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81 Warpath

Red tanker with attitude watch out



82 Crowbar
83 Fixit

A very funny robot

84 Slog

He's huge and is kinda represented in his Dino mode on the movie

85 Camshaft V 1 Comment
86 Bluestreak
87 Devcon
88 Overlord

The most violent and cruel decepticon ever. One of the strongest also. Decimated almost every members of the Wreckers team.

89 Stockade

This guy is my entire childhood in a death dealing package

90 Alpha Trion

Best transformer ever. If it wasn't for his wise words, Optimus Prime would've still been the old miserable Orion Pax he used to be

91 Deadend
92 Whiplash
93 Cheetor

Awesome Maximal not really big and bulky but young, cocky, big mouth always ready to get things done

94 Mudflap Mudflap

Scared? Scared of your ugly face

95 Red Alert

Red alert is my top transformer

96 Airachnid

The only bad girl

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