so great:-)

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26 Cloud Atlas

I don't understand why everyone hates this movie.

It's beautiful and he acts well in most of the timelines.

Great movie!
I love the perspective!
Still on my mind..
Love the ending!
Hope is in the air!

27 The Money Pit

The money pit is so funny just as funny as the burbs


28 You've Got Mail

Simple love story.. fun to watch. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan look cute together. - zemsblue01432727

This movie makes you laugh with the actors and cry for joy, making it a special story of dreams coming true.

This movie taught me that even if you hate someone at first, if you sat down and got to know them more, maybe you'll like them

Daisies are such a friendly flower

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29 The 'Burbs

Its easily one of his best comedies

A favorite! One really entertaining film with a great cast. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

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30 Larry Crowne
31 Joe Versus the Volcano
32 Bachelor Party
33 The Ladykillers
34 Toy Story 4
35 The 'Burbs

The best movie of all time.

36 The Man with One Red Shoe


37 Angels & Demons

Very well-made and exciting. Tom Hanks is great in it. Extremely underrated movie.

38 That Thing You Do!

A Pennsylvania band scores a hit in 1964 and rides the star-making machinery as long as it can, with lots of help from its manager.

It's such a great movie! Great story, great actors and awesome soundtrack! I would recommend it to everyone!

39 Dragnet

Boo. I thought he did a great job but Belushi was a better Joe Friday than Joe Friday!

40 Inferno

Not as good as previous two installments!

Fantastic, future no. 1


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